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Coram Coratech Easy Plumb Square Shower Tray - 760 x 760mm (3 Upstands)

Pure Excellence

The Coram Coratech Shower Tray fully met my expectations. It was exactly what I required and was delivered within 3 days. I was very impressed with the quality of this shower tray. It was lightweight and easy to manovere in a small place. Everything required to install this shower tray was included along with easy to follow instratructions. I would definitely recommend the Plumbworld site for the quality and selection of products which covered a wide price range. If I need anything else I will come straight to Plumbworld as I know they deliver on their promises.

Darren Wilcox

Mira Leap 800mm Quadrant Shower Enclosure with Tray & Mira 415 Combiforce EV Chrome Mixer Shower Bundle


I had one of these in my previous home so was pleased to find the same online. I would reccommend it to anyone with a combi boiler. It gives a powerfull shower and the best part is that it never goes above a certain temperature so is safe for people with young children. I would go so far as to say that it almost feels like a power shower. Excellent quality and value for money.

Amare Landry

Coram Sliding Shower Screen - 1065mm Width (SSL2105CUC)

Looks good but!

Just had my first shower with this product. Looks good and well built....but bad design for cleaning! Would be nice just to run a wiper blade straight down the panels to remove soap-water but because of the sliding detail this is not possible.. The sliding gear track (which is open to the bath side-also bad idea) and rivets that hold it in place dont allow for easy cleaning at all. I would not recommend it if you are busy and dont have time to spare for extra cleaning! Such a shame because this is a great idea......back to the drawing boeard Coram !!