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Cleaning Up Bidet Myths

Bidets aren’t as clean and can make more mess than an ordinary toilet roll

Wrong. If you were to get something not so pleasant on your hand would you wipe it wipe a piece of tissue paper or would you wash it thoroughly? Bidets aren’t high-powered jet washers designed to remove 10 years’ worth of dirt and grime either, they’re designed to gently remove any waste without the use of an abrasive surface (in this case toilet paper).


Using water is much more expensive than using toilet paper

Wrong. Bearing in mind that the average Briton can flush over 17 kilograms of toilet paper in a year a simple jet of water could save you some serious money (especially if you have a cat that likes shredding toilet paper as much as mine does!). You won’t be adding to unseen issues in the sewer system either because you’ll majorly reduce the amount of paper and wipes that are being flushed away down the toilet.

The bidet effect doesn’t just stop with you either. The amount of resources used to make toilet paper in the first place is quite staggering so you’ll know you’re doing that little bit extra for the environment too.


Bathroom suites are expensive, I can’t afford a bidet too!

Wrong. Our bidets are affordable and can easily be worked into the budget of even the cheapest bathroom. You don’t have to pay top dollar for something that functions like the best of them.


Only women use bidets

Wrong. Bidets are suitable for the whole family to use. Yes they can be extra beneficial for women during certain times of their lives like pregnancy but that doesn’t mean other family members can’t use them too. Good hygiene is suitable for everyone.


You HAVE to use soap with a bidet

Wrong. The last thing you want to be doing with such sensitive areas is putting harsh cleaning chemicals there. Warm water and warm water only is absolutely perfect for cleaning that region so don’t let the lack of soap put you off.



Bidets aren’t messy or expensive or insanitary. If anything they’re quite the opposite. They save you money while reducing the manufacturing needs of toilet roll. They’re great for use by the whole family and they provide a superior cleaning experience.

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