Shower Enclosures

Shower Enclosures - Complete Your Bathroom with a High Quality Shower Cubicle

Shower Enclosures, also known as shower cubicles are a key component of the modern bathroom. Whilst many of the ladies prefer a long hot soak in a bath, must men prefer a powerful shower. Whether it’s jumping under the water for a quick wash in the morning or enjoying the hot streams after a long stressful day. But unless you’re opting for an over the bath shower, you’re going to need a decent shower enclosure. Great aesthetics and practicality combine to create the ideal showering experience, and with a huge variety of sizes and styles available at Plumbworld they’ll be something that will suit every taste.

  1. Quadrant Shower Enclosures

    From £99.97
    with 29 choices

    Quadrant Shower Enclosures
  2. Walk In Shower Enclosures

    From £79.97
    with 22 choices

    Walk In Shower Enclosures
  3. Pivot Door Shower Enclosures

    From £84.97
    with 25 choices

    Pivot Door Shower Enclosures
  4. Hinged Door Shower Enclosures

    From £99.97
    with 16 choices

    Hinged Door Shower Enclosures
  5. Sliding Door Shower Enclosures

    From £79.97
    with 118 choices

    Sliding Door Shower Enclosures
  6. Corner Entry Shower Enclosures

    From £99.97
    with 14 choices

    Corner Entry Shower Enclosures
  7. Bi-Fold Door Shower Enclosures

    From £99.97
    with 32 choices

    Bi-Fold Door Shower Enclosures
  8. Shower Screens

    From £40.31
    with 12 choices

    Shower Screens
  9. Shower Trays

    From £19.97
    with 139 choices

    Shower Trays
  10. Shower Enclosure Spares

    From £4.97
    with 17 choices

    Shower Enclosure Spares


Coram Frameless Sliding Shower Screen

Classy looking sliding screen

Purchased online and was delivered in 2 working days which I thought was great, especially since the only other supplier of this screen I could find could only ship it in two weeks! I was out when it was delivered but the courier had very conveniently left it with my neighbour to keep safe. Very handy! The screen itself is very heavy but I see this as a positive as other screens I've come across seem flimsy and the glass visibly flexes when you move it around. Installing it took my wife and I about 20 minutes in total. The instructions supplied are a little vague in places so I recommend you study them and make sure you a) drill the four holes in the retaining bracket at equal intervals (not particularly well explained in the instructions) and b) when installing the screen itself, ensure that the rubber seal attached to the piece of glass nearest the wall sits INSIDE the bath rather than on top of the edge. These two points aside (and nothing to do with Plumbworld I would stress!), I don't think you will find a better sliding bath screen out there. It looks the business and works very well at keeping the water inside the tub. Great product, great price, great service from Plumbworld!

Kylee Massey

Hydrolux Square Shower Screen

Require a Modern Screen, search no further!

What can I say, was looking for a modern screen to finish off my newly fitted modern bathroom, the components of which were all bought from Plumbworld. Having seen a few steamy prices elsewhere on other e-tail websites, I was pleased to receive an email for this showing a recent price reduction to a very acceptable level,. So, having used the website before, I got online, ordered it, received it (undamaged as the courier is clearly reputable and treats items marked fragile as that - others dont and will know who they are). Fitting was simple whilst the item looks the part and does the job eloquently. First class service and customercare was excellent - not hat I needed to call post purchase but nonetheless I the follow up contact was most reassuring - again! Thank you, Ill be ordering my towel warmer on your special offer shortly!!

Scotty D

Coram Frameless Sail Bath Screen

obsessed with bath screens!

Hello I bought the above item to fit myself over normal bath. I looked around quite a lot to try and get the best price. There is some confusion as to the relative quality of Aqualux vs Hydrolux vs Coram esp the former two as a lot come from the same factory but rebranded. However once decided on the above product I was very pleased with it. The service from plumbworld is excellent. I also bought the aquablade thingy as hard water in my area and there was a delay as blade not in stock. I sent an email as the screen was the priority and the two orders were sent separately with screen as priority. There was no extra postal charge for two deliveries. the screen arrived promptly with good protective packaging. Very easy to install although best with two people. All in all good looking product and worth buying.

Evelyn Cohen

Hydrolux Curved Shower Screen

Good quality, great value

Although this received excellent reviews, I was apprehensive about the quality given the extremely low price compared to competitor offers. I neednt have worried...this screen feels bulletproof & the simple design works really well in our bathroom & provides secure seal over our bath. I have every confidence its as childproof & safe as we need it to be! Delivery timescales & after sales service were excellent. Although not the best at DIY we were able to fit this ourselves with minimal effort despite having to remove an existing fixture & work with difficult grooved tiles. We did however use our own sliightly bigger screws instead of those suplied. Very happy with all aspects of this purchase. Would highly recommend as it looks fantastic up & is extremely good value considering the quality.


Hydrolux 6mm 1200mm Sliding Door Shower Enclosure

Good Value

This sliding door range is excellent value for the money. Initial impressions were poor - the packaging was woefully inadequate and I opened the (damaged) box in the presence of the (grumpy) delivery driver, both of us fully expecting to find a pile of broken glass but, more by luck than judgement, everything was intact! Thereafter the assembly instructions are pretty poor - ambiguous text and unclear diagrams - but the components are logical and should present no problems for the professional fitter or experienced DIYer. There is clear evidence as to why this is so cheap - for example some screws were malformed with no recess in the heads meaning you have to find some to replace them, also many parts are plated plastic and the finish seems unlikely to last, particularly in hard water areas. That said the main parts are accurately made and the glass is a reasonable thickness for a product at this level. Assembly is straightforward and fitting (a two-person job due to weight of glass) is really simple (Tip - make sure to locate the magnetic strip in the frame the correct way round- it was fitted backwards preventing the door from staying closed, but it is easy to slide it out and reverse it). The rollers are quite exposed in the shower area and would benefit from regular spraying with silicon (dont use oil-grease on nylon rollers) to prevent sticking and to stop the springs from rusting. Otherwise this is a good value product that would suit a budget renovation or rental property -just dont expect the quality of the more expensive brands.