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Boiling Water Taps

Can kitchen taps do more than they used to? The majority of UK adults will drink at least one hot drink a day, whether that be bog standard builders tea, the weird and wonderful Kopi Luwak coffee or even a cream and marshmallow covered hot chocolate. Whatever your hot morning or evening potion we pretty much all use a power zapping kettle to get our water to boiling point or thereabouts. If your kettle takes two and a half minutes to boil then that’s over 15 hours in a year waiting for it, plus there’s the crazy amount of power that they use. Reduce your impact on the globe while saving time in the kitchen with one of our instant boiling water taps.

  1. boiling-water-taps-with-tanks

    Boiling Water Taps with Tanks

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  2. replacement-taps-for-boiling-hot-water-systems

    Replacement Taps for Boiling Hot Water Systems

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