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A shower is a vital part of the modern bathroom, something many can’t go without. Part of a morning ritual or simply for relaxing, a shower is a cost-effective way of keeping clean. Browse below to discover more about the extraordinary range of showers at Plumbworld.

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Showers come in a wide variety of styles and shapes, but, in essence, there are only two distinct kinds. Mixer showers which take hot and cold water from the domestic hot water system and blend them together to give you your perfect temperature. Electric showers take cold water and heat it up with electricity, providing a constant source of warm water.


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  1. Electric Showers

    Electric Showers

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    Mixer Showers

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    Bristan Showers

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    Triton Showers

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    Aqualisa Showers

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    Gainsborough Showers

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    Merano Showers

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    Shower Spares

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    Thermostatic Showers

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  19. Architeckt Ceiling Mounted Round Drencher Shower Head

  20. Architeckt Ceiling Mounted Round Drencher Shower Head Ultra Modern 200mm

  21. Architeckt Ceiling Mounted Square Drencher Shower Head Ultra Modern 200mm

  22. Architeckt Wall Mounted Square Drencher Shower Head

  23. Architeckt Thermostatic Round Bar Valve Bottom Outlet

  24. Architeckt Wall Mounted Round Drencher Shower Head Ultra Modern 200mm

  25. Architeckt Wall Mounted Square Drencher Shower Head Ultra Modern 200mm

  26. Architeckt Ceiling Mounted Square Drencher Shower Head

  27. Essentials Round Concealed Stick Handle Shower Valve

  28. Essentials Concealed Stick Shower with Ceiling Mounted Fixed Shower Head

    Was £200.00


    40 Available
  29. Architeckt Thermostatic Bar Valve Shower Round with Adjustable Head

    Was £200.00


    50+ available
  30. Architeckt Thermostatic Square Bar Shower Valve Bottom Outlet

  31. Park Lane Ceiling Mounted Traditional Drencher Shower Head

  32. Architeckt Thermostatic Bar Valve Shower Square with Adjustable Head

    Was £200.00


    50+ available
  33. Essentials Concealed Stick Shower with Adjustable Head

    Was £200.00


    50+ available
  34. Architeckt Thermostatic Concealed Round Shower with Ceiling Mounted Drencher Shower Head

  35. Architeckt Thermostatic Concentric Concealed Shower with Ceiling Mounted Fixed Shower Head

    Was £200.00


    40 Available
  36. Architeckt Thermostatic Mixer Shower – Round Bar Valve with Round Drench & Adjustable Heads

    Was £84.99


    50+ available
  37. Architeckt Thermostatic Concealed Square Shower Valve - Two Outlet

  38. Architeckt Thermostatic Concealed Square Shower with Ceiling Mounted Fixed Shower Head

    Was £200.00


    28 Available
  39. Triton Exe Lever Thermostatic Bar Mixer Shower

  40. Architeckt Square Concealed Thermostatic Shower Valve - One Outlet - TMV2 & WRAS

  41. Architeckt Round Concealed Thermostatic Shower Valve - One Outlet - TMV2 & WRAS

  42. Architeckt Thermostatic Concealed Round Shower Valve - Two Outlet

    Was £89.99


    50+ available
  43. Architeckt Thermostatic Mixer Shower – Round Bar Valve with Square Drench & Adjustable Heads

  44. Triton Dene Cool Touch Thermostatic Bar Mixer Shower - UNDETHBMCT

  45. Mira Coda Pro Thermostatic Valve Only

  46. Gainsborough 8.5kw SE Electric Shower White - 97554041

  47. Aqualisa Aquastyle Electric Shower 8.5kW White & Chrome

  48. Park Lane Thermostatic Concealed Traditional Shower Valve - Two Outlet

  49. Triton T80Z Fast Fit Electric Shower 7.5kW - White & Chrome

    Was £119.22


    50+ available
  50. Triton Dene Hi-Flo Bar Mixer Shower - UNDETHBM

  51. Triton T80Z Fast Fit Electric Shower 9.5kW - White & Chrome

    Was £109.32


    25 Available

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Aqualisa Aquastream Thermostatic Power Shower White

When we had our bathroom fitted,about 12 or 13 years ago,our fitter recommended we have an Aqualisa shower as they are very reliable,easy to fit,and spares are readily available.It lasted 8 years before anything went wrong and I got the part on the internet ,had it fitted and it lasted another 4 years.It finally died the other week so we bought another Aqualisa shower,had it fitted and hope that this shower lasts as long!

Taliyah Wilcox

Aqualisa Midas 110 Thermostatic Shower Column with Adjustable and Fixed Drencher Heads - HP/Combi

Aqualisa shower.

The Aqualisa Midas 110 shower is perfect and offers real value for money. It was really easy to install and is so stylish. The shower is connected to a combi boiler and works a treat. The whole family are really impressed with it. Ordering on line from Plumbword was easy and delivery wad very quick. Would definitely recommend to anyone.


Aqualisa Quartz Electric Shower 8.5kW Chrome

Exactly what I needed

Got this shower unit to replace old one, fitted perfectly and covered previous drill holes when fitted to shower wall. Item was delivered promptly and in perfect condition, would definitely recommend this company for quality items and quality service, thank you plumworld, would definitely use this service again.

Mr P. Lack

Aqualisa Shower Head Holder (Pinch Grip) 25mm Chrome

shower head holder

I have purchased this product a few weeks ago, i have fitted the item and it looks great it fits well and it works very well. Plumb world are very good to deal with, ordering the part of there web site was strait forward and delivery was very quick. I would defiantly use them again, well done Plumbworld.

Mr Salter.

Aqualisa 1.5m Thermostatic Hose - Chrome

Ideal replacement of our shower hose

Having confirmed the Aqualisa part number for the shower hose the order was confirmed, paid for and delivered at the agreed date. All of this and at a very competitive price with no delivery charges! Will definitely contact Plumbworld for any future related items.

Ken Fletcher

Aqualisa Thermostatic Cartridge

Just the job

Bought this as my old cartridge was leaking from behind the grey cover. Easy to change and no more leaks. Plumbworld were the cheapest online when I ordered and next day delivery was a great bonus.


Aqualisa Dream Concealed Thermostatic Shower & Adjustable Head

Aqua Lisa dream shower

Item received in super quick time. Shower not fitted yet as en suits has turned into a total revamp ! All parts have a quality feel and appearance. Looking forward to using.


Aqualisa Siren SL Exposed Thermostatic Mixer Shower Chrome

Siren shower

Great replacement for a leaking old shower, I have always rated Aqualisa showers very highly and this doesn’t disappoint.

Dave lusted

Aqualisa Midas 110 Bath Shower Mixer with Adjustable Head - HP/Combi

Midas Shower Mixer

Excellent appearance, looks very nice installed, great value for money


Aqualisa Dream Thermostatic Mixer Shower Adjustable Head & Fixed Wall Drencher

Great Shower

Good quality, easy to work, looks good and effective.

Julie Wood

Showers - Mixers (Manual,Thermostatic, Power and Digital) 

Manual mixer showers take the hot and cold water and mix them according to the position of the temperature control on the unit. This provides a relatively low cost shower, but it means that the temperature will vary depending on the supply temperature of the cold water and the pressure in the household water system. Basically this means that you will need to move the temperature control in the winter and you may get an unpleasant temperature spike if someone turns on a kitchen tap or flushes a toilet while you're showering.

Better, but more expensive, mixer showers have thermostatic control. This means that once you have set the temperature control to a comfortable temperature the shower will maintain that temperature even when the pressure in the system changes or the supply temperature drops. They do this by dynamically changing the amount of hot and cold water that goes into the mixing chamber. Another advantage of thermostatic showers is that if for any reason the cold water supply were to fail the shower will shut down. With a manual mixer you would be scalded by the hot water.

Mixer showers come in a variety of styles, the terminology can be quite confusing until you get used to it! Bar showers have a long thin mixing unit with the temperature and flow controls at either end.

Concealed showers have the mixing unit hidden behind along with the pipework to the head.

Exposed showers have the mixing unit in front of the wall with exposed pipework carrying the water to the head.

Power Showers are simply mixer showers with a built in pump. If you have a combi-boiler or a high pressure (unvented) hot water system then you probably don't need anything more than a standard mixer shower. If you have low hot water pressure then a power shower may be a good solution. Although a thermostatic mixer shower with a dedicated external pump will give you more water flow if you want a really strong shower.

Digital showers are concealed mixers which have digital control units usually located away from the handset. (They can be pumped or simply fed from the hot and cold supply). The benefits of them are that they tend to look very sleek as the workings are hidden well away from the controls. They also give you the ability to turn the unit on without having to stand under it and get an initial blast of cold water! Different models have different features such as remembering the preferred shower settings of different members of the household.


Showers - Electric

Electric showers generally give less performance then mixer showers. They have to heat cold water to the correct temperature in a very short space of time, they are like a very high powered kettle. The higher the kilowatt rating the more quickly it can heat the water and the stronger the flow you will experience. However, even the most powerful electric showers (10.8kw) will not be anywhere near as powerful as quality mixer showers with good water pressure.

The main benefit of an electric shower is that you only need a cold water supply. If you have a tank fed system with low water pressure and you don't want to go to the expense of a power shower or mixer shower with a dedicated pump then it can be a good choice. If you are replacing an existing electric model and don't want to go to the expense of ripping out the tiles and putting in new plumbing for a hot water feed then they are the way to go. 


Electric Showers - Key Points

Electric showers only require a cold water supply so are ideal if you have low hot water pressure or if you only have a cold water pipe running to the where you want the unit positioned. The higher the kilowatt (KW) rating of electric showers the faster they heat the water and the greater the water flow you will experience. Some higher end electric showers feature air-boost technology which further increases the power of the flow. High power electric showers (above 9.5kw) require a 10mm electric cable rather than the standard 6mm cable. If you want a higher kW rating then your electrician may have to run a new cable back to the distribution board, so its worth checking in advance!


For a total solution for your showering needs don't forget to check out our shower cubicles. We have a huge selection of shower cubicles available including walk in showers, quadrant shower enclosures, pivot and hinged door shower enclosures and more!

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