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Mira Sport Max Electric Shower 10.8kW White & Chrome

Excellent shower, even with low pressure

On the day this shower was fitted the plumber discovered that my water meter was spinning madly; it was obvious I had a substantial leak in my water mains supply pipe. Turns out it was leaking at about a litre a second, substantially reducing my mains water pressure. During the three weeks it took to get this leak fixed this shower performed admirably seemingly a lot better than the one it replaced; the water around here is very, very hard and chalky and the old Mira Sports had had a hard 8 years service. The leak was fixed a couple of days ago and this new shower is now absolutely brilliant - loads of hot water, especially since this is a cold April and the mains water supply is still very chilled. I like the boost feature for a minute or two. Yes, I like this shower a lot. Seemed to take the plumber just a half hour or so to remove the old one and install this one.


Mira Sport Max Electric Shower 10.8kW White & Chrome

Mira Sport with air boost

I purchased this as a replacement/upgrade to a Mira shower I had for about 5 years. The new one is one of the best around, and the price offered by plumbworld is hard to beat! Once installed, my new shower has been a big hit with the family and it is a joy to use in terms of the temperature control dial and various pre-set buttons. Ther air boost option works a treat and is truly theraputic, if a bit on the noisey side. Service from plumbworld was marvellous, with the shower arriving speedily (with a couple of days of ordering), and no additional postage penalty for NI (so many other online suppliers discriminate against potential customers across the Irish Sea :-( ). On the whole, I would heartily recommend this item, and the guys at plumbworld.

Shane Massey

Mira Sport Electric Shower 9kW White & Chrome

fantastic price and great service

bought this shower a lot cheaper than what it would have cost me at a well know shop, which i wont mention. begins with a A...s. At first i was dubious about the price thinking it cant be correct, cant be the same item, This is the first time i have bought off the internet. The reason i checked the internet was because I needed the same make and model for my sons new house as his shower had broken. It was delivered within 2 days, i was totaly surprised with the quick and fast delivery, will definately buy from yourselves again. Thanks for the great service i received.

Elle Franco

Mira Sport Electric Shower 9kW White & Chrome

Best Electrical Shower I Have Had

My previous Mira Sport 9.0 Kw electric shower blew a heating element after 5 years. Within that time, however it had been the most reliable and best performing electric shower I have ever had. It had been considerably more expensive than my previous Triton showers but I guess you get what you pay for! The replacement Mira Sport 9.0, bought online from Plumbworld arrived the next day and was nearly £100 cheaper than advertised by some suppliers. I am hoping this replacement Sport 9.0 will give as good service as the last one.


Mira Sport Electric Shower 9kW White & Chrome

Excellent Shower to replace older model

After searching many other websites i came across plumbworld, and how pleased i was. I needed to research what model i needed as they have changed since my old one was fitted. My telephone call to this site was so easy , the person i spoke to was very helpful with his product knowledge was amazing , that said i had the confidence to place an order on line. His advice the shower was on offer for a few more days . So all in all it was a win win situation . Thank you , i am sure i will use this site again.


Mira Azora 9.8kW Electric Shower

Best electric shower

Beautifully and thoughtfully made. But not only are the looks good, the shower is both powerful and responsive with no hot/cold issues. You could be mistaken for thinking you bought a power shower. The only let-down - it is expensive. However, I'm a firm believer that you get what you pay for (most of the time), and if you are prepared to pay, you won't be disappointed.

Simeon English

Mira Sport Electric Shower 7.5kW White & Chrome

Excellent shower

I had to purchase a 7.5kw shower and tried looking everywhere to find one that looked half decent, this turned into just trying to find one full stop! I saw this on eBay and Im usually a little reluctant to buy large items online but this was fine, it was delivered within a couple of days and was very easy to fit, works really well and looks amazing - well recommended!


Mira Azora 9.8kW Electric Shower

Great Service

Product received just a few days after order and tracking online was a great feature. I was also able to change the delivery date very easily. Value for money was second to none - researched all sources for this product - the shower was well over £100 cheaper than some outlets. Hasn't been fitted yet but from what I can see would definitely recommend.

Finnegan Ruiz

Mira Sport Max Electric Shower 9.0kW White & Chrome

Best shower Ive ever bought

Had a Mira Sport shower before so installing was easy and only had to drill 1 new hole for the shower holder which was a different size. The big shower head is brilliant with 4 different settings depending on your preference. Air boost is also brilliant albeit a little noisy. Overall though Im delighted with this purchase and would highly recommend.


Mira Sport Electric Shower 10.8kW White & Chrome

well pleased

shower arrived sooner than anticipated & was easy to install (were taking out-replacing a similar model) the power is great, large head with a number of spray settings, simple controls, the head is easy to move up & down the bar with the lever action - ideal for the whole family as we all like different heights-temperature & pressure


Mira Sport Max Electric Shower 9.0kW White & Chrome

Love this shower!

I replaced my old shower with this Mira Sport Max and I love it!!! It's brilliant white with chrome features and it looks so modern and smart in my bathroom. It feels really powerful in use and the airboost gives a nice massage. My son used to prefer taking a bath but now he always takes a shower - it's that good!

Savanah Douglas

Mira Sport Electric Shower 10.8kW White & Chrome

Mira Sport Shower

This is a quality shower by Mira. All Fittings are robust and of a quality standard. The shower heats up well, however the flow reduces the warmer you turn it, especially during winter months. Also the power button has to be pressed quite firmly in order to swith it on. Other than these points I am happy with my purchase.

Mr A. Singh

Mira Azora 9.8kW Electric Shower

Really pleased with the shower. It obviously doesn't have the same power as a power shower but it is definitely the next best thing. I love the design, more than happy with the temperature control as I like my showers very hot and the choice of different flows means that I can get somewhere near to the force of flow that you would get with a power shower. Very satisfied customer and satisfied with how quickly Plumbworld delivered!!

Lila Abbott

Mira Sport Electric Shower 9.0kW White & Chrome

Replacement shower

The new shower looks very good and it was easy to plumb in because the fittings were compatible with the old Mira shower which it replaced. The only complaint is that it doesnt seem to be as powerful as the old shower it replaced although it is identical in output. Maybe the different shower head is responsible for this.


Mira Sport Max Electric Shower 10.8kW White & Chrome

Good but with some drawbacks..

Bought the Mira Sport to replace the last one we had which too, was a Mira Sport, that we had had for about 7 years. In the meantime they have updated the look of the shower - it is sleeker and more modern, both from the wall fixing and the shower head. The one we have bought has the Eco boost which pumps air through the shower head - the theory is fine, it should feel as though you get more water as a consequence, unfortunately the feedback from the kids who mostly use it, is that the shower works better without it. One other observation, is that when it is on that function, it is much noisier. Build quality is fine, and the Plumbworld price was good, so in terms of value for money, its a good buy.