Basin Taps

Basin taps are the junior partner to their larger bath counterparts in the world of bathroom taps! They can just be a smaller version of the bath taps although often they are quite different in configuration although very similar in visual style, The mono-bloc basin mixer is perhaps the most common design with a single lever that controls both the flow rate and the temperature of the mixed water. Two single pillar taps are still used, particularly with more traditional bathroom designs.

  1. Basin Mixer Taps

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    with 34 choices

    Basin Mixer Taps
  2. Basin Pillar Taps (Pairs)

    From £29.97
    with 11 choices

    Basin Pillar Taps (Pairs)
  3. Cloakroom Basin Mixer Taps

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    with 2 choices

    Cloakroom Basin Mixer Taps
  4. High Rise Basin Mixer Taps

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    with 5 choices

    High Rise Basin Mixer Taps
  5. Commercial Taps

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    with 1 choices

    Commercial Taps


Architeckt Osmo Basin Mixer Tap

Basin tap + waste

Nice looking easy to install great quality would recommend

Pete Leatherland