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    Quadrant Shower Enclosures

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    Walk In Shower Enclosures

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    Pivot Shower Door Enclosures

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    Bi-Fold Shower Door Enclosures

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    Mira Leap Shower Enclosures

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    Coram Shower Enclosures

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Coram Coratech Easy Plumb Square Shower Tray - 760 x 760mm (3 Upstands)

Pure Excellence

The Coram Coratech Shower Tray fully met my expectations. It was exactly what I required and was delivered within 3 days. I was very impressed with the quality of this shower tray. It was lightweight and easy to manovere in a small place. Everything required to install this shower tray was included along with easy to follow instratructions. I would definitely recommend the Plumbworld site for the quality and selection of products which covered a wide price range. If I need anything else I will come straight to Plumbworld as I know they deliver on their promises.

Darren Wilcox

Coram Sliding Shower Screen - 1065mm Width (SSL2105CUC)

easy peezy

from start to finsh this shower screen was easy. Im always weary about buying on the internet because you cant see the product infrount of you,, but the specs and measuments on the website were really helpful and left me in no doubt that it would fit, the delivery was perfect, they arranged a day and time of delivery with me and sure enough it arrived bang on time. and to round it all off it took my husband and his father under half an hour to put it up, ive had it for about two weeks now and it still looks great and is leak free, really good product


Coram Curved Edge Shower Screen - 800mm Width (SFR80CUC)

delighted with purchase

I had purchased shower screen for a friend whom was moving to a new house, when i visited I was delighted with the look and how sturdy screen was, the guy who fitted screen has taken your details and will most definatley be a future customer, he was quite amazed at the quality of product and how reasonable it was.. A very happy customer lm

Nikhil Gibbs

Hydrolux 4 Panel Folding Shower Screen (Chrome Frame) - 830mm Width

Another shower screen!

I run my own plumbing and heating business and fit a wide range of bath screens. This model offers excellent value for money, is easy to install, and if positioned correctly will fold back flat against the wall minimising its impact in a small bathroom. Spending more money will not get a proportional increase in quality for this type of product.

Joslyn Winters

Hydrolux Square Edge Shower Screen - 790mm Width

Bagain buy.

Well I havent given the full 5-5 for everything as I havent fitted the item as yet. The item arrived quickly and was well packaged. I did as requested and ensured I opened and inspected the product within the 7 days of receiving it. It looks good quality and for the price its a great bargain. Hoping that I can fit it easily once my bathroom is completed.