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Mira Vigour Power Shower Manual White & Chrome

The best home shower I have had in 25 years

My previous shower was 17 years old and hopless. It stopped working on Thursday just before the bank holiday, and I found this Mira on your site ordered it on the Friday and had it by Saturday morning. Both your site and service was excellent. As I was fitting this myself I needed to know fully inadvance all of the requirments for the fittings, particularly as it had to cover then access hole in the wall tiles from the previous shower, so I knew fully access points, power supply and mounting points, and being able to download the instructions from your site made this simple. The cost even with delivery on a Saturday was the best on the web. It was delivered just before midday and up and working by 5.00PM. As a gravity feed shower I had some concerns over the supply rate, but when I first turned it on I was not expecting it to blast from one end of the bath to the other. The shower is fairly compact, access to all fittings is very easy. The internal pump is clearly audible in the kitchen downstairs but it is much quieter than a floor mounted pumped shower that I had before, that also gave vibrations. It produces an wonderful spray from the shower head, that has five patterns to chose from, and gives an invigorating shower experience. There are 4 of us inthe house who use it daily and everyone agrees that it is a great improvement and both a pleasure and simple to use. It is more powerful than an electric shower, we have one in an onsuite,and my wife wants me to buy this Mira showerhead as supplied with this unit so we can match the patterns of the head, if not the output. Compaired with other similar products the value and purchase cost is brilliant. There is no need to buy a shower with loads of push buttons, lights,bells and whistles this is simple piece of kit, just have it installed and turn the dial. In fact it is so flexible with the output supply that we dont even have to turn the unit up to half way, this does not seem to dramatically impact on the either the flow rate or the heatout put, so reducing water consumption and noise from the pump.Even better, after giving yourself a good dreching in just a minute or so from start up, you can switch it off, soap up or wash your hair, twist the dial for instant hot water, just were you left it, again saving water and energy, on the otherhand if you want just to relax under a fast flowing shower just turn it full on and enjoy. I would fully recommend this shower to anyone looking for a powered unit, as long as your supply meets the required flow from the tank, you will have a very powerful shower.You will not be disapointed.

Ashleigh Bush

Mira Sport Max Electric Shower 9.0kW White & Chrome

Excellent product, price and delivery time. Cannot ask for more than that.

I bought this item to replace an obscenely expensive 'shiny' shower (over £500!) that my wife insisted on when we had our bathroom done a few years back and which proved to be one of my biggest wastes of money for both purchase cost and fixing defects (out of warranty of course). The 'shiny' shower finally gave up the ghost completely a while back, but it took a while for my wife to get totally fed up with the kids traipsing in every morning to use our en-suite shower. Reached tipping point recently so time for a new shower... Having done a load of research and having discovered to my horror that the 10.8kW 'shiny' shower the better half chose back then should have had specialist cabling (anything over 9.0kW needs >6mm core!) and none was ever fitted (nor were we advised in our naivete that it was needed), I came upon the Mira Sport Max 9.0kW with 'Airboost' technology. The reviews were good in the on-line forums and a number of sites indicated it is the No. 1 selling shower in the UK. I can understand if that is true due to the key word above being 'Airboost'. The shower has a special fitting inside the hose that can pump air under pressure to the head and the water comes out with MUCH more power when the 'Airboost' is enabled, even though no more water is being pumped than with 'Airboost' disabled. The guy that fitted it said 'Wow!' when he switched it on and said he would definitely be recommending it to his 'undecided' customers. Very pleased with this purchase, with plumbworld handling of my order and delivery speed. This was the cheapest I could find on the Web at time of purchase and that was the 'standard' price, i.e. no promotional discounts. Would definitely use plumbworld again.

Karma Fields

Triton Unichrome Dove Thermostatic Bar Mixer Shower


After months of my girlfriend whinging that my ancient little electric gainsborough shower was pitiful and in need of an upgrade, I finally succumbed, and we plumped for this little Triton beauty having read a few reviews ourselves. The price was great compared with the scary amounts you can fork out for certain brand showers, and the mixer bar is aesthetically pleasing also, at least it will be when i get new tiles in the bathroom, but I have it mounted nicer (in my opinion) than the photoshows. I havethe mixer bar mounted centrally on the shower wall, and the riser bar mounted above and dead centre of the mixer (like an inverted T i guess, and it looks great. didnt know what pressure wed get from a gravity feed system, so we fitted the salamander pump as well, just to be safe, and the shower experience, it has to be said, is fantastic now in comparison to the dribble we had before. Although the covering caps and fixings are quite light and flimsy, the mixer unit itself feels really solid and quality. the temperature adjuster is very responsive and the 38 degree safety lock is a fine feature (we had to fine tune it beforehand but this is easily done) My plumber hadnt used Triton showers before, but he started and had the whole thing sorted in a few hours with no problems at all and said they were fine to work with. Had the shower about 6 weeks now and so far its been great. You dont need to spend hundreds on mira or grohe, this will do every bit as good a job. My mun has a Mira and its not half as good a showering experience as this.. A++++++++ Plumbworld delivery service was also top notch. All in all, a great buy..


Mira Vision 1.1797.003 Digital Shower Concealed (High Pressure / Combination)

Mira Vision is the one to buy

Previously to these I had installed three Grohtherm Wireless units which were problematic with regards to holding temperature and water getting into the controllers. This unit did have some great features though and it was such a shame about the reliability and the fact that Grohe would not repair them after they discontinued the product a year or two ago. I took a new Grohe Digital F unit FOC from Grohe and this also has its issues. The wireless range on the unit is almost nothing and the controller (puck) is very temperamental with regards to overriding temperature. At the factory it is set to 38 degrees which is just to cool for me (typical showering temp is said to be 38 to 42 degrees). The max the unit can be set to before you have to use the temperature override facility is 40 degrees which is still to cool for me. after that you have to go through a complicated press of the puck buttons (with lights flashing at you like youre back watching Close Encounters of the Third Kind). There is definitely a knack to it which is so not user friendly. Even their engineer couldnt get it right and kept missing the menu. As for me I never managed to do it once before the engineer arrived or even in the presence of the engineer. At the end of my tether I ripped it out and installed the Mira Vision and Im so pleased with it. Its compact, the range is great and the head is a work of art. At this price they are a steel and Im about to buy three more. Do note though I have not used the slide rail kit or accessories as I had the Grohe already installed so I cant comment on the quality of parts here and how easily they are installed.

Extremely happy Consumer

Mira Sport Max Electric Shower 10.8kW White & Chrome

Mira - The only choice for me!!!

I purchased this shower to replace my 20 year old Mira shower so the brand choice was an easy one for me. The old one only failed as I had had water mains work carried out and the debris had blocked it, so it may have lasted many more years. The 2012 Sport Max looks great. Its very sleek and sits close to the wall. Both the shower and the shower head parts are well constructed as ever, and have a quality feel to them. The lowest button to the front is the power button, the three horizontal buttons above are basically for temperature control, low, medium and high, and the highest button being for the Airboost feature. All the buttons illuminate and give the shower a very modern feel. All good so far! The shower is nice and powerful on its normal settings, warms quickly and maintains a steady temperature. The four spray patterns give a nice choice and work well whilst the spray head is easy clean. No more taking the head apart to clear lime scale build up. Just run your fingers across it from time to time. So why not five stars overall. Well, its the reason I bought it. The Airboost! And for one reason only. The pump that adds the Airboost function is really quite noisy. On using the shower for the first time, I didnt realise you could turn this function on and off. With it running for the duration of the shower, it got very annoying and was the reason I got out. It sounded like I was riding a 50cc moped! NOW, DO NOT LET THIS PUT YOU OFF!! On the second shower, turning it on and off was great. Its a strange sensation. It doubles the force of the jet without increasing the water flow. Its kind of weird, you dont get as wet as you think you should. Its so powerful it makes the shower head shake. You just wouldnt want to have it on all the time! One other thing to bear in mind as clearly stated on the Plumbworld website is if your are replacing an older electric shower, you will almost certainly need to uprate the wiring as this shower is so powerful.. It was a quick easy job for my electrician who again stated you must fit 10mm wire for any higher powered shower. In his words, anything over 8.5 KW. So, would I recommend it. Most definitely. The airboost is a fantastic feature only let down by its noise. Switch it on and off though, and there is very little to fault this shower with. BUY ONE!!! To sum up, Mira is the only choice for me, you WONT be dissapointed if you buy it!