A shower is a vital part of the modern bathroom, something many can’t go without. Part of a morning ritual or simply for relaxing, a shower is a cost-effective way of keeping clean. Browse below to discover more about the extraordinary range of showers at Plumbworld.

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Showers come in a wide variety of styles and shapes, but, in essence, there are only two distinct kinds. Mixer showers which take hot and cold water from the domestic hot water system and blend them together to give you your perfect temperature. Electric showers take cold water and heat it up with electricity, providing a constant source of warm water.

  1. Electric Showers

    Electric Showers

    101 products
    From £85.99
  2. Mixer Showers

    Mixer Showers

    206 products
    From £10.49
  3. smart-showers

    Smart Showers

    85 products
    From £369.00
  4. Digital Showers

    Digital Showers

    125 products
    From £299.97
  5. Shower Towers

    Shower Towers

    11 choices
    From £154.97
  6. Power Showers

    Power Showers

    10 choices
    From £150.00
  7. Mira Showers

    Mira Showers

    201 products
    From £43.00
  8. bristan-showers

    Bristan Showers

    29 products
    From £67.19
  9. Triton Showers

    Triton Showers

    63 products
    From £17.79
  10. Aqualisa Showers

    Aqualisa Showers

    127 products
    From £99.91
  11. gainsborough-showers

    Gainsborough Showers

    14 choices
    From £85.99
  12. merano-showers

    Merano Showers

    19 products
    From £99.99
  13. Shower Valves

    Shower Valves

    31 products
    From £34.99
  14. Shower Accessories

    Shower Accessories

    220 products
    From £8.49
  15. shower-spares

    Shower Spares

    37 products
    From £10.49
  16. Shower Boosting Pumps

    Shower Pumps

    98 products
    From £8.69
  17. thermostatic-showers

    Thermostatic Showers

    244 products
    From £42.97
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