Mira Jump Electric Showers

Over the years Mira Jump Showers have become a firm favourite in homes across the UK, with customers recognising and trusting the brand when it comes to innovative electric showers. Mira Jump Electric Showers, as with all Mira shower products, has been designed to perform to the highest of standards and eliminated any issues that may arise, these showers have a range of technologies.

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    Mira Jump Electric Shower 9.5kW White & Chrome

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Mira Jump

Quick to fit

With both left and right hand water and cable inlets, deual terminal blocks and more space under the cover, Mira Jump Multi-fit easily replaces any existing electric shower.

1. Top fixing screw
Postioned outside the seal to eliminate any water ingress in to the unit.

2. Dual terminal blocks
Accepts cable entry from both the left and right without the need to re-wire.

3. Stub water inlet
Easy to access, this plastic stub is compatible with both plastic and brass connections and has ample room for tightening.

4. Fixing holes
3 easy access, slotted fixing holes, designed to aid adjustment and help hold the screw.

5. Intergrated pipe channel
This integrated tunnel discreetly channels right hand entry piping.

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Convenient cable and water entry points

Mira Jump has been improved; it now accepts water and cable entry from the left or the right. Combine that with the added benefits of dual terminal blocks, our patented Clearscale technology and more space to work under the cover means that Jump Multi-fit easily replaces any existing electric shower and will outlast the competition.

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Professional finish

With a new flush to the wall cover, moulded case with chrome detailing and adjustable fittings you're guaranteed to leave the job looking great.

Flush to wall cover
Encases the whole unit to leave a neat professional, watertight finish.

Adjustable fittings
The slide bar adjusts to fit over existing screw holes.

Seamless cover
No removable parts, simply cut the cover to allow for pipe work.

Chrome detail
Finished with chrome trim around flow and temperature dials.

Electric showers that last up to 50% longer.

Unlike competitor products all our electric showers feature Dual Element heater tanks. Two separate heating elements are wound together in a coiled helix, this increases space for water to flow and gives a more even distribution of heat, reducing hotspots where limescale can build up.

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