Gainsborough Mixer Showers

If you struggle to leave the house without a shower in the morning then you might want to consider Gainsborough mixer showers. They’re without a doubt one of the most refreshing showers you’ll use first thing in the morning, especially if you’ve got a high pressure water system, and then when you get home crank up the heat and sooth the day away. Gainsborough showers are built to a very high standard and come with added protection from limescale for those hard water areas.

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  2. Gainsborough Bar Mixer Shower With Adjustable Head

  3. Gainsborough Ambassador High Pressure Concealed Mixer Shower

  4. Gainsborough Luxury Bar Mixer Shower With Adjustable Head

  5. Gainsborough Ambassador Combi Exposed Mixer Shower

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    Gainsborough Ambassador Combi Concealed Mixer Shower

  7. Gainsborough Ambassador Gravity Fed Concealed Mixer Shower

  8. Gainsborough Bar Mixer Shower With Fixed & Adjustable Heads

  9. Gainsborough Exposed Mixer Shower With Adjustable Head

  10. Gainsborough Concealed Mixer Shower With Adjustable Head

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Exactly Why You Should Have a Mixer Shower

Gainsborough mixer showers are the perfect all-rounders of the showering world. They’re beautifully stylish and minimalistic, easy to fit and easy to use, and finally safe for all the family to use.

You can choose from either concealed or exposed valve types depending on your preference and installation requirements, both of which are thermostatic. Thermostatic valves keep the temperature of water constant no matter how many other water outlets are in use, providing you with a shower you can trust regardless of the sensitivity of your skin.

They’re also great for areas which have hard water. Limescale defences are powerful and keep your shower running better for longer. The valve bodies are made from solid brass for durability and finished in a delightfully luxurious polished chrome finish, ideal for complementing any style of bathroom.