Kitchen Extractor Fans

Reduce Strong Kitchen Smells With An Extractor

Cooking tasty food in the kitchen is great but they can sometimes give off persistent smells which linger. To reduce this and any excessive moisture levels you can install a Kitchen Extractor Fan. They’re available in a range of discreet designs and varying extraction rates to meet the requirements of any domestic kitchen and can be conveniently installed in walls, ceilings and windows for extra flexibility. Let’s face it that salmon from last night doesn’t smell so great anymore so don’t put up with it, get yourself a Kitchen Extractor Fan.

  1. Xpelair Simply Silent C6S 150mm Square Extractor Fan

    Best Seller!

    Xpelair Simply Silent C6S 150mm Square Extractor Fan

  2. Xpelair Simply Silent C6TS Extractor Fan with Timer

  3. Xpelair Simply Silent C6HTS Extractor Fan

  4. Manrose XF150AP 150mm Axial Kitchen Fan with Pull Cord