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  • Compact pump unit designed to remove wastewater from WCs, showers, bidets and sinks
  • Suitable for use in a public or commercial setting
  • These macerators have three inlets for use with multiple utilities
  • Capable of pumping up to 7m vertically or 110m horizontally through 32mm pipework
  • Working temperature of 35°C (and capable of handling up to 80°C for short periods)
  • Comes with two-year warranty as standard

The Saniflo Sanibest Pro Heavy-Duty Macerator Pump 1053 is a compact lift pump unit which connects to a urinal, toilet, shower, sink or bidet and removes the wastewater to a suitable discharge location. It is specifically designed to handle heavy-duty usage, making it the ideal choice for a commercial or public setting, such as a hotel, restaurant, bar, office or other location which experiences high traffic.

With three different inlets (one entry on the top and two on the side), the Sanibest Pro can be connected to three utilities at the same time, thus improving productivity and efficiency. It’s space-efficient dimensions (507mm x 154mm x 268mm) and sleek design mean it can slot behind a toilet unit, underneath a sink basin or alongside a shower cubicle without disrupting the aesthetic of the room or drawing unnecessary attention to itself.

The 1100W motor operates at a speed of 2800RPM and can discharge wastewater vertically up to 7m and horizontally up to 110m through the 32mm pipework. With a working temperature of 35°C (on average), the unit is capable of withstanding short periods of up to 80°C. Installation and connection of the electrical components should be carried out by a fully trained professional and all wiring must conform to international standards.

To ensure smooth running of the pump and maximum longevity, it’s essential to carry out maintenance and cleaning every three months (or more regularly for locations with particularly hard water). This can be achieved by disconnecting the macerator’s power supply, pouring Saniflo Cleanser into the unit and leaving it to stand for up to two hours, before flushing the system twice to clear any residual cleanser. If properly maintained, the unit will offer consistent and reliable service for years to come.

The Sanibest Pro is certified to ISO 9001 and meets the European standard EN2050-3. With a two-year guarantee as standard, the Sanibest Pro is the ideal choice for use in a demanding environment which comes under heavy strain from the general public, and is engineered to combine performance, efficiency and longevity in one complete package.

2 Year Guarantee
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Environmentally Friendly
Received 6 star Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) rating with the Sanicompact macerator pump.
Scored highly with the Green Apple Environmental Awards for the Sanicondens Best macerator pump.


Award Winning Products
Saniflo received second place at the ISH Trade Show with the Sanibest macerator.
Awarded the AFISB (French Association of Bathroom Industries) WELLBEING certification for the Saniwall Pro and its contribution to helping people with reduced mobility.
Received KIWA certification for the Sanicompact. KIWA specialise in the testing and certification of water products to ensure they're of the highest standard.


Approved Service Engineer Network
Saniflo has a first-rate service engineer network which covers the entirety of the UK. They use honest, experienced, skilled, fully equipped, and importantly, reliable engineers to fix any issues as soon as they arise.

2 Year Guarantee

2 Year Saniflo Guarantee
For added peace these Saniflo products are covered by a fantastic 2 year guarantee. This will cover the unit from the date of purchase against the unlikely event of a manufacturing defect. With Saniflo you’re always in safe hands.



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