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Showers come in a wide variety of styles and shapes, but, in essence, there are only two distinct kinds. Mixer showers which take hot and cold water from the domestic hot water system and blend them together to give you your perfect temperature and electric showers which take cold water and heat it up with electricity, much like a kettle. Although in the UK we seem to have a preference for electric showers, if you have the right kind of hot water system then a mixer will almost always give you a more powerful showering experience. The ultimate showers are provided by combining a high quality mixer shower and a pump. You could even add in one of our shower cubicles for the complete solution to showering, one of our walk in showers is an ideal complement. More information on the types of showers available can be found at the bottom of this page.

  1. Electric Showers

    Electric Showers

    106 products
    From £75.55
  2. Mixer Showers

    Mixer Showers

    190 products
    From £44.99
  3. Digital Showers

    Digital Showers

    120 products
    From £318.90
  4. Shower Towers

    Shower Towers

    11 choices
    From £154.97
  5. Power Showers

    Power Showers

    9 choices
    From £129.99
  6. smart-showers

    Smart Showers

    40 products
    From £350.90
  7. Aqualisa Showers

    Aqualisa Showers

    122 products
    From £29.41
  8. Triton Showers

    Triton Showers

    69 products
    From £34.99
  9. Mira Showers

    Mira Showers

    110 products
    From £88.30
  10. bristan-showers

    Bristan Showers

    19 products
    From £99.66
  11. gainsborough-showers

    Gainsborough Showers

    20 products
    From £75.55
  12. smartap-digital-smart-showers

    SmarTap Digital Smart Showers

    14 choices
    From £589.97
  13. architeckt-showers

    Architeckt Showers

    31 products
    From £49.99
  14. merano-showers

    Merano Showers

    21 products
    From £129.99
  15. Shower Valves

    Shower Valves

    41 products
    From £88.30
  16. Shower Accessories

    Shower Accessories

    88 products
    From £7.97
  17. shower-spares

    Shower Spares

    43 products
    From £9.94
  18. Shower Boosting Pumps

    Shower Pumps

    91 products
    From £26.50
  19. Clearance Showers

    Clearance Showers

    10 choices
    From £7.97