Toilets By Style

Designer toilets of all shapes and sizes

Getting the right toilet for your new bathroom can be a bit tricky so we’ve separated the different types that we supply into categories to make it easier for you to browse exactly what you want. Within our collection are modern toilets with close coupled designs and furniture units with different stylish finishes. We also have traditional toilets for a more timeless look, corner toilets and short projection toilets for those who are short on space and comfort height toilets for those who lack in manoeuvrability. The majority of our toilets will come complete with a soft close seat which, if you’ve never used one, are fantastic!

  1. modern-toilets

    Modern Toilets

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    From £84.97
  2. traditional-toilets

    Traditional Toilets

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    From £109.97
  3. comfort-height-toilets

    Comfort Height Toilets

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    From £239.97
  4. corner-toilets

    Corner Toilets

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    From £94.97
  5. short-projection-toilets

    Short Projection Toilets

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    From £119.97