Digital Showers

Digital showers are an advancement on the regular mixer shower as it incorporates the latest shower technology to ensure you get the most invigorating shower possible. Like mixer showers, it functions by drawing hot and cold water and mixing them inside the valve to your get to your desired temperature. The digital shower mixer goes one step further and provides you temperature setting options at the touch of a button, as opposed to manual setting. This gives you precise control through the use of button-controlled features and digital displays. A digital mixer shower presents an ideal accompaniment to a stylish contemporary bathroom where there’s a strong focus on functionality and design.

Choosing between a high pressure / combi and a gravity fed / pumped digital shower

The terminology for digital showers can sound a tad confusing but it's actually a lot more simple than you think. Gravity fed digital showers work on pressures from 0.1 to 0.4 bar and include a built-in pump to cope with the lack of pressure. High pressure / combi digital showers are suitable for combination boilers or mains pressure systems where pressure is more than 0.5 bar.

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    Mira Activate Digital Smart Showers

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    Mira Vision Digital Showers

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    Mira Mode Maxim Digital Showers

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    Aqualisa Unity Q Smart Showers

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    Aqualisa Visage Q Smart Showers

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    Aqualisa iSystem Smart Showers

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    Bristan Digital Showers

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  28. Mira Mode Thermostatic Bath Filler - Pumped - 1.1874.002

  29. Mira Mode Thermostatic Bath / Shower Valve & Controller (High Pressure / Combi Boiler) - 1.1874.019

  30. Mira Mode Thermostatic Bath Filler Valve & Controller - Pumped - 1.1874.018

  31. Mira Mode Thermostatic Dual Shower Valve & Controller - HP / Combi - 1.1874.015

  32. Mira Vision Digital Shower Concealed- Wireless Remote Controller (High Pressure / Combi)- 1.1797.001

  33. Mira Mode Thermostatic Shower Ceiling Fed Digital Shower - (Pumped for Gravity) - 1.1874.008

  34. Mira Vision Thermostatic Dual Valve & Controller High Pressure Combi Boiler - 1.1797.105  

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  36. Mira Vision Thermostatic Digital Shower Concealed (High Pressure / Combination) - 1.1797.003

  37. Mira Platinum Digital Shower Concealed (High Pressure / Combi Boiler) with Controller - 1.1666.001

  38. Mira Platinum Digital Shower Concealed (High Pressure / Combi Boiler) with Controller - 1.1666.200

  39. Aqualisa Unity Q Thermostatic Concealed Smart Bath - Gravity Pumped

  40. Aqualisa Visage Q Thermostatic Smart Shower Concealed with Wall Fixed Head - HP/Combi

  41. Mira Mode Thermostatic Shower Rear Fed Digital Shower - (High Pressure / Combi Boiler) - 1.1874.005

  42. Mira Mode Dual Digital Thermostatic Shower Ceiling Fed-(High Pressure / Combi Boiler) - 1.1874.009

  43. Mira Platinum Thermostatic Dual Shower Valve and Controller - Pumped

  44. Mira Platinum Thermostatic Digital Shower Concealed (Pumped for Gravity) with Controller 1.1666.201

  45. Mira Platinum Thermostatic Digital Shower Concealed (Pumped for Gravity) with Controller 1.1666.002

  46. Mira Activate Single Outlet Rear Fed Smart Digital Shower (High Pressure/Combi Boiler) 1.1903.087

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Mira Platinum Single Thermostatic Shower Valve and Controller - High Pressure

New Shower

Great shower came on time well wrapped and Great company to deal with

David Osment


Digital Showers = Innovative Technology

Digital mixer showers are at the peak of digital showering technology with more features than you can shake a stick at. One of the most common features incorporated onto a digital mixer is in fact a heads up display which offers a read out of temperature, flow rate and any additional settings in use. Alongside the display you’ll often find intuitive, easy to use buttons that allow you to adjust temperature and flow in small increments to ensure you get the perfect combination to suit your preferences. Many digital showers offer profiles which you can save your settings to; this allows each family member to have a different setup just for themselves. Due to advancements in technology, the digital control unit can actually be moved outside of the shower to create more space in the enclosure. This also has the benefit of letting you setup the shower before you step in and better yet, many showers will let you know when it has reached your desired temperature. This makes it much safer to step in when the temperature has been reached as you avoid any shocks from freezing cold water or boiling hot water. Digital mixer showers are truly at the pinnacle of showering luxury.


Pumped Options

There’s even an option for those who have a low pressure, gravity fed system which comes in the form of a built in pump. Much like a power shower, a digital mixer shower can have an inbuilt pump which increases the water pressure and consequently ups the flow rate. This provides a much more invigorating shower without having to compromise on the technology included.


Thermostatic Feature

Just like the regular mixer shower, the digital version also offers a choice of a thermostatic valve which has many benefits. A thermostatic valve is able to provide a consistent temperature throughout the duration of your shower; as well as this it also boasts fantastic safety features and higher levels of efficiency which make for a top quality showering experience. The thermostatic valve comes into its own when there are fluctuations in temperature or pressure caused by people flushing toilets or running taps. When it detects these alterations, it quickly adjusts the mix of hot and cold water to ensure temperature and flow remains stable. It does this so quickly that you won’t even be able to notice – that’s how good it is. Arguably the biggest benefit of a thermostatic valve is in fact safety; knowing you and your family are safe when showering provides peace of mind. If by chance your cold water feed fails, the valve will automatically kick in a safety feature which shuts the shower down and prevents hot water coming through. This prevents unmixed hot water coming through the shower head and burning/scalding the user; an extremely beneficial feature.

Digital Showers

Do I Need A Digital Shower?

Digital showers have all the features and benefits of your everyday thermostatic mixer but with the addition of extra technological advances. They can check the water an incredible 100 times per second to provide an accurate and constant temperature at all times. They also come complete with automatically operated shut-off valves to ensure users are always safe in the event that your cold water supplies unexpectedly fail. You can usually select a maximum temperature for added safety too meaning it won’t ever get hotter than you need it.


The Cost Effectiveness Of Digital Showers

Make sure you’re using your water efficiently with a digital shower. Most include smart shower valves with an ‘eco’ mode and some like the new QTM even benefits from proximity sensor to reduce water flow when you step out the flow to shampoo you hair or apply body wash.


This video explains what a digital shower offers:



Your Fitter Will Love Them Too!

You won’t just love your new shower but your installer will too. The controls and the water mixing valve are separate meaning installation can be a lot more discreet. The valve that the water runs through is no bigger than a shoe box, allowing it to be fitted under the bath or even in the airing cupboard rather than in the shower enclosure itself. They really are a tidier, more minimalistic and easier installation option for any bathroom, with the water flowing to the shower heads via the riser rail, the wall or the ceiling. This also means you don’t have to drill through existing tiles.

This video explains in more detail how a digital shower works:


Intuitive LED Displays





Intuitive LED Displays

There’s no more stretching an arm or leg into the water gingerly with a digital shower. The majority of digital showers have brilliantly designed LED displays that visually confirm exactly when your shower has reached your desired temperature. You can then set it so that you can always have the perfect shower day after day.

Remote Operation





Remote Operation

One of the coolest advantages of digital showers are the accessories that go with them. You get drencher heads combined with shower handsets, coupled with brilliantly designed remote controls which are just perfect for getting your shower up to temperature before you’ve even stepped foot in the bathroom.


Pros of digital showers:

  • Available in mixer or electric configurations
  • Can often be installed without the need for re-tiling
  • Greater control over temperature and flow
  • Bragging rights!

Cons of digital showers:

  • Expensive
  • Usually not as powerful as a mixer shower with stand alone pump on low pressure systems




Can I Have A Digital Shower In My Bathroom?

Due to their flexibility and the vast ranges to choose from you can install a digital shower in any bathroom no matter the shape or size. Their ideal for families with vulnerable users because of the precise temperature control and some are even available with bath fillers for the perfect all-rounder.


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