Digital Showers

Digital Showers

Digital showers are an advancement on the regular mixer shower as it incorporates the latest shower technology to ensure you get the most invigorating shower possible. Like mixer showers, it functions by drawing hot and cold water and mixing them inside the valve to your get to your desired temperature. The digital shower mixer goes one step further and provides you temperature setting options at the touch of a button, as opposed to manual setting. This gives you precise control through the use of button-controlled features and digital displays. A digital mixer shower presents an ideal accompaniment to a stylish contemporary bathroom where there’s a strong focus on functionality and design.

  1. Mira Platinum Digital Showers

    From £92.74
    with 12 choices

    Mira Platinum Digital Showers
  2. Aqualisa Quartz Digital Showers

    From £49.01
    with 17 choices

    Aqualisa Quartz Digital Showers
  3. Mira Mode Digital Showers

    From £295.02
    with 20 choices

    Mira Mode Digital Showers
  4. Aqualisa Visage Digital Mixer Showers

    From £45.83
    with 8 choices

    Aqualisa Visage Digital Mixer Showers
  5. Mira Vision Digital Showers

    From £94.03
    with 10 choices

    Mira Vision Digital Showers


Mira Vision 1.1797.004 Digital Shower Concealed (Pumped for Gravity)

A Decent Shower at last

Our Digital Shower - a Grohe - broke down after 6 years. Grohe would give us a 55% DISCOUNT ON A NEW ONE - was still more expensive than this. It had been noisy since it was installed but we thought that was normal. It was much better than the trickle we got before it was installed but we had to keep the flow rate low (or the pump would spin out of control) and every morning it took a few tries to get the pump to grab the water. Some of this may have been the installation of course. This was fitted quickly by the plumber - it is very light weight too so easy to fix to wall. I was amazed how quiet it was - not just in comparison to what we had - and you can barely hear it working even when you turn it up. The flow is MUCH greater than before and even on the ECO setting. Family members with long hair - not me - can shower in less than half the time. Almost glad the Grohe broke down!


Mira Vision 1.1797.003 Digital Shower Concealed (High Pressure / Combination)

Quality product.

I bought this shower after having a bad experience with a similar product from another manufacturer (redring Galaxy digital shower). I was impressed from the moment it arrived. It was well packaged and came with good instructions and connectors required for plumbing in. The installation process was easy (Some may find the rear feed from the wall a little tricky although the actual parts and fittings are very good). The shower works really well and we now have control of both temperature and flow. I would highly recommend this product and it completely outclassed the Galaxy that I had originally purchased. This shower is quite expensive but is ideal when retrofitting into a bathroom that has already been decorated as there is just one hole to make in the wall and the rest can be installed under the bath on in the loft above.


Mira Vision 1.1797.002 Digital Shower Concealed (Pumped for Gravity)

Superb Digital Power Shower

Excellent shower. The ceiling fed option allowed me install this in my bathroom without having to damage or change any of the existing floor to ceiling tiling. As a competent DIY-er I found this extremely straight forward to the fit. The instructions and diagrams were straight forward and I followed them precisely. The power from the pumped version is excellent, and is a super improvement to my gravity fed system. I would not hesitate to recommend this to anyone. Its so I good I also installed one in my ensuite. Both work fine at the same time as I installed independent hot & cold feeds from both the cold tanks and the hot water cylinder with no draws offs.


Mira Platinum 1.1666.200 Digital Shower Concealed (High Pressure / Combi Boiler)

Mira Platinum Shower.

Had this shower installed for a month now. Really impressed with the wireless control unit, you can change the temp and flow of the shower before you get in. I have placed the control away from the shower itself so that i can control the shower without getting wet but within reach when getting a shower. The shower head is quite large but has a 4 good types of sprays. Fitting it was fine but you will need to find a source of electricity to connect the shower up to. Depending on your DIY skills you may need to someone to do this for you. All round its a great shower.


Mira Platinum 1.1666.201 Digital Shower Concealed (Pumped for Gravity)

Showering luxury

Despite the exuberant description on Mira's website I was somewhat dubious of the claimed performance of this shower. I'm pleased to admit that it's pretty much as good as they say. Had one problem, the original wireless controller wouldn't link with the pump unit (hence 4 stars), but Mira replaced this overnight FOC. It's great to be able to site this wherever you like and it looks really cool with the blue LED display including temp and time. It's simple to set up, the warm-up function is a must, and the four head settings give you all the variety needed. The water flow is excellent with the drench head doing exactly that, even on ECO flow setting. So far I'm very happy, fingers crossed the wireless element will continue to function properly. My only concern being that, if it fails, there's no manual operation available. No doubt MIRA will assist as part of the warranty. Without the connection issue would've given 5 stars.

Colin Simpson