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Mixer Showers

Mixer Showers are taking the showering industry by storm with unique designs and ingenious, user-friendly features. They work but taking water from your hot and cold feeds and combining the inside the mixing valve to the optimum temperature. Mixer showers are usually available in one of three choices, Exposed Valve or Variable (EV), Built-In Rigid (BIR) and Built-In Valve or Variable (BIV). Exposed valve mixer showers are mounted inside the showering area with pipes that connect through the wall, built-in rigid mixer showers are installed inside the wall with just the shower control and the rigid shower head visible, and lastly the built-in valve mixer shower has the valve installed in the wall but with an adjustable riser rail fitted in the shower area. You’ll often see BIR and BIV mixer showers described as “concealed” like below.

  1. Bar Showers

    Bar Showers

    44 products
    From £36.99
  2. Exposed Valve Mixer Showers

    Exposed Valve Mixer Showers

    43 products
    From £79.97
  3. Concealed Valve Mixer Showers

    Concealed Valve Mixer Showers

    49 products
    From £44.99
  4. traditional-mixer-showers

    Traditional Mixer Showers

    23 products
    From £89.97
  5. black-mixer-showers

    Black Mixer Showers

    2 choices
    From £109.99
  6. Aqualisa Mixer Showers

    Aqualisa Mixer Showers

    17 products
    From £137.00
  7. Triton Mixer Showers

    Triton Mixer Showers

    17 products
    From £72.74
  8. bristan-mixer-showers

    Bristan Mixer Showers

    10 choices
    From £101.99
  9. Mira Mixer Showers

    Mira Mixer Showers

    35 products
    From £88.80
  10. gainsborough-mixer-showers

    Gainsborough Mixer Showers

    6 choices
    From £150.00
  11. merano-showers

    Merano Showers

    2 choices
    From £169.99
  12. st-james-mixer-showers

    St James Mixer Showers

    7 choices
    From £129.99
  13. Shower Valves

    Shower Valves

    43 products
    From £92.90
  14. thermostatic-mixer-showers

    Thermostatic Mixer Showers

    105 products
    From £36.99