Adjustable Radiator Covers

Adjustable radiator covers are the ideal solution for covering awkward sizes of panel radiators while making them much easier on the eye. The act of fitting a radiator cover isn’t just about the aesthetics though, it also doubles as a barrier to stop any young children from hurting themselves on extremely hot pipes.

All of our adjustable radiator covers have a variable width which goes from 1410mm wide for medium-sized radiators, right through to 2050mm for extra-wide radiators. They also have an internal depth of approximately 168mm which fits a wide range of standard panel radiator sizes.

Within the range are several design choices such as horizontal and vertical slots, rattan, and cross patterns. You’ll also have a choice of white, anthracite, and grey colours to pick from.

If you’re after something a bit smaller, then take a look at our Small Radiator Covers.

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