Triton Electric Showers

Triton have been innovating in the electric shower space since the electric shower first appeared on the market. Their commitment to improving and refining the technology led them to help bring about a surge in popularity for this type of shower in the UK market, which nowadays are prevalent across the country, many of which are stamped with the Triton name. The popularity of Triton electric showers can be easily attributed to their versatility. You do not need a hot water supply to run an electric shower, which is a huge advantage for homes where the hot water supply is limited. Instead, all you need is cold water and an electricity supply. The cold water passes through a heating element within the body of the electric shower and you’ve got an instant hot shower! So there is no more rushing showers to ensure everyone in the family gets some hot water, and with the Triton name attached you can be sure you’re getting a reliability that will have you enjoying a great shower for years to come.

  1. Triton Showers by Power Rating

    Triton Showers by Power Rating

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    From £94.95
  2. Triton Aspirante Electric Showers

    Triton Aspirante Electric Showers

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    From £116.90
  3. triton-amore-electric-showers

    Triton Amore Electric Showers

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    From £154.99
  4. Triton T80z Showers

    Triton T80z Showers

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    From £94.95
  5. triton-t80-pro-fit-showers

    Triton T80 Pro-Fit Showers

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  6. Triton T100 Showers

    Triton T100 Showers

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  7. Triton T90xr Showers

    Triton T90xr Showers

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    From £234.99
  8. Triton T80si Showers

    Triton T80si Pumped Electric Showers (For Low Mains Water Pressure)

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  9. triton-t150-electric-showers

    Triton T150+ Electric Showers

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  10. triton-omnicare-electric-showers

    Triton Omnicare Electric Showers

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    From £241.95