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Electric showers are ideal for households where there is a limited supply of hot water, they’re always ready for you to hop in at any time of the day. Mira Vie Electric Showers feature a contemporary finish that will look brilliant in any bathroom, no matter the style. Mira Vie is an affordable and long-lasting shower that benefits from an Eco-setting designed to save water, making it a brilliant purchase for families where the shower is constantly being used. 8.5kW electric showers require less power to run, therefore there is a more gentle flow of water, meaning you shower is unlikely to ever run cold.

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    Mira Vie Electric Shower 9.5kW White & Chrome

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Mira Vie Cable and water entry points


Contemporary, affordable, long-lasting shower

  • Pressure stabilised temperature control maintains your selected showering temperature
  • Separate power and temperature controls to fine-tune your perfect shower
  • Push-button on/off
  • Eco setting designed to save water and energy
  • Clearscale technology cuts limescale by half for a better performing, longer lasting shower
  • Single spray showerhead with rub-clean nozzles for easy limescale removal


Professional Finish

With a new flush to the wall cover, moulded case with chrome detailing and adjustable fittings you’re guaranteed to leave the job looking great.

Flush to wall cover
Encases the whole unit to leave a neat, professional, watertight finish

Adjustable fittings
The slide bar adjusts to fir over existing screw holes

Seamless cover
No removable parts, simply cut the cover to allow for pipework

Chrome detail
Finished with chrome trim around flow and temperature dials

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Mira Clearscale Technology

Unlike competitor showers, all Mira electric showers feature Dual Element heater tanks. Two separate heating elements are wound together in a coiled helix, in return this will increase the space for water to flow and gives a more even distribution of heat, thus reducing hotspots where limescale can build up. Watch this informative video to show how Mira Clearscale Technology works.

Mira Vie Shower Head


Mira Showerheads

Not only do Mira electric showers combat limescale, but Mira showerheads also feature rub-clean nozzles which allow the user to use a soft cloth to wipe any limescale from the nozzle and the front face of the showerhead. This handy feature makes for easy cleaning, something which we’re sure you’re glad to hear!

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