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Mira Sport Max Electric Shower 10.8kW White & Chrome

Mira sport max electric shower.

I've been a plumber for many years and in that time fitted several different makes of electric shower. But in that time for me the only one that stands out and I always recommend, is the Mira sport 10.8kw. I always recommend the bigger 10.8kw, to give a better flow rate at the shower head. Although the maximum power output would probably never be reached, it just gives you the extra water flow if maximum temperature should it be needed. Installation is easy with a number of flexible entry options for plumbing and electrical connection, riser rail easy fit with ease of adjustment along with a nice size shower head, with several nice shower spray pattern options. The only thing to consider when making your decision on the larger 10.8kw would be to consult an electrician on your cabling size, if you are replacing an exsiting shower, as these will need a larger cable to cope with the maximum load.

Neil Johnson

Mira Sport Electric Shower 9kW White & Chrome

It did the job, so same again

When our last Mira Sport shower failed after many years of faithful service we looked at what was available today. There are newer showers with new features, but interestingly new features just create additional problems, both for the installer and the user. After reading many reviews it became clear the the new Mira Sport with only cosmetic changes, was as good as the old. The other influencing factor was it was easy to replace the old one. Same connections. I installed it the morning I received it. Plumbworld had the best price and delivery was extremely fast and efficient.


Mira Excel Spares Cartridge Assembly (903.33)

Mira Shower Cartridge

Googled our shower make and located the cartridge on the Plumbworld site. Price considerably lower than direct from Mira or our local plumbers merchants. Product was delivered on time and has resolved the dripping. Plumbworld has proved excellent value for money, delivered (including tracking) when they said they would, and have provided good follow up to ensure I was satisfied. Have left this review for a couple of weeks to provide time for any issues to surface!

Chris SW14

Mira Azora 9.8kW Electric Shower

best electric shower, best price

Item arrived very quickly and looks better than the photo's. We were really keen to avoid the plastic encased electric showers so went for this more expensive item which looks brilliant. Its not bling, just smart - unlike pretty much every other electric shower in our view. Easy to use, easy to install (I did it, apart from the electrics which were put in from scratch (c.£300 for ref)). Very powerful, good standard head that comes with it. overall very happy.

Jan Brooks

Mira Sport Electric Shower 7.5kW White & Chrome

Mira sport electric shower 7.5 kW white and chrome

The Mira sport is by far the best shower on the market with its sleek design, multi function head and ease of fitting with the supplied template. The power and water temperature out performs other showers with a higher kW saving you money and the hassle of having to run 10mm cable as this requires only 6mm cable. Be smart and install the Mira sport 7.5kw backed up by its 2 year guarantee

Michael Bartlett

Mira Azora 9.8kW Electric Shower

Stylish electric shower

When I saw this stylish electric shower I was very excited as all the others I had seen looked very plastic.I love the opaque glass front, I wanted an electric shower that gave a good flow of water and this one fits the bill. There is an on-off switch and so your heat setting stays set. I bought from plumb world whose price was very competitive and so win win win!!


Mira Excel Spares Cartridge Assembly (903.33)

Good quality, good price, good service

This replaced our previous cartridge. It was a straight swap and looked identical to the item removed. I think the hard water in our area had caused the previous unit to fail. I typically have to replace ours every 2 years. The instructions are pretty easy to follow. Id allow 30-45 mins for a change over depending on where your water stop handle is.


Mira Sport Electric Shower 10.8kW White & Chrome

well pleased

shower arrived sooner than anticipated & was easy to install (were taking out/replacing a similar model) the power is great, large head with a number of spray settings, simple controls, the head is easy to move up & down the bar with the lever action - ideal for the whole family as we all like different heights/temperature & pressure

Lea Ruiz

Mira Sport Max Electric Shower 10.8kW White & Chrome

An easy replacement for the older model

This is the third version of this model we have now purchased over the last decade (we live in a very hard water area which eventually destroys everything). This is the updated model and I was concerned it would not be an exact replacement for the existing plumbing and wiring. For the plumbing side of things it was an exact switch with no need for alteration. For the wiring it was just a case of taking a cm or two off the 45 amp cable. For the wall fixings two of the three fixing holes were an exact match but a new third hole had to be drilled. Hence it is almost an exact replacement. It seems to work well and seems as good as its previous versions. I think the power boost button is a bit of a gimmick though.

Dr J

Mira Sport Electric Shower 9kW White & Chrome

Mira Sport - a good purchase!

I had an old Mira model in and it needed replacing. I would recommend the Mira Sport as it looks good, simple to use and I got it at a reasonable price after shopping around on the Internet. I didnt have much choice of shower unit as my electrician told me I needed one with the pipe fittings on the right side of the unit when attached to the wall, apparently this sided fitting is not as common. Despite this I am happy with it so far. I would get a higher Kw one next time to give more power but 9.5Kw is sufficient.

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