Wooden Toilet Seats

Sitting on Wood has Never been so Comfortable

Toilet seats are all about form and function; they’re made to do a job and they certainly do it well. But that doesn’t mean that these bathroom necessities have to look boring and dull – not at all. We realise that toilet seats aren’t the most exciting of accessories, however, making sure they tie in to the rest of the decor is always important. Our range of wooden toilet seats incorporate a variety of finishes ranging from Beech and Oak, all the way to Walnut and Antique Pine. This stunning selection of high quality, real wood toilet seats offer comfort and sturdiness which are both essential qualities in any toilet seat.

  1. Ceramica Matt White Toilet Seat

  2. Ceramica Combination Kids White Toilet Seat

  3. Ceramica Groove Matt White Toilet Seat

  4. Croydex Flexi-Fix Hayward Solid Wood Toilet Seat Tongue & Groove White

  5. Ceramica Beech Toilet Seat

  6. Croydex Flexi-Fix Davos Solid Wood Toilet Seat Antique Pine

  7. Carrara & Matta 5000 Moulded Wood White Toilet Seat

  8. Ceramica Antique Pine Toilet Seat

  9. Croydex Davos Flexi-Fix Mahogany Effect Toilet Seat - WL602252H

  10. Croydex Ontario Flexi-Fix Teak Finish Toilet Seat with Soft Close and Quick Release - WL602086H

  11. Ceramica Oak Toilet Seat

    Best Seller!

    Ceramica Oak Toilet Seat

  12. Croydex Flexi-Fix Rutland Solid Wood Toilet Seat Oak