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Triton have been innovating in the electric shower space since the electric shower first appeared on the market. Their commitment to improving and refining the technology led them to help bring about a surge in popularity for this type of shower in the UK market, which nowadays are prevalent across the country, many of which are stamped with the Triton name. Their popularity can be easily attributed to the electric showers versatility. You do not need a hot water supply to run an electric shower, which is a huge advantage for homes where the hot water supply is limited. Instead, all you need is cold water and an electricity supply. The cold water passes through a heating element within the body of the electric shower and you’ve got an instant hot shower! So there is no more rushing showers to ensure everyone in the family gets some hot water, and with the Triton name attached you can be sure you’re getting a reliability that will have you enjoying a great shower for years to come.

  1. Triton Showers by Power Rating

    From £69.97
    with 35 choices

    Triton Showers by Power Rating
  2. Triton Aspirante Electric Showers

    From £108.75
    with 10 choices

    Triton Aspirante Electric Showers
  3. Triton T80z Showers

    From £89.81
    with 8 choices

    Triton T80z Showers
  4. Triton T80si Pumped Electric Showers (For Low Mains Water Pressure)

    From £200.97
    with 1 choices

    Triton T80si Showers
  5. Triton T90xr Showers

    From £240.17
    with 2 choices

    Triton T90xr Showers
  6. Triton T100 Showers

    From £119.02
    with 5 choices

    Triton T100 Showers
  7. Triton T80 Pro-Fit Showers

    From £127.03
    with 4 choices



Triton Aspirante Electric Shower - Brushed Steel 9.5kW

Great shower

Ordered this shower as it looks good and read the other reviews and so far really pleased, looks fantastic in my new shower enclosure and performs brilliantly, no need to keep adjusting the temperature either so easy to use and the price was very good, ordered online and received next day so all good.


Triton Aspirante Electric Shower - Black Gloss 9.5kW

Smart and easy way to switch.

I love this shower as it is so easy to use and control the flow of water and temperature. It took my electrician only 30 minutes to install. The only downside is that it looks so smart, that it makes my bathroom look shabby, so will have to do a new bathroom makeover.

Karen George

Triton Aspirante Electric Shower - Brushed Steel 9.5kW

very good value

Just commissioned the shower last night and feel it is a quality product, contemporary look to it, and easy to use. One particular feature that stands out prior to fitting is the inlet that can move for either left or right supply, makes fitting even easier.


Triton Aspirante Electric Shower - Black Gloss 9.5kW

I have already recommended Plumbworld to friends as the prices are amazing and delivery was spot on. You won't find cheaper trust me. Would most defiantly use again and will keep recommending. Well done Plumbworld and my bathroom looks great.

Raegan Andrade

Triton Aspirante Electric Shower - Brushed Steel 9.5kW

Great service and value for money

Ordered this shower and it came within 2 days, very quick delivery! The shower itself is exactly as described and really great value for money compared to some other high street shops. Looks lovely and is nice and powerful, very pleased!


Triton Topaz T100si Thermostatic Electric Shower 9.5kW

Perfect Shower

Had one of these for 14 years and only renewed it because lights didn't work properly. Fitted perfectly where the old shower was. Looks good and maintains an even temperature. Price from Plumbworld was unbeatable. Delivery was excellent.

Iain Taylor

Triton Tank-fed Pumped Electric Shower T90xr 9.5kW White/Chrome

Triton shower

I have just replaced my shower with exactly the same one.l am delighted withe new one which seems so much more powerful.Very pleased.The service was very good,the price was the lowest l could find and delivery was quick. Thank you.

Mr Frederick Bannister

Triton Topaz T100si Thermostatic Electric Shower 9.5kW

Great Shower

I chose this as it looked different & I wanted something quite modern looking. I like the fact you can change the facias as well. Its a great shower too. Quite a powerful spray & very to install. Im very happy with it


Triton Aspirante Electric Shower - White Gloss 9.5kW

Triton shower unit

A lovely looking shower unit, no problems for a maintenance man to fit. Everything we read about the product has come true. Good value for money, happy to recommend to others considering purchasing this product.

Charlie Watts

Triton T100xr Electric Shower 8.5kW White & Chrome

very satisfying purchase

the t100xr we purchased from plumb world was to replace a triton t80xr. it was fitted in one hour and is much more efficient. the price paid for the item was be better by far than other sources including triton


Triton T80Z Fast Fit Electric Shower 7.5kW - White & Chrome

Excellent !!

Company was recommended to me by our local plumber. Shower was just ideal. Easy to operate and with good stylish lines. Came securely packaged and was very quick delivery, will definately use Plumbworld again.

Alan Sandiford

Triton T80Z Fast Fit Electric Shower 7.5kW - White & Chrome

Excellent shower

I brought this to replace my broken Triton T80. Unfortunately, the layout is completely different so I had to drill new holes and trim back the copper piping. Apart from that it is a excellent shower. Good flow for 7.5kW and easy to fit.


Triton Aspirante Electric Shower - White Gloss 9.5kW

Lovely looking shower

The shower looks very high end for the price and Gloss white colour retains its shine. Shower is very easy to use and the adjustable settings in shower head means you can vary the spray. Very long hose. Pleased with this purchase.

Rachel H

Triton T100xr Electric Shower 8.5kW White & Chrome

The shower unit was easy to install and connect up, it has an elegent look and is easy to operate. The shower head is an improvement on the shower head on my previous shower unit (Triton T80si). Overall a good buy.

Elliana Gould

Triton Topaz T100si Thermostatic Electric Shower 9.5kW

worst shower ever if there was a minus 5 I would give it !

Great to look at but avoid at all costs in a hard water area with a pressure just over 1 bar. It doesnt work!This shower requires constant cleaning and attention and has never afforded a relaxing shower at a constant temperature.