Sometimes you want to put a new bathroom suite or even just a toilet in a particular room, only to be told that it's just not financially feasible or even possible, especially if the sewer level is higher than that of the room. This is where a macerator pump comes into it's own, offering a solution.

Macerators are quite a technical product, so don't rush in! Take your time to understand what's important and what isn't by reading our FREE Instant Download guide.

  1. single-toilet-macerators

    Single Toilet Macerators

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    From £79.97
  2. shower-lifting-stations

    Shower Lifting Stations

    8 choices
    From £74.97
  3. cloakroom-toilet-basin-macerators

    Cloakroom (Toilet & Basin) Macerators

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    From £79.97
  4. full-bathroom-macerators

    Full Bathroom Macerators

    15 products
    From £79.97
  5. waste-water-lifting-stations

    Kitchen Utility Waste Water Lifting Stations

    4 choices
    From £259.88
  6. flo-force-macerators

    Flo-Force Macerators

    4 choices
    From £74.97
  7. Stuart Turner Macerators (Wasteflo)

    Wasteflo Stuart Turner Macerators

    5 choices
    From £209.98
  8. Sololift2 Grundfos Macerators

    Sololift2 Grundfos Macerators

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    From £222.00
  9. Saniflo Macerators

    Saniflo Macerators

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  10. Low Cost Macerators

    Low Cost Macerators

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    Macerator Accessories

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  13. flo-force-elite-lifting-station-250w-with-2-inlets

    Best Seller!

    Flo-Force Elite Lifting Station - 250W with 2 inlets

  14. Flo-Force Max Macerator Pump - 400W with 4 inlets

  15. Flo-Force Extra Macerator Pump - 600W with 3 Inlets

  16. Flo-Force Ultra Macerator Pump with High Grade Motor Casing - 600W with 3 Inlets

  17. Stuart Turner Wasteflo WC1 Macerator - 46626

  18. Grundfos Sololift2 D-2 Lifting Station (97775333)

  19. Stuart Turner Wasteflo WC2 Macerator - 46575

  20. Grundfos Sololift2 WC-1 Macerator (97775329)

  21. Saniflo Sanishower Flat Lifting Station - 1043/3

  22. Stuart Turner Wasteflo LS5 Lifting Station - 46577

  23. Grundfos Sololift2 C-3 Lifting Station (97775332)

  24. Saniflo Sanishower+ Lifting Station - 6043

  25. Saniflo UP Macerator Pump- 6001

  26. Stuart Turner Wasteflo WC3 Macerator - 46576

  27. Stuart Turner Wasteflo WC4C Macerator - 46653

  28. Saniflo Saniaccess 1 Macerator Pump - 1900

  29. Saniflo Sanitop Up Macerator Pump - 6002

  30. Saniflo Sanivite+ Kitchen and Utility Lifting Station - 6004

  31. Grundfos Sololift2 CWC-3 Macerator (97775331)

  32. Saniflo Saniaccess 2 Macerator Pump - 1901

  33. Saniflo Sanipro Up Macerator Pump - 6006

  34. Saniflo Sanifloor Hifloor +1 (Tiled Floor) Lifting Station - 6154

  35. Saniflo Sanislim Macerator Pump- 1054/1

  36. Saniflo Sanipack Pro Up Macerator Pump - 6052

  37. Saniflo Sanispeed + Commercial Grey Water Lifting Station - 6045

  38. Saniflo Saniaccess 3 Macerator Pump - 1902

  39. Grundfos Sololift2 WC-3 Macerator (97775330)

  40. Saniflo Saniplus Up Macerator Pump - 6003

  41. Saniflo Sanibest Pro Heavy Duty Macerator Pump 1053

  42. Sanicompact Back To Wall Toilet with Built-in Macerator Pump -1081

  43. Saniflo Saniwall Pro Up - 6110

  44. Saniflo Sanifloor Hifloor +2 (Vinyl Floor) Lifting Station - 6155

  45. Saniflo Sanifloor Hifloor +3 (Shower Tray) Lifting Station - 6156

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Saniflo Saniplus Up Macerator Pump - 6003

Excellent service from Plumbworld

The Saniflo Saniplus Up was delivered within 1 day of my placing the order, with no extra charge for delivery. It was easy to track the package and determine the delivery time. The price quoted by Plumbworld was the cheapest I could find on the internet, and their service was excellent. The device was installed without a problem and is functioning perfectly.

Jeremy Joseph

Saniflo Sanislim Macerator Pump- 1054/1

Ground floor cloakroom

I have had a Sanislim fitted recently to service a small vanity basin and a toilet in a closet on the ground floor. I am about to have a knee operation and stairs to the first floor bathroom could present a hazard throughout the day. The Sanislim works perfectly with little noise. Better for visitors also. I wish I had done this sooner.

Senior Lady

Flo-Force Max Macerator Pump - 400W with 4 inlets

Top value product

Ordering process was simple and flawless. Plenty of stock in. The order arrived as expected. Updates sent to my mobile. Easy to install and has functioned flawlessly since. Couldn't have asked for a better value for money product.

Frank Dillon

Flo-Force Max Macerator Pump - 400W with 4 inlets

Flo-Force Max Macerator

Fantastic item, does the job as stated, noise wise nothing more of a hum which is standard for an item of this nature. Would definately recommend as an alternative to the more dearer brands out there.


Saniflo Cleaner Descaler 5L - 1085

Purchase of Saniflo descaler cleanser

I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly this item was delivered and as it was the cheapest I could find I am delighted with my purchase from Plumbworld. R Glasgow

Robert Glasgow

Saniflo Sanitop Up Macerator Pump - 6002

Macerator replacement

Bought this to replace an old Sanitop in a customers downstairs toilet. Really easy to install with no alterations required. Quality product and highly recommended.

Roger Jezusek

Saniflo Sanitop Up Macerator Pump - 6002

Ordering process was very quick and easy. Product well packaged and delivered quickly. Item was just what I needed. Will use plumbworld again .

Peter gibson

Grundfos Sololift2 WC-1 Macerator (97775329)


Brilliant macerator! Easily copes with a hand basin & toilet, pumping up into the loft with ease. Outstanding delivery times

Ashley Dell

Saniflo Cleaner Descaler 5L - 1085


Excellent product easy to use cleaned my saniflol toilet just pour in leave for two hours and then flush so easy .

Dawn Harborne

Grundfos Sololift2 WC-1 Macerator (97775329)

Alternative to Saniflo

Good quality product from Grundfos. Delivery was fast and convenient as always from Plumbworld.

Richard Dennis




Things To Consider When Buying A Macerator Pump:

Basin and toilet Macerator pumps are extremely versatile and considered to be a life saver in some room layouts. Without these highly functional pieces of equipment, many people would struggle to dispose of waste from their bathroom or kitchen where the regular drainage system cannot be connected. Thankfully Plumbworld provides a comprehensive selection of macerators to meet the waste requirements of shoppers who have no other solution. Factors such as noise, power rating and flow rate will all have an impact on the efficiency and suitability of the product, but you shouldn’t neglect to consider the following either:

Positioning & Sizing: Anything to do with waste is not usually something people want to talk or hear about, let alone see. Therefore it’s essential that the unit you buy can be stored in a position which is out of the normal line of site in order to prevent unwanted attention. Many installers opt to fit the macerator directly behind the toilet as this is one of the most conspicuous places to house the unit, but sometimes there may not be enough room. This is when sizing comes into play as you’ll have to find somewhere else to locate it and the dimensions of the unit will have a considerable impact upon where it can be positioned. Whilst the height isn’t usually an issue, depth and width should be of high priority and one of the things you need to pay attention to. The size may also have an impact on connections, so make sure you leave enough room to safely connect the required pipework to dispose of waste.

Macerator Compatibility: Before purchasing a macerator you need to be very clear in the waste it needs to deal with up front. Many macerators will be limited to the amount of waste it can process simultaneously and therefore might not be able to cope with being attached to all bathroom fittings. Some macerators are only designed for use with WCs or sinks; so make sure you check prior to buying that the macerator will be suitable for its intended use.

Involved Costs: Whilst a macerator pump isn't the cheapest of bathroom items, it’s usually a lot cheaper than paying for the masonry work to install and extend the original household sewage system. Not only is this an expensive process, but it’s also labour intensive and will likely disrupt several other rooms in the house during fitting. In comparison, macerators are considerably cheaper and when installed and used correctly, they offer strong reliability with next to no servicing.

Building Regulations: Whilst it seems like a fairly straight forward job to someone who knows what they’re doing, the Building Regulations may not permit installation if there isn’t suitable access to a WC with gravity discharging. If installation features new cabling in the bathroom or kitchen then it needs to be reported and also work must be carried out or at the very least checked, by someone who is registered with the ERA (Electrical Regulating Authority).