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Mira Shower Trays

Mira shower trays are the ultimate in safety and style. They cater for all variations of bathroom size and are manufactured from high-quality, acrylic capped stone resin so they’re not only durable but won’t crack or chip easily. For added safety all Mira shower trays come complete with BioCote technology so any bacteria or mould is kept to a minimum. All of the Mira trays are perfectly compatible with their respective Mira shower enclosures and if purchased together are a match made in heaven. If all of this wasn’t enough then you’ll be in safe hands with Mira 10 year shower tray guarantee.
  1. mira-flight-low-profile-shower-trays

    Mira Flight Low Profile Shower Trays

    11 choices
    From £53.44
  2. mira-flight-safe-low-profile-shower-trays

    Mira Flight Safe Low Profile Shower Trays

    9 choices
    From £80.00
  3. mira-flight-level-shower-trays

    Mira Flight Level Shower Trays

    36 products
    From £132.07