Aqualisa Digital Showers

The endless march of progress goes on, and Aqualisa are determined not to be left behind. In fact, they’ve always been at the forefront of cutting-edge technology and design when it comes to showers, and their innovative range of digital showers is a perfect example of this. They may be elegant and simple designs - although minimalism is the big thing right now – but they’re packed with the latest technology to make your showering experience the best it can be. We’re talking helpful features like LED and light indicator displays that indicate when your chosen temperature has been reached, and thanks to thermostatic controls the water will stay at that temperature as long as your shower remains on. The option to use a remote control also allows you to turn the shower on without having to go near it, so no more accidentally getting wet when you reach to turn it on or standing there in the nude while you wait for the temperature to warm up. For added minimalistic design, a concealed design approach hides most of the plumbing work away.

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Aqualisa Smart Glo Concealed Digital Shower (HP/Combi)
Aqualisa Showers
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Aqualisa Showers
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