Reginox Kitchen Sinks

Reginox have been manufacturing kitchen sinks and taps since 1976 in their factory in Rijssen, the Netherlands. They no produce a whopping 150 different sinks in different sizes, finishes and designs to suit all styles of kitchen décor. They’re certainly a market leader and continue to improve year on year, using the best innovative technology to create true kitchen masterpieces. Stainless steel is something that won’t ever go out of fashion and Reginox take full advantage of this. Using superior grade stainless steel, being precise and having an eye for detail they find the right balance between design and functionality. They’re core brand value is quality which is why you can’t falter one of their gorgeous sinks. If this wasn’t enough you can be happy in knowing that 70% of their sinks are made using recycled steel.

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    Stainless Steel Reginox Sinks

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    Granite Reginox Sinks

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    Ceramic Reginox Sinks

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    Inset Reginox Sinks

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    Integrated Reginox Sinks

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    Undermount Reginox Sinks

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    Reginox Kitchen Taps

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    Reginox Kitchen Sink Accessories

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