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We spend a long time trying to create the perfect bathroom but it’s not just about the bath or the shower, it’s the little things that really bring a bathroom together and provide it with longevity. When you’ve got things in place and fitted you really don’t want to be taking them back out again to replace parts. This is exactly why we supply such high-quality pieces like our range of pan connectors. They’re a permanent connection between your toilet pan and the soil pipe, saving you from embarrassing leaks. They can be purchased as an extendable version too, so you’ll be able to fit it in no matter the space available.

  1. Essentials 90 Degree Rigid Toilet Pan Connector

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  2. McAlpine Straight Rigid WC Connector - WC-CON1


    Extended Lead Time, 14 Days+
  3. McAlpine Adjustable Length Pan Connector 90-Degree Bend - WC-CON8


    Extended Lead Time, 14 Days+
  4. Essentials Straight Rigid Toilet Pan Connector


    Manufacturer Direct in 2 - 7 Days
  5. McAlpine Flexible Pan Connector 100-160mm - WC-F18R


    Extended Lead Time, 14 Days+
  6. McAlpine Flexible Pan Connector 140-310mm - WC-F23R


    Extended Lead Time, 14 Days+
  7. McAlpine Flexible Pan Connector 170-410mm - WC-F26R


    Extended Lead Time, 14 Days+
  8. Flexible Pan Connector

    Best Seller!

    Flexible Pan Connector

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