Toilet Accessories

High-quality toilet accessories

There’s a lot more to the humble toilet than you might think, especially if you want one that’s a pleasure to use that is! Within our range of long-lasting toilet accessories we’ve got a whole host of products to ensure your toilet is the perfect place to spend a penny. Replacement parts include cistern levers, toilet seats, siphons and pan connectors, while stylish accessories include toilet brushes, toilet roll holders and flush plates. All products are manufactured to a really high standard and will certainly stand the test of time.

  1. Toilet Seats

    Toilet Seats

    40 products
    From £15.94
  2. cistern-levers

    Cistern Levers

    4 choices
    From £7.97
  3. Concealed Cisterns and Frames

    Concealed Cisterns and Frames

    8 choices
    From £19.94
  4. flush-plates

    Flush Plates

    2 choices
    From £19.94
  5. Toilet Roll Holders

    Toilet Roll Holders

    19 products
    From £7.97
  6. Toilet Brushes

    Toilet Brushes

    5 choices
    From £10.97
  7. pan-connectors

    Pan Connectors

    1 choices
    From £24.97
  8. siphons


    1 choices
    From £17.94