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Mira Vigour Power Shower Thermostatic White & Chrome

A Shower worth having to massage an aching body

Having had to replace an aging Mira shower, as this old shower gave us excellent service lasting 20 years, The Mira shower website was searched to find an excellent replacement, it did not take long to find a replacement model which ticked all the boxes for both my wife & myself due to both our mobility health issues a shower is an important kit to have in our bathroom, Having had our new Mira shower assy fitted & been using it nearly every morning now for three weeks, the various spray patterns from the shower head we find brings much relief to our aching bodies, this Vigour power shower is off excellent quality & comes highly recommended again ticking all the boxes, this shower assy I found to be easily fitted by a competent DIY householder as it comes with a great set off fitting instructions again easily read, I myself was able to fit this shower unit in under 2 hrs, looking forward to having a lovely massaging shower for many years to come.


Mira Sport Max Electric Shower 10.8kW White & Chrome

This shower is the way to go ...

Really pleased with this purchase which is much more powerful than our last shower and, at last, gives us the sort of shower pressure weve been looking for despite having fairly low water pressure. The unit itself is quite large compared with our old Triton and lights up like a christmas tree which seems a bit unnecessary. It was easy enough to install with detailed instructions provided but does need a 10mm supply cable. We were worried about the air boost pump which other reviewers had said was noisey. It is louder, but not excessively so, and certainly makes a difference although you wont need to use it all the time. The price is more than some other well known makes but other reviews suggest that this may result in a longer lasting unit. Plumbworld service excellent and offered the best price compared to other internet suppliers.

Andy Batchelor

Mira Vigour Power Shower Manual White & Chrome

a luxury shower

Highly recommend this superb shower. It is easy to use and really quiet too so the whole family don't realise you are taking a shower. It has one large dial with two features making it simple to use. The flow dial lies flat to the case of the shower with the temperature dial just in front making it easy to use with one hand. It is pure luxury and a must for a large family like ours where it is used daily for everybody. An easy to use adjusting pole for the shower head so all sizes of family can adjust simply. Very well priced so well affordable and economical to run so our whole family can shower without running out of hot water-essential when theres lots of you.

Cara Vazquez

Triton AS2000XT Aqua Sensation Thermostatic Power Shower

Pretty powerful

Bought this shower only because it looks like the old one - yes I know shameful reason to select it but I was in a rush. Its great. Good flow rate, wakes one up in a very robust fashion, not like the rubbish non-power shower we had that dribbled out like a drunk after cider. Very pleased with speed of delivery - cant tell you about fitting because the plumber did it for me but I didnt hear much swearing so I imagine it was easy! Very simple to use, looks easy to clean etc. Was filthy and am now clean - what more can you ask for?


Mira Sport Electric Shower 9kW White & Chrome


I bought this as a replacement for an existing MIRA sport shower that had lasted 6 years. The shower is used every day and as I live in a hard water area, so I think this is good. The shower head is easy to clean.I had problems with the original product after 2 weeks. The shower has a 2 year guarantee and the MIRA after sales team sorted it very quickly. There were no further breakdowns. The new product looks much better and I like the chrome hose. So far I have had no problems.I chose plumbworld for the purchase because they offered the best price.