Bathroom Suites with Bath

Sometimes buying a bath is like buying a top; you’re happy that you’ve found the perfect one, but you’re struggling to find the matching skirt to go with it. The same goes for a bath when you simply can’t decide on a bathroom suite to go with it. Thankfully we’ve done the hard work for you and put together a selection of different baths with a number of stunning bathroom suites to create something that sits together perfectly. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get this tailored service either, with packages to suit all budgets but still brimming with the seal of quality you get on all Plumbworld products.

  1. modern-suites-with-bath

    Modern Suites with Bath

    170 products
    From £199.97
  2. traditional-suites-with-bath

    Traditional Suites with Bath

    48 products
    From £199.97
  3. single-ended-bath-suites

    Single Ended Bath Suites

    33 products
    From £199.97
  4. double-ended-bath-suites

    Double Ended Bath Suites

    7 choices
    From £199.97
  5. Shower Bath Suites

    Bathroom Suites with Shower Bath

    135 products
    From £279.97
  6. Freestanding Bath Suites

    Bathroom Suites with Freestanding Baths

    10 choices
    From £479.97