Tooth Brush Holders

Tooth brush holders to suit all décors

It’s often the little things in the bathroom that make the biggest impact and bathroom accessories like the humble tooth brush holder shouldn’t be forgotten in your plans. We stock a vast range of different types and styles so getting one to match your new bathroom décor perfectly is easy, from contemporary to traditional, clear glass or frosted glass and even some that come with a soap dish too, you really can’t go wrong. They’re designed to be mounted to your bathroom wall too so keeping your basin clutter free is a simple affair.

  1. Park Lane Elmley Glass and Holder

  2. Park Lane Bredon Glass and Holder

  3. Croydex Worcester Flexi Fix Chrome Tumbler & Holder - QM461841

  4. Architeckt Sola Glass And Holder

    Best Seller!

    Architeckt Sola Ceramic Tumbler And Holder

  5. Architeckt Misi Glass and Holder

  6. Croydex Flexi Fix Chester Tumbler & Holder Chrome - QM441841

  7. Croydex Flexi Fix Pendle Tumbler & Holder Chrome - QM411841

  8. Croydex Cheadle Flexi Fix Chrome Tumbler & Holder - QM511841

  9. Architeckt Smooz Drinking Glass

  10. Croydex 1919 Flexi Fix Chrome Tumbler & Holder - QM301841

  11. Croydex Grosvenor Flexi Fix Chrome Tumbler & Holder - QM701841

  12. Never Drill Again Loxx Drinking Glass Holder

  13. Croydex Epsom Flexi Fix Chrome Tumbler & Holder - QM481841

  14. Croydex Everson Flexi Fix Chrome Soap Dish And Tumbler - QM557941