Everyone wants a warm and cosy house to return home to, which is why our central heating radiators are so important! Ensuring you can quickly and efficiently heat your home, our radiator range covers an array of styles and options to suit any room. Ready to plumb straight into your hot water system, find your perfect choice here today. 

Central Heating Radiators for All Homes…

Here at Plumbworld, we know it is important for your radiator to not only do the job, but to look good at the same time. So, we have everything from traditional radiators to contemporary radiators - plus, everything in between! Our column radiators give off a homely period feel, while our flat panel radiators are ideal for modern homes - or, take a look at our designer radiators for some serious style! Don’t forget to consider a radiator cover and your radiator valves, too, for those finishing touches - all at guaranteed lowest prices at Plumbworld.

Need some help on radiator sizes? Try our BTU Heating Calculator.

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  1. designer-radiators

    Designer Radiators

    302 products
    From £69.97
  2. flat-panel-radiators

    Flat Panel Radiators

    86 products
    From £74.99
  3. horizontal-radiators

    Horizontal Radiators

    306 products
    From £46.58
  4. vertical-radiators

    Vertical Radiators

    157 products
    From £69.99
  5. oil-filled-radiators

    Oil Filled Radiators

    13 choices
    From £249.00
  6. black-radiators

    Black Radiators

    88 products
    From £74.99
  7. panel-radiators

    Panel Radiators

    163 products
    From £46.58
  8. mirrored-radiators

    Mirrored Radiators

    10 choices
    From £308.00
  9. column-radiators

    Column Radiators

    80 products
    From £85.96
  10. coloured-radiators

    Coloured Radiators

    451 products
    From £46.58
  11. electric-radiators

    Electric Radiators

    20 products
    From £85.75
  12. smart-electric-radiators

    Smart Electric Radiators

    16 products
    From £119.99
  13. panel-heaters

    Panel Heaters

    5 choices
    From £85.75
  14. Heated Towel Rails

    Heated Towel Rails

    322 products
    From £6.40
  15. Traditional Towel Radiator

    Traditional Towel Radiators

    3 choices
    From £229.97
  16. Radiator Covers

    Radiator Covers

    51 products
    From £27.35
  17. Radiator Valves

    Radiator Valves

    74 products
    From £10.92
  18. radiator-legs

    Radiator Legs

    13 choices
    From £29.99