Waterfall Bathroom Taps

Add a Luxury Waterfall Tap to your Bathroom for Less.

Combine the essence of a waterfall with the modern styling of a sleek chrome bathroom tap and you’ve got the ultimate combination: the waterfall tap. These stunning pieces create a miniature waterfall into your basin and make a fantastic statement in any modern bathroom. They don’t cost the earth either, so before you know it you’re wondering why you never had one of these imaginative taps from the beginning. At least you can now rectify that!

  1. Architeckt Dakota

    From £34.97
    with 5 choices

    Architeckt  Dakota
  2. Architeckt Edsberg

    From £39.97
    with 4 choices

    Architeckt Edsberg
  3. Architeckt Motala

    From £39.97
    with 3 choices

    Architeckt Motala