Saniflo Sanibest Pro Heavy Duty Macerator Pump 1053

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3 Inlets

A 3 inlet macerator connects to a toilet and 1 of the following products:

  • Washbasin
  • Shower
  • Urinal
  • Bidet

Inlet size: 100/40mm

Outlet size: 22/28/32mm

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If you want the best, and money is no object, then Saniflo Macerators are a perfect choice. Other macerator brands like Stuart Turner, Grundfos and Flo-Force offer equivalent products at significantly lower prices, but none has the brand recognition of Saniflo.

  • Compact pump unit designed to remove wastewater from WCs, showers, bidets and sinks
  • Suitable for use in a public or commercial setting
  • These macerators have three inlets for use with multiple utilities in all types of bathroom suites
  • Capable of pumping up to 7m vertically or 110m horizontally through 32mm pipework
  • Working temperature of 35°C (and capable of handling up to 80°C for short periods)
  • Comes with two-year warranty as standard

The Saniflo Sanibest Pro Heavy-Duty Macerator Pump 1053 is a compact pump unit which connects to a urinal, toilet, shower, sink or bidet and removes the wastewater to a suitable discharge location. It is specifically designed to handle heavy-duty usage, making it the ideal choice for a commercial or public setting, such as a hotel, restaurant, bar, office or other location which experiences high traffic.

With three different inlets (one entry on the top and two on the side), the Sanibest Pro can be connected to three utilities at the same time, thus improving productivity and efficiency. It’s space-efficient dimensions (507mm x 154mm x 268mm) and sleek design mean it can slot behind a toilet unit, underneath a sink basin or alongside a shower cubicle without disrupting the aesthetic of the room or drawing unnecessary attention to itself.

The 1100W motor operates at a speed of 2800RPM and can discharge wastewater vertically up to 7m and horizontally up to 110m through the 32mm pipework. With a working temperature of 35°C (on average), the unit is capable of withstanding short periods of up to 80°C. Installation and connection of the electrical components should be carried out by a fully trained professional and all wiring must conform to international standards.

To ensure smooth running of the pump and maximum longevity, it’s essential to carry out maintenance and cleaning every three months (or more regularly for locations with particularly hard water). This can be achieved by disconnecting the macerator’s power supply, pouring Saniflo Cleanser into the unit and leaving it to stand for up to two hours, before flushing the system twice to clear any residual cleanser. If properly maintained, the unit will offer consistent and reliable service for years to come.

The Sanibest Pro is certified to ISO 9001 and meets the European standard EN2050-3. With a two-year guarantee as standard, the Sanibest Pro is the ideal choice for use in a demanding environment which comes under heavy strain from the general public, and is engineered to combine performance, efficiency and longevity in one complete package.

Saniflo Mind the Gap!

Mind The Gap!

Depending on the design of your toilet, older style macerator designs with the WC connection in the centre (like this Saniflo model) may push the cistern away from the wall far enough to leave a gap.

This can easily be resolved by the addition of a wooden batten between the wall and the cistern as shown.

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Saniflo Hygiene

Saniflo Do Not Accept Returns

If your Saniflo macerator is faulty then you will need to call out an approved Saniflo engineer. Saniflo will not accept returned product for hygiene reasons and require any fault to be verified on site by the engineer. Engineers aim to be with you in 48 hours although longer delays are possible

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5 Saniflo Problems and How To Fix Them

You may not need to replace an old Saniflo unit. Below are five common problems associated with Saniflo brand macerators and some quick tips on how you can fix them.



The Saniflo Is Giving Off a Terrible Smell !

Bad smells can be due to a build-up of limescale and human waste in the 2-3 inches of water that’s always left in the Saniflo. Other Macerator brands have self-cleaning technology, but Saniflo’s need to be descaled regularly. If you’ve never descaled your macerator then you may have to do this a few times to clear the smell.


Electric Shock Risk

The Saniflo Keeps Tripping The Electrics

If your Saniflo is tripping the electrics, it usually means that water is getting into it and leads to the circuit shutting off to avoid any other damages, or there’s a loose wire. Always make sure the electrics are off before you inspect the pump. If there’s an issue with the motor seal, then call a certified Saniflo engineer to repair it. If the motor is worn or faulty, this unfortunately means that you’ll have to purchase a new macerator.



Saniflo Leaks During Operation

One reason for your Saniflo leaking from the vent could be that there is a big build up of waste inside which will have to be manually removed.

It’s also possible that the motor is nearing the end of its life and can’t work as hard as it used to. This would mean the whole macerator should be replaced.

The rubber waste outlet could have shrunk because of too much toilet cleaner. If water is spraying out the vent, you will need to replace the rubber waste outlet.


Saniflo Starting on its Own

The Saniflo Starts On its Own!

There could be a few reasons as to why your pump keeps starting on its own throughout the day and night: (Excluding the possibility of a ghost!)

The microswitch is misfiring because it keeps thinking the tank is full – you will have to manually remove the waste between the switch and the tank floor and then reset the pump. If the rubber membrane is damaged, waste can then get into the switch and cause a problem. In this case, you will have to purchase a new rubber membrane and switch.



Saniflo Vibrates & Buzzes Loudly

If when flushing the toilet you hear a horrible vibrating noise, there’s probably something that has been lodged in the macerator blade. Turn off the Saniflo and remove the lid. If you see an obstruction straight away, remove it. If the foreign object is in the blade you can remove it using small pliers.


2 Year Guarantee




Type Macerator
Application Full Bathroom (Standard Toilet)
Available Inlets 3
Clog Resistance Low
Easy Maintenance Yes
Noise Level 46 db
Maximum Vertical Discharge 7 M
Maximum Horizontal Discharge 110 M
Max Water Temperature (Continuous) 35 C
Max Water Temperature (Intermittent) 35 C

Saniflo Sanibest Pro Heavy Duty Macerator Pump 1053

£510.00 (Inc. VAT)

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11 Product Reviews

  • Paul Kelly
    5/ 5

    Our original Saniflo (the equivalent of a Sanitop) had served us well for 6 years but we decided to replace it after it stopped working for the second time. The first repair (removing sanitary towels) was not a pleasant experience despite wearing gloves and nose-pegs, so we decided to replace it. with the Sanibest Pro, as the sales blurb said it could handle the odd towel. The unit is a little bigger and a little noisier, but the motor kicks in quicker and sounds like it runs faster than the previous one. We hope to keep this one for at least 10 years. Ordering from Plumbworld was a breeze, and we were kept up to date on every step of the delivery. They were the cheapest on the internet by far. Our plumber said this unit was very easy to install, and everything he needed was included in the box.

  • Happy Phil
    5/ 5

    Just the job. It dose all it should. Plus it copes with earings and even a crown. Surprisingly quiet for its powerful motor. The best price by far and delivered on a Saturday. Paid with PayPal so easy job. Comes with all the connection options and adapters for standard jobs.

  • Dan Armstrong
    5/ 5

    Searched high and low for best price and delivery . Found it with plumbworld. Excellent communication . Arrived on time fitted within 2 hours . Brilliant.

  • Neil
    5/ 5

    What a machine!!! If your in rental or just need macerater don’t fit anything else it’s a beast, does exactly what it says on the box THE BEST

  • Neil Smith
    5/ 5

    Excellent quality Saniflo priduct. Competitive pricing by Plumbworld Fast delivery and excellent packaging.

  • Sophie Bramley
    5/ 5

    Very happy with the saniflow unit. Arrived fast. Has the fittings included & good clear visual instructions.

  • Mr M Hough
    5/ 5

    Very good product, slightly noisier than Saniplus but seem to be a lot better. Good price also.

  • Roman John Miller
    5/ 5

    I fitted this about 8 months ago it’s been great no problems at all and easy to plumb in

  • Tina
    5/ 5

    So far this works superbly No issues A little noisy but not for long

  • John S.
    5/ 5

    Great product, does exactly what it is supposed to do.