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Extractor Fans

Do you need a bathroom extractor fan? While it may not be high on your bathroom wish list, a bathroom extractor should be an essential if you want to keep your bathroom looking fresh and beautiful. By helping remove moisture out of the air, a bathroom exhaust fan prevents mould from blighting your bathroom, ensuring your suite looks as good as new, for as long as possible.

Shop Bathroom Extractor Fans at Great Prices!

Here at Plumbworld, we have a bathroom vent fan for all needs. With products from leading names such as Xpelair, Manrose, Vent-axia and Greenwood, you can find low noise level options that are whisper quiet. Whether you want yours to run continuously, be operated by a pull cord or have it connected with your light switch, all of our bathroom air vents are designed to fit perfectly into your home bathroom.

Shop a wide range of bathroom extractor fans & bathroom electricals today at Plumbworld to find the best quality products at the lowest prices!

  1. Bathroom Extractor Fans

    Bathroom Extractor Fans

    54 products
    From £14.54
  2. Kitchen Extractor Fans

    Kitchen Extractor Fans

    3 choices
    From £55.49
  3. Over Shower Extractor Fans

    Over Shower Extractor Fans

    8 choices
    From £31.90
  4. extractor-fan-kits

    Extractor Fan Kits

    7 choices
    From £23.20
  5. Bathroom Extractor Fan Accessories

    Bathroom Extractor Fan Accessories

    15 products
    From £8.96
  6. Xpelair Extractor Fans

    Xpelair Extractor Fans

    14 choices
    From £21.39
  7. greenwood

    Greenwood Extractor Fans

    9 choices
    From £8.96
  8. Manrose Extractor Fans

    Manrose Extractor Fans

    14 choices
    From £14.54
  9. airflow-extractor-fans

    Airflow Extractor Fans

    21 products
    From £23.05