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Triton Tees Bar Mixer Shower Chrome

Rain fall shower

Fitted to replace a broken single valve shower. The shower was nice and heavy brass with chrome plating. Easy to fit and every thing needed was supplied in the box. I did however use seperate wall fixings to ensure correct attachment to the wall. The supplied offset connectors would not have been able to support the shower in our set up as the pipes were not load bearing. Wevy nice and easy to operate. The rainfall head gives a pleasant and soft shower. The hand shower is a nice feature which comes in very handy. The temp control is easy to use, not realy needing adjustment but allows a hotter shower if required. Its set to 38 deg which is nice and warm anyway. Riser holder on hand shower head easy to operate allowing it to be moved up and down, with a good solid mechanism to stop it moving from desired height. The main rainfall head is not height adjustable but can be tilted if required. Very happy so far with the shower.


Mira Miniluxe Thermostatic Mixer Shower & Diverter ERD

Mira Miniluxe Thermostatic Mixer Shower & Diverter ERD

Simple and very effective. My plumber left the hot and cold 15mm tails the correct distance apart. the shower enclosure was to be tiled. The tiler was advised of the importance of keeping the correct centres for the pipes. Ordered shower from Plumworld, great service and great price. Unpacked box contents which were well packed and started to install the shower as per the comprehensive instruction, within an hour the shower was installed and working really well on a combi boiler. I am not a plumber but am practical so was not daunted by installing myself, it was easy with the right tools and a little knowledge of plumbing. One thing to note and be careful of is, if installing on tiles be very careful when drilling the fixing holes through the tiles so as not to crack them, when tiling around the pipe tails ensure to apply plenty of tile adhesive in this area to give a solid base under the tiles where drilling is to take place.

Mick Wainwright

Mira Coda Thermostatic Bar Mixer Shower 2.1630.001

Mira Coda Shower Valve

I purchased this shower valve as a direct replacement for a Mira 8 EV valve which has given many years of good service. The Mira 8 had an inlrt pipe distance of 154mm so I needed a valve with an adjustable inlet distance, a requirement met by the Coda due to its off-set inlet connections.(Some valves do not appear to have this facility) I was warned by Mira that unless the pipework was rigidly fixed the valve might be 'wobble' when installed since the valve itself was bnot fixed directly to the wall. However since I was fixing it to a stud partition wall and mounting brackets for this purpose were included in the kit I decided to go ahead. Installation was fairly straightforward although adjusting the off-set connectors to get the inlet pipe distance correct with the valve body level was a bit tricky. The valve itself is of excellent quality and good value for money. I only wish I could say the same about the shower fittings included in the kit. Although they look attractive they are of a rather flimsy plastic construction, even the hose and slide bar being plastic which is not what I would have expected from Mira. In retrospect I wish I had purchased just the valve, and better quality shower fittings separately. Cons. Valve handles difficult to grip, especially with wet hands. Temperature setting numbers very difficult to read.

Yesenia Dixon

Mira Excel Thermostatic Shower BIV All Chrome

Very nice looking shower, functions well, bit tricky to fit in partition wall

Chose a Mira shower again to replace my old '88. Does need a larger opening with pipes spaced further apart but was still easily able to get it between the timber studwork. Mounted it onto batten at rear of partition wall, had to take care as there is a maximum thickness from the front of the shower valve to the front surface of in my case the tiles. Tiles were 40 x 25 and in my instance I had to cut into two to make the large oval cutout required. The outlet from the valve to the shower as suppllied is from the top (need to reverse hot/cold mechanism if you want it from bottom). I had to feed this through studwork to get a good placement. The coupling from the valve outlet pipe to the hose is quite difficult to fit and access from the rear would make it much easier as the coupling is held between a backplate behind the plaster. I managed to secure this by having pipe in place before fitting plsterboard, with the plasterboard having the backplate temporarily glued to it. Once in place I could put on the outer part of the coupling and get everything aligned before tiling. Once tiled I found that the screws for the coupling were only just long enough, also neededto lubricate the seals to allow the pipe to be inserted easily. So, it took a while to fit, but the overall apperance is brilliant and I am very pleased with the product.

Micheal Landry

Mira Element Thermostatic Exposed Valve Mixer Shower

Buy Mira

Having had the same Mira shower for 20 years we opted for another when our old one broke. Having just decorated the bathroom in the last 1-2 years we did not want to have to re-tile to fit a new shower. The Element fits the existing holes with just a small amount of grouting to fill in We have a combi boiler which the Element works well with. Very pleased with the one lever dial to turn shower on and control temperature, better for those with arthritis in fingers than a large knob which requires a lot of turning. Also when your hands are covered in soap/shampoo it is very easy to turn temperature up/down. We chose a shower head with 3 or 4 settings (at the turn of a leaver) as this was a feature we used in the old shower. The power setting is great for a back and shoulder massage. The only downside to the Element is that ours is sited over the end of the bath and the water spray does not reach far enough into the bath. I have to stand up the slope of the back of the bath and lean back in order to get my head under the spray to wash my hair. Overall good value for money.

Danika Gibbs