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Basin Mixer Taps

If you’re looking for simple and minimalistic alternative to basin taps in the bathroom then a Basin Mixer Tap is certainly the way to go. They do the job of two separate bathroom taps effortlessly and look great while doing it. Chrome finishes Flow and temperature are easily controlled using a gorgeous single lever and all of our designs work perfectly in all styles of bathroom. The hardest part will be working out which’ll look best mounted on your basin!

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  2. Essentials Basin Mixer Tap

  3. Park Lane Worcester Mono Basin Mixer Tap

  4. Architeckt Ibbardo Mini Mono Basin Mixer Tap

  5. Architeckt Misa Basin Mixer Tap

  6. Architeckt Lattra Basin Mixer Tap

  7. Architeckt Lulea Basin Mixer Tap

  8. architeckt-dakota-basin-mixer-waterfall-tap

    Best Seller!

    Architeckt Dakota Basin Mixer Waterfall Tap

  9. Architeckt Boden Basin Mixer Tap

  10. Park Lane Oxford Mono Basin Mixer Tap

  11. Architeckt Malmo Basin Mixer Tap

  12. Architeckt Evedal Basin Mixer Tap

  13. Architeckt Ibbardo Basin Mixer Tap

  14. Architeckt Motala Basin Mixer Waterfall Tap

  15. Park Lane Winchester Mono Basin Mixer Tap

  16. Architeckt Dakota Basin Mixer Waterfall Tap - Black Finish

  17. Architeckt Skara Basin Mixer Tap

  18. Architeckt Lund Basin Mixer Tap

  19. Architeckt Osmo Basin Mixer Tap

  20. Bristan Smile Small Basin Mixer Chrome - SM SMBAS C

  21. Architeckt Edsberg Basin Mixer Waterfall Tap

  22. Bristan Smile Basin Mixer with Clicker Waste Chrome - SM BAS C

  23. Grohe Eurosmart Basin Mixer Tap with Smooth Body

  24. Bristan Smile Basin Taps Chrome - SM 1/2 C

  25. Architeckt Maderna Basin Mixer Tap

  26. Aqualisa Midas Large Basin Mixer Tap with Waste - CB.LPT.19

  27. Architeckt Visby Basin Mixer Tap

  28. Bristan Quest Basin Mixer Chrome - QST BASNW C

  29. Grohe Eurosmart Basin Mixer Tap with Pop-Up Waste

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  30. Architeckt Pedras Basin Mixer Tap

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  31. Bristan Nero Basin Mixer Tap Chrome - NR BASNW C

  32. Grohe Eurosmart Cosmopolitan Basin Mixer Low Pressure Tap

  33. Bristan Quadrato Small Basin Mixer Tap Chrome - QD SMBAS C

  34. Bristan Quadrato Eco Basin Mixer with Eco-click and Pop-up Waste Chrome - QD EBAS C

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