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Modern Bathroom Furniture

It doesn’t matter how you use the bathroom, whether you like a long lounge in the bath or a quick spruce up before going out, they need to be functional and stylish, two things our modern bathroom furniture does perfectly. We have a number of different ranges to suit all manners of bathroom décor and finishes that look exquisite in any setting. We also have a huge array of different unit types from tall cupboards, short cupboards, vanity units and of course matching toilet units, so you can be more than confident about sourcing your entire bathroom from us. All of our products are made to the highest standard and you can expect a long guarantee to be supplied with each and every unit.

  1. flat-pack-bathroom-furniture

    Alpine White Bathroom Furniture

    7 choices
    From £84.99
  2. Bathroom Furniture - Essence White Gloss

    Essence White Gloss Bathroom Furniture

    24 products
    From £79.99
  3. aurora-white-gloss-bathroom-furniture

    Aurora White Gloss Bathroom Furniture

    24 products
    From £79.99
  4. aurora-grey-gloss-bathroom-furniture

    Aurora Grey Gloss Bathroom Furniture

    19 products
    From £54.99
  5. aurora-charcoal-grey-bathroom-furniture

    Aurora Charcoal Grey Bathroom Furniture

    27 products
    From £49.99
  6. artis-white-gloss-bathroom-furniture

    Artis White Gloss Bathroom Furniture

    30 products
    From £149.00
  7. artis-grey-gloss-bathroom-furniture

    Artis Grey Gloss Bathroom Furniture

    24 products
    From £119.00
  8. artis-charcoal-grey-bathroom-furniture

    Artis Charcoal Grey Bathroom Furniture

    23 products
    From £99.99