Shower Trays

Shower Trays For Your Enclosure

Shower trays provide a base for your shower enclosure, but it doesn’t just end there. Trays are designed with sleek, straight edged lines to provide maximum compatibility with your current bathroom styling. With the majority of trays being acrylic capped resin, cleaning is made easy and installation is simplistic thanks to a lightweight body; all without sacrificing on quality. Low profile, resilient shower trays from Mira, Coram and Hydrolux ensure performance and a water tight seal without compromising aesthetics. This is truly a combination of design and quality whilst remaining affordable thanks to Plumbworld’s competitive price updates.

  1. Square Shower Trays

    From £43.57
    with 19 choices

    Square Shower Trays
  2. Rectangular Shower Trays

    From £59.97
    with 71 choices

    Rectangular Shower Trays
  3. Quadrant Shower Trays

    From £64.97
    with 12 choices

    Quadrant Shower Trays
  4. Offset Quadrant Shower Trays

    From £74.97
    with 20 choices

    Offset Quadrant Shower Trays
  5. Walk In Shower Trays

    From £199.62
    with 2 choices

  6. Shower Tray Riser Kits

    From £27.97
    with 18 choices

    Shower Tray Riser Kits
  7. Coram Shower Trays

    From £70.96
    with 17 choices

  8. Mira Shower Trays

    From £43.57
    with 18 choices

    Mira Shower Trays


Coram Coratech Shower Tray 760 x 760mm with 3 Upstands

Outstanding Quality

Quality - and that about sums up this impressive tray. I was not only impressed by the manufacturing qulaity of the the tray and its integral tiling upstands but the attention to other details such as the sturdy large legs and the wooden backing to strengthen the front panel. The overall package left my customer with the feeling that superior quality products were used at a surprisingly reasonable cost. This led to numerous recommendations and further work. Thank you Plumbworld, I am using you again!! Maxman of Max Services

Javier Flynn

Coram Coratech Shower Tray 800 x 800mm with 3 Upstands

Great Shower Tray

Very easy to install, adjust and set up. If you want a sgreat tray look no further.

Tristan Barton