InSinkErator 3-in-1 Boiling Water Tap with Tank – Angular Chrome

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Rapid 3 in 1 boiling water kitchen tap

Hot, Cold and Boiling! The InSinkErator 3 in 1 Boiling Water Kitchen Tap is a fantastic addition to your kitchen as it provides instant boiling hot water, cutting out waiting time for a kettle to boil. Not only is the InSinkErator 3 in 1 tap super convenient and practical, it's sleek curved angled design will complement any kitchen style effortlessly.

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Filtered boiling hot water for better taste

This boiling hot water tap provides standard hot and cold water like any other tap but their party piece is the filtered boiling hot water. Cleaner, purer, better tasting water each and every time!


Cheaper than boiling a kettle

According to N Power, the average cost to boil a full kettle is 2.5p whilst with a boiling water tap the costs are significantly lower, at as little as 1p per litre. With a boiling water tap you can get instant access to the exact amount of hot water you need, so you don’t waste electricity or water. Also, the filter does not need to be changed as often as a standard water filter jug, reducing the amount of waste.

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Instant filtered boiling water for hot drinks and cooking

The instant boiling water feature is perfect for not only quickly making hot drinks but also for filling pots and pans ready for cooking too, saving you important cooking and prep time.

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Long-life filter with two-stage filtration

Water is first passed through a calcium filter to remove any limescale or calcium before it even enters the tank. Once inside the tank, the water goes through a carbon filter which removes 99% of natural waterborne contaminations such as bacteria, metal contaminants, micro debris contaminants, and even chlorine.

It is recommended that you change your water filter every 6 months.

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Compact under sink boiling water tank

Introducing the state-of-the-art hot water tank from Insinkerator! It's compact yet powerful, providing you with all your hot water needs. The tank holds an impressive 2.5 liters whilst neatly fitting in the cupboard underneath your kitchen sink. The easy-to-use controls make it straightforward to select your desired temperature, reaching up to a fantastic 98°C!

Thanks to the compact size of this hot water tank it can easily be installed into a corner of the cabinet under your kitchen sink. The average kitchen cabinet is a minimum of 400mm wide and 600mm deep, meaning the tank will take up less than a quarter of the footprint! The tank is super easy to install - setting it up in just 5 simple steps. (please refer to our installation guide for more information)

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Child proof twin lever

The InSinkErator 3 in 1 tap features two separate handles for your boiling and hot/cold water to ensure you can’t accidentally turn on the boiling water when you are just wanting to use the cold water. Both the boiling water handle and hot/cold water handle are standard lever designs making them super straightforward and easy to use.

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Flow Rates (l/min)

For mixed water and hot water:

  • 0.5 bar: 5.1 (mixed) 1 (hot) 
  • 1 bar: 7.3 (mixed) 1.5 (hot) 
  • 2 bar: 10.4 (mixed) 2.2 (hot) 
  • 3 bar: 12.9 (mixed) 2.6 (hot)
  • 4 bar: 14.9 (mixed) 3 (hot) 
  • 5 bar: 16.7 (mixed) 3.3 (hot)
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Flexible Tails Included Taps

Flexible tails included

Included with your tap are a set of compatible flexible tails. These ensure an easy and speedy installation with your existing plumbing pipework so you can get up and running as fast as possible!


Comes with a 2 year guarantee on the tap and 1 year guarantee on the tank

InSinkErator 3-in-1 Boiling Water Tap with Tank – Angular Chrome Video


Technical Drawings



InSinkErator 3-in-1 Boiling Water Tap with Tank – Angular Chrome Specifications
Tap Type Boiling Water Kitchen Tap
Use Kitchen Sink
Style Modern - Round
Colour Chrome
Tap Control Twin Lever
Spout Swivel
Tap Holes Required 1
Fitting Deck Mounted
Pressure Suitability High (1 bar+)
Boiling Water Tap Type 3-in-1 Boiling - Hot & Cold Water
Range 45154

InSinkErator 3-in-1 Boiling Water Tap with Tank – Angular Chrome


£445.10 (Inc. VAT)

Stock status: 8 Days From Order

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12 Product Reviews

  • Reviews for this product

    Michala Rutherford
    5/ 5

    Brilliant at first I thought it was a bit expensive for what it was and looked at other options as this was going to be a "nice" addition to my new kitchen and not essential but i am SOOO pleased I got it life it lots easier especially when you have trouble lifting things and holding things I would reccomend this to everyone, I also has to call insinkerator because there was a plumbing bit missing it wasnt a problem at all they just put another one in the post and I got it within 48 hours fantastic service by them and plumbworld - Thank you

  • Yvonne
    5/ 5

    Several years ago with my new kitchen I was sold a InSinkErator boiling Tap Combined with cold water. Although I love the instant boiling water I miss having hot water straight from my boiler for washing-up and hand washing. I am now replacing it with InSinkErator 3 in 1 Kitchen Tap as we have been more than happy with our InSinkErator. Now waiting for the plumber to install Efficient and quick service so well pleased

  • Judith Hayton
    5/ 5

    Hope this helps anyone who buys one of these. You get a straight connector to connect the copper pipe on the tap to the plastic pipe from the water filter - instructions say you get a Y piece - you don't and don't need it. Also the 9.5mm pipe to the water filter from the mains supply fits a Speedfit 10mm fitting. Product is great and once you work out the fittings really quick and easy to install

  • Paul
    5/ 5

    Excellent product and easy to install although the instructions didn't mention what to do with a small plastic bit which caused a small flood but eventually figured it out. Plumbworld have been excellent with keeping me informed on dispatch and delivery dates, especially as part of the order wasn't in stock.

  • Claire
    5/ 5

    We purchased this our utility its a fraction of the price of other systems but easier to use and makes a fantastic cup of tea as well as great for hot water for preparing pasta and vegetables . Well worth the investment

  • Ms Hannah Barton
    5/ 5

    Ordered tap from plumb world and delivered within 48 hours , great service and communication. Really pleased with the tap , looks nice and water temperature is ideal. Really good value for money

  • Megan
    5/ 5

    We had the 4in1 at our old house, but the filter water never got cold enough, so we bought the 3in1 this time. It makes drinks and cooking so much faster! Couldn’t live without one.

  • Lisa Graham
    5/ 5

    Bought as replacement so was relatively easy to plumb in. So nice to have hot water tap back as prefer the taste and ease of use. Cheapest price online, quick delivery.

  • Harvey
    5/ 5

    Great product and just as advertised. Well packaged with all parts present. Easy fitted by our plumber. Really happy with everything

  • Tom Davies
    5/ 5

    Kettles are dead to me! Hot tap for the win! Can’t be waiting for things to boil anymore!

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