Dispose Of Waste With A Macerator

There are some scenarios where connecting your bathroom, en-suite or cloakroom to the conventional household drainage system is just not financially feasible or even possible, especially if the sewer level is higher than that of the room. This is where macerators come into their own and offer a solution to counteract this tricky situation. For many years Plumbworld has been stocking a wide range of macerators from the biggest and most reputable bathroom brands including Grundfos, Saniflo and Hydrolux. These quality designs ensure that your waste is disposed of effectively and hygienically without any attention being drawn to the unit itself.

  1. Saniflo Macerators

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    with 16 choices

    Saniflo Macerators
  2. Stuart Turner Macerators

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    with 5 choices

    Stuart Turner Macerators
  3. Grundfos Macerators

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    with 5 choices

    Grundfos Macerators
  4. Flo-Force Macerators

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  5. Low Cost Macerators

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    Low Cost Macerators


Hydrolux Combi Ultraflow Macerator Pump

Excellent value

This does what it says it would do and is surprisingly quiet. This is the first time I have fitted one and wish I had not already bought the toilet as there wasnt enough space for the pipes and I had to improvise. However so pleased with the end result that I will be fitting one in my sons house.


Saniflo Sanipro Up Macerator Pump - 6006


This macerator is a lot quieter than some models I've fitted, the instructions are clear should you need them, also plenty of adapters are included, lastly but most importantly plumbworld were over £100 cheaper than it's nearest competitor.

Russ Outten

Saniflo UP Macerator Pump- 6001

Ideal for the job

Very little change to the original unit it replaced that lasted 10 years in daily operation. Why change something that operates successfully. Incidentally the replaced unit was later inexpensively repaired, so I now hold a spare.

R Collins

Saniflo CleanerDescaler 5L

Great Product

Great Product, Plumbworld's really competitive price so very happy to recommend to others


Saniflo Saniplus Up Macerator Pump - 6003

Saniflo Saniplus Macerator Pump

Excellent product and excellent service/delivery from Plumbworld.

Gloria Rickard