Grey Bathroom Furniture

The grey bathroom furniture range from Vasari offers a contemporary choice that sets your bathroom apart from the sea of white furniture that seems to be in every bathroom. However it is perhaps not as stark as the black range and allows a touch of personal style without comitting to the full on black and white look. As you would expect from Vasari the bathroom cabinets are sturdy and well built with quality hinges and handles.
  1. aurora-grey-gloss-bathroom-furniture

    Aurora Grey Gloss Bathroom Furniture

    19 products
    From £54.97
  2. aurora-charcoal-grey-bathroom-furniture

    Aurora Charcoal Grey Bathroom Furniture

    27 products
    From £49.97
  3. artis-grey-gloss-bathroom-furniture

    Artis Grey Gloss Bathroom Furniture

    21 products
    From £109.97
  4. artis-charcoal-grey-bathroom-furniture

    Artis Charcoal Grey Bathroom Furniture

    21 products
    From £109.97
  5. vasari-bella-avola-grey-bathroom-furniture

    Vasari Bella Avola Grey Bathroom Furniture

    7 choices
    From £79.97
  6. vasari-bella-graphite-grey-bathroom-furniture

    Vasari Bella Graphite Grey Bathroom Furniture

    8 choices
    From £79.97
  7. park-lane-grey-traditional-bathroom-furniture

    Park Lane Grey Traditional Bathroom Furniture

    13 choices
    From £74.97
  8. vasari-rossini-wolf-grey-bathroom-furniture

    Vasari Rossini Wolf Grey Bathroom Furniture

    3 choices
    From £294.99
  9. vasari-rossini-pebble-grey-bathroom-furniture

    Vasari Rossini Pebble Grey Bathroom Furniture

    3 choices
    From £294.99