Brass Shower Doors

Brass shower doors add a touch of timeless elegance and sophistication to any bathroom decor. With their warm, golden tones and luxurious appearance, brass shower doors make a statement while offering practicality and durability. Available in various door types, including bi-fold and sliding, brass shower doors cater to different design preferences and space constraints.

Bi-fold brass shower doors are a popular choice for smaller bathrooms with limited space. These doors fold inwardly, allowing for easy access while conserving space. The brass frames surrounding the glass panels add a touch of vintage charm, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the enclosure.

Sliding brass shower doors offer a seamless and stylish solution for larger shower spaces. These doors glide effortlessly along a track, providing smooth operation and maximising accessibility. The combination of brass and glass creates a striking visual contrast, adding a touch of luxury to the bathroom environment.

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  1. luxura-sliding-shower-door-1000mm-brushed-brass-6mm

    Luxura Sliding Shower Door 1000mm - 6mm Brushed Brass

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    £ 245.00

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  2. luxura-sliding-shower-door-1200mm-6mm-brushed-brass

    Luxura Sliding Shower Door 1200mm - 6mm Brushed Brass

  3. luxura-sliding-shower-door-1400mm-6mm-brushed-brass

    Luxura Sliding Shower Door 1400mm - 6mm Brushed Brass

  4. luxura-bifold-shower-door760mm-6mm-brushed-brass

    Luxura Bifold Shower Door 760mm - 6mm Brushed Brass

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    £ 279.99

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  5. luxura-bifold-shower-door-800mm-6mm-brushed-brass

    Luxura Bifold Shower Door 800mm - 6mm Brushed Brass

  6. luxura-bifold-shower-door-900mm-6mm-brushed-brass

    Luxura Bifold Shower Door 900mm - 6mm Brushed Brass

    Was £ 329.99

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    £ 299.99

    In Stock