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Mira Galena Electric Showers

Who says showers have to be minimalist and plain? Make your shower a design piece in your bathroom with the Mira Galena Electric Shower, featuring a range of different coloured and patterned glass facias. Choose from a striking black glass with a dainty flock pattern, an organic grey slate design, a soft light stone effect and a sparkly metallic silver glass. The Mira Galena electric shower not only has an incredibly stylish textured fascia, it also has clever technology on the inside such as SMA ™, Sensi-flo™ and Clearscale™ that all help improve your showering experience, keep you safe and keep your shower performing its best for longer. When searching for electric showers, Mira Galena definitely comes top with it’s unique design and technology.

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    Mira Galena Thermostatic Electric Shower - 9.8kW Metallic Silver Glass Effect

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  4. Mira Galena Thermostatic Electric Shower - 9.8kW Light Stone Effect

  5. Mira Galena Thermostatic Electric Shower - 9.8kW Slate Effect

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Mira Galena Electric Showers

The Mira Galena Electric Shower oozes with style and sophistication, with its modern rectangular design with smooth polished edges and a featured textured design on the front glass fascia. Choose from an elegant flock pattern, a textured slate, a light stone or a shimmering metallic white design. The contemporary glass with unique pattern creates an eye-catching design piece for your bathroom, bringing style along with practicality and clever technology.

Mira Galena
shower spray



4 spray patterns

Select the kind of shower you desire out of the four different settings, whether you want a soft rainfall to relax or a powerful downpour to revitalize you for the day ahead.

Shiny chrome finish

The stunning dazzling chrome has heaps of style and is easy to keep shiny as it is super easy to wipe-clean due to its soft smooth surface.

Soap dish

Practical soap dish is attatched to the shower, allowing you to keep your soap at close proximity whilst showering.

Integrated phased shutdown

The Integrated phased shutdown process will flush hot water from the system when the shower is switched off so that it’s safe to use for the next user. The last thing you want is a sudden blast of hot water from when it was used before you when you start off your own shower, so the phased shutdown ensures the system is clear and ready to start up again to the temperature that you desire with no horrible surprises! Due to the system being flushed each time it is used and turned off, this also helps to reduce the development of limescale.

Sensi-flo™ Technology

There's nothing worse when you're having a relaxing shower and the water suddenly gets far too hot due to an unknown blockage within the shower head or hose, causing the water to heat up more than it's set to. Mira Sensi-flo™ technology was created to prevent painful scalding, giving you important peace of mind and making it safe for the whole family to use!



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Watch the first video to learn more about the features and benefits of the Mira Galena Electric Showers, and watch the second video to learn more about Mira Clearscale™ technology.