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Wood Bathroom Furniture

A natural wood finish in your bathroom has exploded in popularity, and from one look at our wood finish vanity units it’s not hard to see why. This bathroom furniture range projects a natural spa feel to help create your own personal relaxation space. They come either fully assembled or are simple to self-assemble with easy instructions. The process of getting your bathroom prepared for kicking back and forgetting your worries is now more hassle-free than ever. From light wood finishes to dark wood finishes, we’ve got something to cover every appreciation for the natural world. All our units are made with high-quality M.D.F to be fully rigid and moisture resistant for a long and healthy life. Ample storage space is also provided to hide away all those bathroom accessories that can ruin the minimalized approach to bathroom décor.

  1. aurora-charcoal-grey-bathroom-furniture

    Aurora Charcoal Grey Bathroom Furniture

    27 products
    From £49.99
  2. artis-charcoal-grey-bathroom-furniture

    Artis Charcoal Grey Bathroom Furniture

    23 products
    From £139.00
  3. vasari-bella-avola-grey-bathroom-furniture

    Vasari Bella Avola Grey Bathroom Furniture

    21 products
    From £74.97
  4. vasari-bella-driftwood-bathroom-furniture

    Vasari Bella Driftwood Bathroom Furniture

    22 products
    From £64.72
  5. vasari-corelli-avola-grey-bathroom-furniture

    Vasari Corelli Avola Grey Bathroom Furniture

    1 choices
    From £399.00
  6. vasari-ambience-rustic-oak-bathroom-furniture

    Vasari Ambience Rustic Oak Bathroom Furniture

    7 choices
    From £84.99
  7. vasari-ambience-grey-oak-bathroom-furniture

    Vasari Ambience Grey Oak Bathroom Furniture

    7 choices
    From £84.99
  8. vasari-lili-avola-grey-bathroom-furniture

    Vasari Lili Avola Grey Bathroom Furniture

    2 choices
    From £569.99
  9. vasari-lili-driftwood-bathroom-furniture

    Vasari Lili Driftwood Bathroom Furniture

    2 choices
    From £609.99