Shower Enclosures

Here at Plumbworld, our range of shower enclosures includes all the most popular styles, from space saving 760mm bifold door enclosures right through to luxurious 1400mm double sliding shower doors, if you have a larger space to fill.

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All our shower cubicles are built with high quality, silky-smooth door rollers, top grade, adjustable aluminium profiles and British Standard approved safety glass. 

Here at Plumbworld we focus on delivering big brands at small prices, high quality brands such as Mira Leap, Coram Optima and Hydrolux all backed with our lowest price guarantee so you can be sure you won’t find cheaper shower enclosures anywhere else!

  1. Walk In Showers

    Walk In Shower Enclosures

    35 products
    From £199.97
  2. Quadrant Shower Enclosures

    Quadrant Shower Enclosures

    32 products
    From £84.99
  3. Sliding Shower Door Enclosures

    Sliding Shower Door Enclosures

    174 products
    From £64.99
  4. Pivot Shower Door Enclosures

    Pivot Shower Door Enclosures

    66 products
    From £84.97
  5. Offset Quadrant Shower Enclosures

    Offset Quadrant Shower Enclosures

    42 products
    From £129.97
  6. Hinged Shower Door Enclosures

    Hinged Shower Door Enclosures

    33 products
    From £159.97
  7. Bi-Fold Shower Door Enclosures

    Bi-Fold Shower Door Enclosures

    59 products
    From £89.99
  8. Corner Entry Shower Enclosures

    Corner Entry Shower Enclosures

    14 choices
    From £99.99
  9. wet-rooms

    Wet Rooms

    84 products
    From £34.97
  10. steam-shower-cabins

    Steam Shower Cabins

    57 products
    From £1,108.97
  11. shower-cabins

    Shower Cabins

    113 products
    From £434.76
  12. kinedo-shower-pods

    Kinedo Shower Pods

    10 choices
    From £434.76
  13. Shower Screens

    Shower Screens

    36 products
    From £59.97
  14. mira-shower-enclosures

    Mira Shower Enclosures

    105 products
    From £164.99
  15. coram-shower-enclosures

    Coram Shower Enclosures

    47 products
    From £87.20
  16. kinedo-enclosures

    Kinedo Enclosures

    38 products
    From £439.97
  17. insignia-shower-cabins

    Insignia Shower Cabins

    103 products
    From £839.21
  18. insignia-steam-shower-cabins

    Insignia Steam Shower Cabins

    57 products
    From £1,108.97
  19. doc-m-shower-packs

    Doc 'M' Shower Packs

    2 choices
    From £2,457.00
  20. Shower Trays

    Shower Trays

    375 products
    From £9.97
  21. bathroom-wall-panels

    Bathroom Wall Panels

    782 products
    From £67.00
  22. shower door spares & enclosure spares

    Shower Door & Enclosure Spares

    40 products
    From £8.99