Mixer Showers

Instantly Fine-Tune Your Perfect Shower With A Beautiful Mixer Shower From Plumbworld

Mixer Showers are taking the showering industry by storm with unique designs and ingenious, user-friendly features. They work but taking water from your hot and cold feeds and combining the inside the mixing valve to the optimum temperature. Mixer showers are usually available in one of three choices, Exposed Valve or Variable (EV), Built-In Rigid (BIR) and Built-In Valve or Variable (BIV). Exposed valve mixer showers are mounted inside the showering area with pipes that connect through the wall, built-in rigid mixer showers are installed inside the wall with just the shower control and the rigid shower head visible, and lastly the built-in valve mixer shower has the valve installed in the wall but with an adjustable riser rail fitted in the shower area. You’ll often see BIR and BIV mixer showers described as “concealed” like below.

  1. Concealed Valve Mixer Showers

    Concealed Valve Mixer Showers

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  2. Exposed Valve Mixer Showers

    Exposed Valve Mixer Showers

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    with 25 choices

  3. Bar Showers

    Bar Showers

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  4. Shower Valves

    Shower Valves

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Mira Coda Thermostatic Bar Mixer Shower 2.1630.001

Very good shower

This was a replacement for a previous shower I installed nearly 10 years ago which was a recessed item with 70mm between outlets ,pain to get at and imposible to service.This product was easy to fit with the Z adaptors making a now standard 50mm centres and all filters and mechanics now easy to get to if ever needed. The surface protrusion is not as bad as I expected and I wish I had chosen this item before . This is not the first time Ive used plumbworld buying a boiler and other bathroom ware before. Ive found the prices oddly cheaper than the wholesale price and delivered quickly.

bathroom bob

Aqualisa Colt Exposed Thermostatic Shower & Harmony Head

This colt is a is a real thoroughbred

Looking for a quality in expensive shower? Then this colt could be the thing for you, I ordered this for my father and love the fact that aqualisa have not skimped on the quality, the harmony head and the riser rail put this up there with the best , as a retired plumber fitting this was a breeze, I like the way that aqualisa think of everything, the template for drilling is a nice touch and makes installation a hassle free experience. I have used aqualisa in the past for my customers and today for myself and friends and family

Kevin Greene

Triton Tees Bar Mixer Shower Chrome

Fantastic quality

Just had the shower installed recently and what can I say. Absolute quality from Triton! Looks fantastic, the main showerhead is very impressive and the diverter is probably better than my old shower itself!! If you add a decent quality shower pump for pressure I think youve just about got the perfect shower. Would recommend to everyone and the only disappointment is that Im not in it right now!! Pure quality at a very reasonable price, A1 and 5 stars.

B. Cody

Mira Silver Thermostatic Exposed Valve Mixer Shower

Impressive Product

Although I already had high hopes for this Mira product, I was delighted that it exceeded my expectations. The quality of this shower is excellent and the appearance is modern and stylish. Compared to similar models that are available in DIY stores, Mira Silver is brilliant value for money. Having a morning shower with Mira Silver starts my day making me feel invigorated. I would recommend this shower to anyone.

Lilyana Woodward

Mira Miniduo Thermostatic Exposed Valve Mixer Shower

Neat and efficient

Purchased from Plumbworld after researching the amazing range of Mira showers on line. Actually it's the second Miniduo I've installed and as previously, straight forward using the crystal clear instructions and oh so useful supply pipe template provided. So clean and neat, delivering a great shower notwithstanding the low head we have. Plumbworld wasted no time on delivery and at a great price too.

Patrick Winters