Basin Accessories

When you’re fitting a new bathroom basin you might consider which tap you want to install with it but you may be forgetting some other vital pieces that really bring the new sink together. Within our vast collection of basin accessories you’ll find different types of wastes including bottle traps for wall hung basins, tooth brush holders, soap dishes and even towel rings. All of our accessories are made from the highest quality materials and are suitable for use in any type of bathroom so you can be happy in the knowledge that your new bathroom suite will look great for years to come.

  1. Basin Wastes

    Basin Wastes

    18 products
    From £10.14
  2. Basin Mixer Taps

    Basin Mixer Taps

    77 products
    From £24.99
  3. Basin Bottle Traps

    Basin Bottle Traps

    10 choices
    From £11.96
  4. bathroom Tumblers

    Bathroom Tumblers

    14 choices
    From £6.23
  5. tooth-brush-holders

    Tooth Brush Holders

    14 choices
    From £6.23
  6. Shower Soap Dish - Soap Dishes

    Soap Dishes

    10 choices
    From £8.83
  7. Towel Rings

    Towel Rings

    11 choices
    From £7.02
  8. basin-fixing-kits

    Basin Fixing Kits

    8 choices
    From £10.99
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