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Mixer Showers

Mixer Showers are taking the showering industry by storm with unique designs and ingenious, user-friendly features. They work but taking water from your hot and cold feeds and combining the inside the mixing valve to the optimum temperature. Mixer showers are usually available in one of three choices, Exposed Valve or Variable (EV), Built-In Rigid (BIR) and Built-In Valve or Variable (BIV). Exposed valve mixer showers are mounted inside the showering area with pipes that connect through the wall, built-in rigid mixer showers are installed inside the wall with just the shower control and the rigid shower head visible, and lastly the built-in valve mixer shower has the valve installed in the wall but with an adjustable riser rail fitted in the shower area. You’ll often see BIR and BIV mixer showers described as “concealed” like below.

  1. Bar Showers

    Bar Showers

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  2. Exposed Valve Mixer Showers

    Exposed Valve Mixer Showers

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  3. Concealed Valve Mixer Showers

    Concealed Valve Mixer Showers

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    From £39.99
  4. traditional-mixer-showers

    Traditional Mixer Showers

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  5. black-mixer-showers

    Black Mixer Showers

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  6. Mira Mixer Showers

    Mira Mixer Showers

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  7. bristan-mixer-showers

    Bristan Mixer Showers

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  8. Triton Mixer Showers

    Triton Mixer Showers

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  9. Aqualisa Mixer Showers

    Aqualisa Mixer Showers

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  10. gainsborough-mixer-showers

    Gainsborough Mixer Showers

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  11. merano-showers

    Merano Showers

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  12. thermostatic-mixer-showers

    Thermostatic Mixer Showers

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  13. independent-living-mixer-showers

    Independent Living Mixer Showers

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  14. Shower Valves

    Shower Valves

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  16. Architeckt Thermostatic Round Bar Valve Bottom Outlet

    Was £44.99


    50+ available
  17. Essentials Round Concealed Stick Handle Shower Valve

    Was £54.99


    50+ available
  18. Essentials Concealed Stick Shower with Ceiling Mounted Fixed Shower Head

    Was £200.00


    10 Available
  19. Architeckt Thermostatic Bar Valve Shower Round with Adjustable Head

    Was £49.99


    50+ available
  20. Architeckt Thermostatic Square Bar Shower Valve Bottom Outlet

  21. Architeckt Thermostatic Bar Valve Shower Square with Adjustable Head

    Was £79.99


    50+ available
  22. Essentials Concealed Stick Shower with Wall Mounted Fixed Shower Head

    Was £200.00


    39 Available
  23. Essentials Concealed Stick Shower with Adjustable Head

    Was £200.00


    50+ available
  24. Architeckt Thermostatic Concealed Round Shower with Ceiling Mounted Drencher Shower Head

  25. Architeckt Thermostatic Concentric Concealed Shower with Ceiling Mounted Fixed Shower Head

    Was £200.00


    10 Available
  26. Triton Exe Thermostatic Bar Mixer Shower - UNEXTHBM

  27. Architeckt Thermostatic Concealed Square Shower Valve - Two Outlet

  28. Architeckt Thermostatic Mixer Shower – Round Bar Valve with Round Drench & Adjustable Heads

  29. Triton Exe Lever Thermostatic Bar Mixer Shower

  30. Architeckt Thermostatic Concealed Round Shower Valve - Two Outlet

    Was £89.99


    50+ available
  31. Triton Dene Cool Touch Thermostatic Bar Mixer Shower - UNDETHBMCT

    Was £116.86


    16 Available
  32. architeckt-thermostatic-mixer-shower-round-bar-valve-with-square-drench-adjustable-heads

    Best Seller!

    Architeckt Thermostatic Mixer Shower – Round Bar Valve with Square Drench & Adjustable Heads

    Was £149.97


    50+ available
  33. Park Lane Thermostatic Concealed Traditional Shower Valve - Two Outlet

  34. Triton Dene Hi-Flo Bar Mixer Shower - UNDETHBM

  35. Mira Coda Pro Thermostatic Valve Only

    Was £153.60


    22 Available
  36. Mira Relate EV Thermostatic Mixer Shower Chrome - 2.1878.001

  37. Architeckt Thermostatic Round Concentric Concealed Shower Valve

    Was £119.96


    50+ available
  38. Architeckt Thermostatic Concealed Round Shower with Ceiling Mounted and Handset Shower Heads

  39. Park Lane Traditional Concentric Concealed Shower Valve

  40. Architeckt Thermostatic Concealed Round Shower with Adjustable Head

    Was £200.00


    8 Available
  41. Architeckt Thermostatic Concealed Round Shower with Ceiling Mounted and Adjustable Shower Heads

  42. Bristan Artisan Thermostatic Mounted Bar Shower Valve Chrome - AR2 SHXVOFF C

  43. Triton Dene Sequential Thermostatic Exposed Mixer Shower - UNDETHEXSQM

    Was £149.86


    6 Available
  44. Architeckt Thermostatic Concealed Round Shower with Wall Mounted and Handset Shower Heads

  45. Architeckt Thermostatic Concentric Concealed Shower with Wall Mounted Fixed Shower Head

    Was £200.00


    39 Available
  46. Architeckt Thermostatic Concentric Concealed Shower with Adjustable Head

    Was £200.00


    50+ available
  47. Architeckt Thermostatic Mixer Shower – Square Bar Valve with Square Drench & Adjustable Heads

    Was £199.97


    50+ available
  48. Architeckt Thermostatic Concealed Round Shower with Wall Mounted Drencher Shower Head

    Was £200.00


    4 Available

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Aqualisa Midas 220 Thermostatic Shower Column with Adjustable and Fixed Drencher Heads - HP/Combi

Quality and safety for kids.

This has been fitted in our en-suite and the beat feature is that all pipes are cool to touch. I’m happy for my boys to use without the risk of burns from pipes and boss. Paired this with a Stewart Turner 2 bar pump and it runs really well. Expensive, but you get what you pay for!


Aqualisa Dream Concealed Thermostatic Shower & Adjustable Head

smooth installation, quick delivery

Th shower was delivered as expected and was easily installed. Keeping up the record of our other equalise products!

Richard Bassett

Aqualisa Aspire DL Exposed Thermostatic Shower & Adjustable Head

Quality Shower

Very good quality shower, easy to fit as replacement for Mira Excel.

Kevin Tutton

Aqualisa Midas 110 Bath Shower Mixer with Adjustable Head - HP/Combi

excellent value shower mixer, works very well- great price

raoul chapelle

Mira Miniduo Thermostatic Exposed Valve Mixer Shower

Quality product, good service

Everything that you could want from an online retailer, excellent availability complemented by prompt delivery. Everyone who sees and uses our bathroom has been wowed by the quality of the products and the service that we have received. All in all a flawless, stress-free experience and we cannot speak highly enough.


Mira Excel Thermostatic Exposed Valve Mixer Shower

Mira Shower

Bought and delivered as per Plumbworld terms. This was bought to replace an existing similar model that had been installed for 18 years. Hopefully if this lasts just as long, it would be worth it.

Chandra Patel

Mira Agile S Exposed Valve Thermostatic Mixer Shower - Chrome

Excellent - they did a really good job!

Just what I wanted, arrived on time and in perfect condition - having it fitted this week, Can't beat Mira showers.


Mira Adept BRD+ Thermostatic Mixer Shower

Quality product at a competitive price

Excellent shower with great control and showering options, looks great


Triton Tees Bar Thermostatic Mixer Shower Chrome

Great Quality, Service & Price

I love this shower it's really substantial without the hefty price you'd normally get. Triton are a quality, known brand so I was confident buying it and I just love the big shower head. It looks really good, was relatively easy to install and I'd buy another one in the blink of an eye!

Eileen Woodward

Aqualisa Aquarian Thermostatic Exposed Mixer Shower Valve White - E99.20T

Competitive price

Purchased an exact replacement Aqualisa Aquarian Exposed Mixer Shower Valve



A Mixer Shower For The Whole Family

A mixer shower is the perfect type of shower for those who want an invigorating, memorable experience as opposed to a quick wash. Whereas electric showers require an electrical connection, a mixer shower doesn’t and simply runs off a cold and hot water feed which are mixed together in the valve before being pushed through the showerhead. Mixer showers offer a much higher flow rate when compared to electric showers and better yet, they can be coupled with a separate shower pump to increase the flow further. Plumbworld’s comprehensive range of mixer showers from Mira, Triton and other world renowned manufacturers will ensure you get the highest quality shower currently available.



Stylish & Stunning Showers

Because the mixer shower doesn’t require an inbuilt pump or heating element, the designs of the valves can be much more focused on aesthetics. More often than not valves are quite minimalist and don’t protrude into the showering area too much; they can also be built into the shower wall for extra aesthetics whilst retaining all their normal functionality. 

The types of valves can vary widely; standard valves with single and double controls are available, bar valves are also fairly common and you can opt between exposed and built-in valves. All of these can be found in a variety of styles, shapes and designs, allowing you much greater control over the look of your bathroom to maximise aesthetics. The wide choice of valves from Plumbworld will ensure that you can find the perfect shower for your bathroom that complements the rest of your fittings.

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Thermostatic Safety

The benefits of a thermostatic valve are mostly for safety. If the cold water feed for some reason fails, there will be a feature that kicks in to turn off the shower, ensuring that you and your family won’t risk the danger of getting scalded by hot water. The constant temperature check also ensures that those small changes such as toilet flushes and taps running elsewhere in the house will not make a difference to your showering experience. It should also be noted that a thermostatic mixer valve can also increase efficiency by saving water and energy thanks to its intelligent adjustments.


Mixer showers have the option of thermostatic and manual models; most people will opt for the thermostatic option since it provides a safer, more efficient and overall better showering experience. A thermostatic mixer has the ability to maintain a specific temperature for the duration of the shower by mixing the hot and cold according to your temperature preference. If there are any fluctuations in pressure or water temperature, the valve reacts immediately and modifies the mix of hot and cold water to keep temperature constant. You won’t even know that it’s working because you won’t feel the temperature change at all.

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No Electrics Required

The good thing about mixer showers is that they don’t require any electrical connections to function since they have no electrical element to heat the water within the unit. Therefore you don’t need to worry whether you have the correct cabling for the shower you want to install; and this will also save you a lot of money on any electrical work that would’ve had to be done. If for some reason you have a power-cut, you will still be able to shower and get ready for the day since the mixer shower doesn’t rely on electricity to function. As well as this, your electricity bill will also be considerably lower; especially for large families or people who like an extra long shower in the mornings.

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Mixer Showers Explained Further...

Mixer showers combine the hot and cold water supplies from your domestic hot water system. This means that you need a combi boiler, hot water storage tank, unvented system or immersion heater to supply the hot water to the shower.

Mixer showers generally produce a stronger flow than electric showers and are the perfect choice if you have a Combi Boiler or an Unvented (Pressurized) Hot Water System.

One thing to watch out for with mixer showers is that the temperature of the shower may be affected by changes in the water pressure. If you live alone this probably won’t be a problem, but if others are turning on taps or flushing toilets while you are in the shower then you will experience temperature “spikes”! This is only the case for the cheaper manual mixer showers. Thermostatic mixer showers have built in protection to stop this.


Mixer Showers


While some mixer showers will work with any pressure of water system, others are designed specifically for either a high-pressure or a low-pressure system - make sure you check before you buy that the shower you like will work on the system you have at home. If your home has low water pressure, you could also consider buying a shower pump to increase the flow.

Pros of mixer showers:

  • High flow rate gives powerful showering experience
  • Thermostatic mixer showers give you added safety and stop you being scalded
  • Manual mixer showers are the cheapest showering solution

Cons of mixer showers:

  • Need to ensure that you get the correct type for your water system
  • Require hot and cold water supply so if replacing an electric shower will need more plumbing work


The impact of pressure changes on mixer showers is explained here in this video:


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