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Mira Sport Electric Shower 9kW White & Chrome

An exceptionally good shower

I purchased a Mira Sport Electric Shower about 12 years ago and it has been used almost every day since then. As we live in a very hard water area, most of our items become 'scaled' over time and the same thing happened to the shower, although it still worked but not as efficiently as before. A plumber friend checked it and said he could get replacement parts for the shower but I thought it a better idea to replace it with a new shower of the same model. The plumber told me of Plumbworld and that they were less expensive than other people plus gave a very good service. Just before Christmas I went on the internet and ordered a new Mira Sport Shower, expecting it to take a couple of weeks to be delivered. I was amazed when the shower arrived 3 days later, phoned my plumber friend the same day and he came the following day and installed the shower in about 20 minutes. As the shower is in our second bathroom and my son and his partner now live with us, the shower gets used by them every day and they both say it is fantastic. I would recommend the Mira Sport Shower to anyone as it is a very good product and gives very good service for years and years. Also Plumbworld are definitely a company I will return to if I ever need any items in the plumbing line, and I will tell anybody that I know about them also.

Kailee Elliott

Mira Sport Electric Shower 7.5kW White & Chrome

After 18 years

After 18 years good service I had to look at replacing my old Mira Sport 9kw shower. I would have liked a 9kw or higher kw Mira. The reason I chose the 7.5kw Mira Sport was due to my existing wiring not been adequate for the more powerful wattage, and as my bathroom is tiled I didnt want any mess. I also chose the Sport as it has a on-off button at the bottom of the unit making it much easier for me to reach to turn on, my old unit just had a dial. I like to feel the force of water when I shower and the shower head gives four options to choose from, there are two options I think will work fine for me. The electrician fitted the new unit without any problems, my only hitch was having to make two new holes in the tiles to move the rail a few more inches as the new unit was slightly bigger than the old one. Considering my doubts before making my decision for a replacement shower Im not disappointed with the result, my bathroom look cleaner with a whiter unit. I also must mention the excellant service of Plumworld, prices and delivery exceptional. I particularly liked the tracking of my order, I didnt have to wait in all day for the delivery man to arrive. I would not hesitate to recommend Plumbworld to my friends, or give any of them my opinion on Mira showers.


Mira Sport Max Electric Shower 10.8kW White & Chrome

great replacement shower.

Our old Mira shower was 10 years old and nearing the end of its time so we decided to replace it before any trouble materialised. We were very happy with the old Mira unit, which had been totally trouble free so we decided to stick with Mira for the replacement. After a lot of internet research we settled on the Mira Sport Max, 10.8KW with Airstream Boost. We had the shower professionally fitted (H2O Plumbing, Oxted, Surrey. Richard is excellent And has done a lot of work for us in the past). The shower is now in and working. Richard advised no problems in fitting and commissioning and we are very pleased with the result. It is more powerful than our previous unit, the controls are more precise and the Boost setting is excellent for rinsing shampoo from the hair etc. It is also a very good looking unit and has freshened up the look of the shower cubicle. Altogether a very good purchase which we hope will last a further 10 years. service from Plumbworld was excellent, delivery 2 days and we were able to track online. Good info following order placement, by means of email. Best price as well.

Barry W

Mira Advance ATL Thermostatic Electric Shower 9kW White / Chrome

Review of Mira Advance ATL

I'm not sure if this is intended to be a product review of the Mira or the service from Plumbworld - so I'll briefly write something about both. First off, I purchased an incorrect model - the 9.8kw version instead of the 9. Thankfully PW were very thorough and prompt in refunding in full after they received my returned item. No problems. Correspondence and contact was good despite there being no phone number - all was via Email. All deliveries were prompt and received undamaged from either stock or transit. The product itself works fine as expected! The only slightly 'shoddy' thing I'd say is that the bar that holds the shower head, where you can move it up or down, isn't quite as robust as the older model of the same name. That said, it seems strong enough. If you can, go for the 9.8kw model. I believe the pressure is better. Our old model was 9.8 but we later found out it was risky considering the wiring used and fuse (hence the return of what was to be the straight replacement then opting for the less powerful model).

Alden English

Mira Sport Electric Shower 9kW White & Chrome


We were in desperate need of a new shower as ours wouldn't switch off. I wanted a Mira Sport to replace the one we already had, but not many places had them. I was thrilled to find Plumbworld had them, and placed the order, which was easy to do as the website is really clear. The goods arrived later than the delivery company said, but that is no fault of plumbworld or the shower. Plumber/elec came swapped it over in 15 minutes - Fitted - Job done. It does what it says it will, and having had this model before I'm still really pleased with it's performance. I also wanted this model because we live in a hard water area and Mira are the only company who have a special coating on the inside that prevents lime scale build up and therefore your shower lasts longer. Our old Mira had been in the house when we arrived 9 years ago. I don't know how long it had been in before then, but a shower that last 10 years in this day is a good one. Would recommend the make and Plumbworld.

Amya Christian

Mira Miniluxe Thermostatic Mixer Shower & Diverter ERD

Mira Miniluxe Thermostatic Mixer Shower & Diverter ERD

Simple and very effective. My plumber left the hot and cold 15mm tails the correct distance apart. the shower enclosure was to be tiled. The tiler was advised of the importance of keeping the correct centres for the pipes. Ordered shower from Plumworld, great service and great price. Unpacked box contents which were well packed and started to install the shower as per the comprehensive instruction, within an hour the shower was installed and working really well on a combi boiler. I am not a plumber but am practical so was not daunted by installing myself, it was easy with the right tools and a little knowledge of plumbing. One thing to note and be careful of is, if installing on tiles be very careful when drilling the fixing holes through the tiles so as not to crack them, when tiling around the pipe tails ensure to apply plenty of tile adhesive in this area to give a solid base under the tiles where drilling is to take place.

Mick Wainwright

Mira Sport Multi-Fit Electric Shower 9.8kW White & Chrome

Very pleased with my Mira Sport Multifit!

This was purchased to replace a Mira Elite 2 pumped, gravity fed shower - we have had to change to a combi-boiler and the Elite is not designed for mains pressure. The Multifit (9.8kw) is designed to cover the fixing holes left by most electric shower units, but the Mira Elite 2 is a large beastie....but the multifit covered all but one hole....the last one was half showing and had to be filled in with coloured grout to hide it. The performance of the Multifit(mains pressure) is extremely good - strong output of water from a rather large shower head; we love it. It beats the Mira Elite 2, but in fairness that was a gravity fed shower. The multifit is silent (the Elite 2 was very noisy due to the pump using the stud partition as a sounding board). It isnt bad looking and were very pleased with it. Plumbworld offered the Multifit at a competitive price and delivered it the next day as they promised. Would go there again!


Mira Vision 1.1797.002 Digital Shower Concealed (Pumped for Gravity)

Good but could be better ...

First time I've installed one of these. Purchased it as an alternative to the Aqualisa Quartz Digital shower. Similar build quality. LIKES Wireless remote, functionality and features. Shower-head, interesting design, not sure how practical. Ceiling fitting uses light fixture style springs to hold in place DISLIKES 5-year guarantee doesn't include shower-head! Internal hose, fiddly to lock into place, bad design. Fixed angle of shower-head holder ... ok if using this head but if you change to another head, the angle will probably be wrong. My main gripe with this unit was that the internal hose isn't locked into place in the riser rail (probably to reduce packaging size) and the way it locks into place isn't very good ... there is a hex contour to the end of the plastic hose and a similar hex fitting in the bottom of the riser rail, the instructions state that you push it in and twist it until it locks into place but this proved next to impossible, I ended up having to use pump pliers to hold the hose and twist it, if I twisted too far (which happens too easily) it just popped out again ... no doubt when doing up the shower hose, if you turn too hard you'll undo the internal hose fitting ... and if twisted a few times the plastic will probably become damaged and then it won't lock into place at all ... really bad design. Apart from that, nice unit, seems comparable with the Aqualisa Quartz Digital units.

Miranda Liu

Mira Sport Max Electric Shower 9.0kW White & Chrome

Mira lives up to it's reputation

Reasons for purchase: 1) Mira Sport was a Which? 'best buy' in 2007 (when showers were last tested by them); 2) My Dad bought a Mira Sport Max last year and recommended it when our shower, which worked for 9 years, finally died. We bought this latest model (9KW) with Airboost and I used it for the first time yesterday and tried all 4 settings - rain, rain plus, burst and storm, the latter being the setting I'll probably use the most, though it doesn't make good use of the lovely large showerhead. I turned on the optional Airboost, but it was noisy (like a low pitched electric toothbrush) and made the showerhead vibrate slightly, so turned it off. Called the Customer careline to check if this was okay and the helpful lady checked (Airboost is very new) and was able to inform me that it was normal. The Airboost technology may advance & improve in the future, but at the moment it's too new - for me at least - and I can't see myself using it much. Despite the cons I've mentioned, I'm not disappointed in any way with this shower - as with anything new it takes time to get used to.

Holly Graves

Mira Sport Max Electric Shower 10.8kW White & Chrome

Smart shower, Airboost of questionable value

Bought this shower as a replacement for a failed Mira Sport 10.8kw which was 4 years old. Went for Mira as advised would not need pipe work to be changed. The shower unit, shower head and hose look fantastic. Im not a fan of the rail though and would prefer one which is chrome finish all over. The lever operation is a bit random too, so weve left our previous Mira Beat rail in place. Quick warm up and shower head spray patterns are a good mix of jet and spray set ups. Having read up about the Airboost mode and now tried it I would not be persuaded to pay a premium for it. You can operate the shower with or without Airboost. With it running the shower is noisy as an air pump is heard running - rather like a power shower pump sound. It has the effect of making the water coming out of the shower head kind of bubbly like those energy efficient taps you get in new builds and hotel taps. Pretty underwhelming and not worth paying a premium for. Overall happy with the purchase and would recommend to a friend.