Corner Entry Shower Enclosures

Corner Shower Enclosures

Corner shower enclosures are very similar to quadrant enclosures. However, whereas quadrants are rounded, corner enclosures go for a straight edged look which makes for cleaner lines and provides a much neater look in the bathroom. This style of enclosure is one of the most compatible with bathrooms as it will fit in virtually any corner assuming there is enough room. The straight line design provides a much greater showering area than many other similar model enclosures. The doors are similarly fashioned to quadrant enclosures in which they are often centred and slide to either side; thus creating a generous entry area to get in and out of the shower.

  1. Essentials Corner Entry Shower Enclosure

    Essentials Corner Entry Shower Enclosure

  2. Hydrolux Corner Entry Shower Enclosure

    Hydrolux Corner Entry Shower Enclosure


Hydrolux 6mm 760mm 2 Door Corner Entry Shower Enclosure

Quality enclosure for a bargain price

Fitted this shower enclosure in one of our Lake District log cabins (Boltons Tarn luxury log cabin) which is used for holiday lets. The unit needed to be robust enough to take the constant use of visitors and stylish enough to enhance the finished update to the shower room. Price is always important and I am pleased the enclosure has met all requirements at the right price. Only downside is it comes as a kit and may take an hour or so to build prior to installation. The instructions comprise of photocopied pictures without text, think of it as a challenge not a problem and you will be OK.

Thomas Bosworth

Hydrolux 6mm 900mm 2 Door Corner Entry Shower Enclosure

Much better than the illustration!

I had the Hydrolux 900mm square corner entry shower enclosure installed a week ago, to replace a 900mm quadrant enclosure, and I am delighted with it. The quality is excellent, and appearance wise it looks far more attracive than the picture shows. The chrome surrounds are bright and shiny and so are the stainless steel handles. I was amazed at the price for such a good quality shower enclosure. I am really pleased and can highly recommend.

Harold Perkins

Essentials 800mm 2 Door Corner Entry Shower Enclosure With Tray

Great shower enclosure

The word 'essentials' makes this sound like a budget buy, and it wasn't overly expensive, but it is exactly what we wanted and of good quality. The corner opening doors allow easy access, especially for my fatty of a husband. My daughters and need only open one!

Ann D

Essentials 800mm 2 Door Corner Entry Shower Enclosure

Essentials 800mm shower enclosure

Excellent value for money. Happy with product and delivery service.

Helen Endean

Hydrolux 6mm 800mm 2 Door Corner Entry Shower Enclosure

800 mm 2 DOOR SHOWER

Took it's time to be delivered but eventually arrived in good condition. Assembly took place about 3 weeks later, what a surprise the instructions were not in English,, I'm told it was Italian. Why oh why can't you make sure correct language is used for that customer. With help from YouTube it does look very nice.

Jean Lindsay