Wall Hung Basins

If you’re looking to save space in the bathroom or you want a brilliant feature as part of your bathroom suite, then a wall hung basin is the ideal choice. We have a mixture of contemporary designs to suit a variety of tastes, all of which are built to the highest standards of quality and are available in different shapes and sizes. Wall hung sinks are particularly useful for small bathrooms, such as ensuites or cloakrooms. The installation process for wall-mounted basins is smooth and simple. High-quality fixing kits also ensure that they remain firmly attached to the wall until the day you come to update it. But with these contemporary yet timeless wall mount sinks designs, you may not ever want to.

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  2. ceramica-asti-wall-hung-basin-405-x-230mm

    Ceramica Asti Wall Hung Basin- 405 x 230mm

  3. ceramica-asti-wall-hung-basin-410-x-225mm

    Ceramica Asti Wall Hung Basin - 410 x 225mm

  4. ceramica-elba-wall-hung-basin-350-x-350mm

    Ceramica Elba Wall Hung Basin - 350 x 350mm

  5. ceramica-acuto-wall-hung-basin-305-x-225mm

    Best Seller!

    Ceramica Acuto Wall Hung Basin - 305 x 255mm

    Was £ 59.99

    Save 8%

    £ 54.99

    In Stock
  6. affine-fluted-wall-hung-basin-gloss-white-446-x-265mm

    Affine Fluted Wall Hung Basin Gloss White - 446 x 265mm

  7. rak-petit-wall-hung-basin-right-ledge

    RAK Petit Wall Hung Basin - Right Ledge

  8. affine-wall-hung-basin-gloss-white-450-x-255mm

    Affine Wall Hung Basin Gloss White - 450 x 255mm

    Was £ 64.99

    Save 8%

    £ 59.97

    Expected - 19/12/23
  9. affine-wall-hung-basin-gloss-white-455-x-405mm

    Affine Wall Hung Basin Gloss White - 455 x 405mm

    Was £ 64.99

    Save 8%

    £ 59.97

    Expected - 19/12/23
  10. affine-wall-hung-basin-gloss-white-560-x-415mm

    Affine Wall Hung Basin Gloss White - 560 x 415mm

  11. ceramica-veneto-wall-hung-corner-basin-550-x-390mm

    Ceramica Veneto Wall Hung Corner Basin - 550 x 390mm

  12. park-lane-traditional-2-tap-hole-wall-hung-cloakroom-basin

    Park Lane Traditional 2 Tap Hole Wall Hung Cloakroom Basin

    Was £ 119.99

    Save 17%

    £ 99.97

    Expected - 12/01/24