Shower Valves

Providing the Means to Have a Great Shower.

Shower valves are a vital component in making sure a shower remains what it should be – a great experience. Whether you’re after replacing an old valve or you just want to trade up for an improved valve there’s one here to fit all types of showers. There’s also a variety of looks too; from sleek and stylish modern contemporary to a more traditional style. Whatever you choose you can be sure it will help deliver a superior experience.

  1. Exposed Valves

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    Exposed Valves
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    Concealed Shower Valves


Mira Excel E Exposed Thermostatic Chrome Shower Valve

Excellent Product

I bought 2 of these to replace mixers which were thermostatic but gave you no control over the water flow (bought these because I was misled by the supplier). Before I bought the Mira Excel, I checked with my plumber and he described it as the Rolls Royce of shower valves. He was right and the family are very happy with these mixers. I bought from Plumbworld as they were the only supplier I could find that sold the valve separately (usually comes as a kit including shower head etc.). Delivery was fast and excellent - delivered by UK Mail on 2nd January which is a holiday in Scotland.

Mr. Gary

Mira Minilite Exposed Shower Valve

Value for money

Bought as a replacement for a leaking unit (not a Mira) It was easy to fit with full instructions in the box and a pleasure to use as this one comes with a temperature control not like the old one so no more adjusting the temperature once set Great value for money


Mira Coda Pro Valve Only

Great value for money

Works brilliantly with our hot water pumped system. Great value being a Mira, very pleased with this purchase. Only slight issue was that hot and cold couldnt be swapped inside, needed to change plumbing.


Architeckt Round Bar Valve Bottom Outlet

Excellent Product

I purchased this bar to replace an existing bar fitted 10 years ago. Installation was straight forward and product needed no temperature adjustment. Would recommend.

David (Churchdown)

Mira Excel Concentric Thermostatic Chrome Shower Valve - One Outlet

Mira Excel B

Good product. Having read the description we opted for the Mira Excel B. It has been installed for a couple of weeks and the shower is fantastic. It was relatively easy to install - I am not an expert but have adequate DIY skills. The area was quite confined and I didnt want to disturb too much of the existing tile work, so I purchased 3 flexible tap connectors which made installation even easier. Adjusted the temperature settings from the factory set-up so it runs a little hotter, but the flow of water and pressure is excellent. It is a little more expensive than others, but would definitely recommend this product.