Bath Panels

Bath Panels, particularly the decorative styles make upgrading the look of your bathroom suite so easy. One simple addition can make the world of difference and that’s why the bath panel has exploded in popularity over the last year or two. With hundreds of designs and finishes to choose from, including wood, mirrors and even panels with hidden storage; there’s no doubt there’s something for everyone. Plumbworld has realised the need is at an all time high and they’ve kept their prices low without sacrificing on build quality to ensure everyone can take advantage. The addition of a quality panel can provide the finishing touch your bathroom needs to be complete.
  1. White Bath Panels

    White Bath Panels

    30 products
    From £24.99
  2. Wooden Bath Panels

    Wooden Bath Panels

    10 choices
    From £29.99
  3. grey-bath-panels

    Grey Bath Panels

    32 products
    From £24.97
  4. ivory-bath-panels

    Ivory Bath Panels

    9 choices
    From £29.97
  5. Decorative Bath Panels

    Decorative Bath Panels

    26 products
    From £14.97
  6. Storage Bath Panels

    Storage Bath Panels

    3 choices
    From £47.94
  7. tongue-and-groove-bath-panels

    Tongue and Groove Bath Panels

    6 choices
    From £29.99
  8. aurora-bath-panels

    Aurora Bath Panels

    27 products
    From £24.97
  9. bayswater-bath-panels

    Bayswater Bath Panels

    7 choices
    From £79.15
  10. park-lane-traditional-bath-panels

    Park Lane Traditional Bath Panels

    16 products
    From £29.97
  11. Clearance Bath Panels

    Clearance Bath Panels

    7 choices
    From £14.97