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  10. Mira Relate EV Thermostatic Mixer Shower Chrome - 2.1878.001

  11. Mira Coda Pro Thermostatic Valve Only

  12. Mira Vie Electric Shower 8.5kW White & Chrome

  13. Mira Jump Electric Shower 8.5kW White & Chrome

  14. Mira Jump Electric Shower 9.5kW White & Chrome

  15. Mira Vie Electric Shower 9.5kW White & Chrome

  16. Mira Agile S Eco EV Thermostatic Bar Mixer Shower - 1.1736.400

  17. Mira Jump Electric Shower 10.8kW White & Chrome

  18. Mira Agile S Exposed Valve Thermostatic Mixer Shower - Chrome

  19. Mira Coda Pro EV Exposed Thermostatic Valve Mixer Shower

  20. Mira Vigour Power Shower White & Chrome

  21. Mira Minilite Exposed Valve Thermostatic Mixer Shower

  22. Mira Vigour Power Shower Thermostatic White & Chrome

  23. Mira Meta Electric Thermostatic Shower 8.5kW White & Chrome

  24. Mira Relate ERD Thermostatic Mixer Shower Chrome - 2.1878.002

  25. Mira Meta Thermostatic Electric Shower 10.8kW White & Chrome

  26. Mira Meta Electric Thermostatic Shower 9.5kW White & Chrome

  27. Mira Minilite BIV Thermostatic Mixer Shower

  28. Mira Honesty EV Thermostatic Mixer Shower Chrome - 1.1901.001

  29. Mira Minilite BIR Thermostatic Mixer Shower

  30. Mira Sport Electric Shower 9.0kW White & Chrome

  31. Mira Coda Pro ERD Bar Mixer Thermostatic Shower with Diverter

  32. Mira Sport Electric Shower 7.5kW White & Chrome

  33. Mira Sport Electric Shower 9.8kW White & Chrome

  34. Mira Sport Electric Thermostatic Shower 10.8kW White & Chrome

  35. Mira Elite SE Pumped Electric Shower - 9.8kW White & Chrome - 1.1941.001

  36. Mira Element Thermostatic Mixer Shower BIV All Chrome

  37. Mira Sport Multi-Fit Electric Shower 9.8kW White & Chrome

  38. Mira Element Exposed Valve Thermostatic Mixer Shower - 1.1910.001

  39. Mira Adept BIV Thermostatic Mixer Shower

  40. Mira Adept BIR Thermostatic Mixer Shower

  41. Mira Sport Multi-Fit Electric Shower 9.0kW White & Chrome

  42. Mira Agile Store EV+ Thermostatic Bar Mixer Shower - 1.1928.004

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Mira Sport Max Electric Shower 10.8kW White & Chrome

Niagara falls in a shower!

Over the years we have had many showers and having replaced the bathroom, we decided to go with the Mira Sport having read many favourable reviews. We decided to go with the 10kW version as the old 7.5kW Mira shower we were replacing was quite feeble. The shower is very well built, looks and feels like a quality item and installation was very easy, with the water inlet being adjustable to mate with the pipework whether it be surface or concealed. When the big test came at power up, we were pleasantly surprised at the flow rate, even on the hottest setting. The cherry on the top was when we tried the boost function! What a difference! The flow does not increase, but air is added to the water which provides a truly invigorating experience; a kind of water massage! We are truly over the moon with this shower and it was well worth spending a little extra on the sport version.

Jason H

Mira Sport Max Electric Shower 10.8kW White & Chrome

Lovely replacement Shower

Happy with this purchase, it looks good, package arrived promptly with excellent communication from Plumbworld to let us know when it would be arriving. They also sent follow up emails to check we were happy with it. This shower was purchased to replace our previous Mira shower, which had served us well, but got to the end of its useful life. It was fitted in quickly and easily with no problems, worked immediately and we were back up and running. We recommend Plumbworld and the Mira Sport Max Electric 10.8kW shower.


Mira Element Exposed Valve Thermostatic Mixer Shower - 1.1910.001

Mira Element Thermosstatic Mixer

This has got to be the Easiest shower to install & adjust, It is so powerful & plenty of water flow to cut down showering time,making it Economical on Gas usage . This works Faultlessly on our Worcester Bosch Combi Boiler system . It looks great & a quality Product from Mira . Cleans easily . Happy Showering . Great service from Plumworld with fast dispatch no hassle in buying

john b

Mira Azora Thermostatic 9.8kW Electric Shower

Stylish electric shower

When I saw this stylish electric shower I was very excited as all the others I had seen looked very plastic.I love the opaque glass front, I wanted an electric shower that gave a good flow of water and this one fits the bill. There is an on-off switch and so your heat setting stays set. I bought from plumb world whose price was very competitive and so win win win!!


Mira Element Exposed Valve Thermostatic Mixer Shower - 1.1910.001


Super shower easy to install. Bought as a replacement for old Myra88, water fittings exact replacement fit OK but back plate holes different centres so need to redrill for firm fixing of mixer valve, rest of install fairly straight forward, needed pressure reducer as supplied for suitable flow rate with combi boiler system. overall very good shower.


Mira Excel Thermostatic Exposed Valve Mixer Shower

MiraExcelEV Shower

This is the 2nd. Mira Excel shower I've installed the 1st gravity fed on ground floor, 2nd pump fed on 1st floor, and I'm fully satisfied with both. The 2nd shower came without its soap dish but a quick phone call and plumbworld contacted Mira who forwarded the missing part.


Mira Logic Full Shower Kit Chrome

Brand new shower

This has replaced our tired shower head but main reason was the small end pieces - one had broken and kept falling off. Didn't realise the spray had diminished so much until I had put this one in its place. Over the moon and a good price for the whole kit.

Colin Gibson

Mira Excel Thermostatic Exposed Valve Mixer Shower


Excellent shower, looks lovely, works amazingly and is easy to use, very good price, and above all keeps the temperature to what you set it at, delivery impeccable, next day or so. Couldn't recommend this product highly enough. Thankyou Plumbworld.

Patricia Ashe

Mira Response RF1 Adjustable Mode Shower Head Grey / White

Good Product & Service

Replacement of same item that was 8 years old. Very good service from Plumbworld - arrived about as quick as is humanely possible without someone jumping in a car. Second purchase with Plumbworld and they know what they are doing.


Mira 415 Spares Black Cartridge Assembly (902.55)

MIRA Shower accessories

Plumbworld were very efficient on two recent orders concerning the above shower system. From viewing the products on the interenet, ordering, delivery and after sales communication. I would not hesitate to recommend them to friends.

Jaylynn Kirby

Mira Azora Thermostatic 9.8kW Electric Shower

Superb shower

We wanted a shower that was both stylish and powerful enough and this shower ticked all the boxes. I cant comment on how easy it was to fit as got it installed but do know it looks great and performs extremely well in the ensuite.


Mira Escape 9.8kW Thermostatic Electric Shower 9.8kW Chrome

Execellent Value

I was looking for something different from the normal lookng shower and found this. We even more pleased when discovering it was much cheaper at Plumbworld than a very leading retailer. Delivery also was very swift.

Mackenzie Avery

Mira Response RF1 Adjustable Mode Shower Head Grey / White

Good product

I had bought cheaper shower heads which are OK but not as good as the original. It would have been good to have descriptions of the 4 operating modes and flow curves so that we know how much water we might save.


Mira Platinum Digital Shower Dual Concealed (High Pressure / Combi Boiler)- Controller- 1.1796.003


I'm a plumber/ bathroom fitter and I have fitted several of these showers but never had the pleasure of using one, well... this one was for my house and it's a great showering experience for the whole family.

Ian mungham

Mira Platinum Thermostatic Digital Shower Concealed (Pumped for Gravity) with Controller 1.1666.002

Mira shower

This has got to be the best shower unit I have ever used. Fully controllable with warm up mode,timer etc. Very powerful with four spray patterns plus 5 year warranty, Doesn’t get much better.

A. Leverell

Mira Logic Full Shower Kit Chrome

Excellent value

Plumbworld do it again.! I am delighted with this product at an extremely competitive price. I was always kept well informed as to the delivery time.


Mira 415 Spares Black Cartridge Assembly (902.55)


Bought to repair dripping shower, Easy to replace thanks to instructions on your website. Genuine part and cheapest on web. Highly recommended.


Mira Platinum Thermostatic Digital Shower Concealed (Pumped for Gravity) with Controller 1.1666.201

Luxury in the morning

Very pleased with this amazing shower and the great deal from Plumbworld. Would highly recommend

Mark Hannigan

Mira Jump Electric Shower 8.5kW White & Chrome

Mira Shower

Brilliant replacement for old Mira Sport. More pressure and hotter water for the same settings.

John Wardle

Mira Element Thermostatic Exposed Mixer Shower Valve - 1.1910.002

Neat !

Had a old Mira showertap before, so perfect to get something new and shiny like this one.

Ludovic Farine

Mira - Quality From The Start

The mission statement of Mira explains how their aim is to be the first choice for both installers and consumers by offering quality showers which represent terrific value for money. This is exactly what they’ve done and they’ve done it well. Everyone in the plumbing industry is well aware of the prestigious Mira build quality that is associated with their products. Throughout the entire range, quality is a prime focus and this is just one of these factors that set Mira apart from the rest. This quality is what installers love, they know they’re buying the best and they know their customers will be happy. Everyone always says that you “get what you pay for” and Mira really deliver.


Green Intentions

At heart, Mira are all about providing a luxury showering experience, but that doesn’t mean their core values aren’t reflective of the environment. In fact, the company has a huge green initiative which stems from their offices and warehouse all the way to the products they design and manufacture. With such a large grasp on the showering industry, Mira are in a privileged position which enables them to help others cut down their carbon footprint through water and energy usage. With innovative technology continually coming out that uses less power and water, Mira are really invested in their green initiative. Their eco-showerhead deserves honourable mention as it can use up to 75% less water whilst still delivering the same drenching flow of water. This offers potentially huge savings on your bills and a step in the right direction for the environment; all of this without impacting your showering experience – only Mira.


Flagship Models

All of Mira’s showers are worthy of recognition for being innovative, but their flagship models really are a step above everyone. The Mira Sport is one of the single most popular showers in the UK and when you stop to look at the features, specification and the price, it’s easy to see why! A stunning design and accessible feature set make this shower perfect for people of all ages. Couple this with a low RRP and a comprehensive warranty and there’s no reason this shower won’t fly off the shelves all day long. Mira truly differentiate themselves with flagship models like this; providing such quality and value for money allows everyone to get their hands on this fantastic piece of bathroom kit.