Mira Advance Thermostatic Electric Shower - 8.7kW 1.1785.001

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Thermostatic Stable Gauge

Precise temperature control

Standard showers can have hot temperature spikes when others in the house turn on taps or flush the toilet.

Thermostatic control means that this shower will hold its temperature steady at all times. It dynamically adjusts the hot and cold water offsetting the everyday changes in water pressure experienced in most family homes.


Only a cold water supply required

Electric showers are by far the most convenient to install. They connect to a cold water supply only and not to your boiler, warming the water using an element inside the shower. So if you're worried about your brother, sister, partner or anybody else using all the hot water in the house then this electric shower is certainly for you. Because no matter how much you us it, it won't run out or let you down when it comes to heat.

Mira Advance Care Visual & Audio Enhancements

Visually & Audio Enhanced

Simple day-to-day activities such as showering shouldn’t be seen as daunting and the Mira Advance does it best to make sure it’s not. It features high contract graphics , raised markings and light-touch buttons, all to make things easier for those short on sight or lacking in dexterity. For those hard of hearing it benefits from clear, audible beeps so you know when the shower is on or off plus clicks on both the shower handset and central dial.

Mira Advance Care Maximum Temperature

4 Different maximum temperature settings

With the Mira Advance it’s now even easier to set a maximum temperature. You have a choice of 4 different maximum temperature settings that can be changed at the flick of a switch during installation thanks to the really clever PCB unit.


What is limescale?

Sometimes it can be hard to tell if your shower is suffering from a build-up of limescale as most of the damage is done internally. In some cases you will get a chalky residue appearing on your shower head which will be a good indicator that it’s also inside the shower unit.

People living in hard water areas are definitely more susceptible to limescale so it’s critical to buy a shower that can effectively deal with it otherwise you may have to replace your appliances before you think.


How does Mira Clearscale™ help?

Mira have designed their showers with longer heating elements and larger gaps between the coils ensuring that the heating tank produces a consistent temperature and eliminating hot spots which is where the limescale builds up.

Delayed shutdown also assists by flushing out any leftover hot water.


Mira shower heads

The nozzles on Mira shower heads also help deal with limescale due their rub-clean nature. A soft cloth can be used to simply wipe away any build ups keeping your shower head looking clean and functioning perfectly.


10mm cable size

The right size cable depends on the kW rating of your shower. The higher the rating the greater the flow of heated water will be, so you need to be sure to choose the correct cable size for your shower. This particular shower recommends using a 10mm cable.

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BEAB Care Mark Product

BEAB care approved

A BEAB Care Mark approved product will guarantee a stable water temperature. It also guarantees that the user will protect from scalding if there were rapid changes in incoming water temperatures. The BEAB Care Mark can only be awarded to products that already have standard BEAB approval meaning that the product has additional safety and performance features. These features have been developed to keep in mind the care industry like hospitals, care homes and hotels.

RNIB Approved Product

RNIB Tried & Tested

RNIB approval on a product lets blind and partially sighted people know that it is suitable for them. RNIB tried and tested is based on a thorough user testing experience so you know that it’s been designed and made to suit your every need. It ensures that the product features the highest usability and accessibility for extra peace of mind.

Mira Showers 2 Year Guarantee

Mira 2-year guarantee

Mira has meant quality for more than 100 years. This product comes with a 2-year guarantee so you can enjoy Mira's style, comfort and expert design with total peace of mind.

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Mira Showers

A century of innovation

Mira Showers are renowned for excellence and innovation. They are dedicated to making customers' moments matter, from the product design stage right through to aftercare. The company offer a diverse range of showers, shower enclosures and taps to suit a variety of different needs, ensuring you'll always find a Mira product that's right for you.

Creators of the dual-outlet electric shower and the very first thermostatic mixer, Mira have won a number of design awards including the Queen's Award for Enterprise (Mira Sport Max) and the Red Dot Award (Mira Mode Digital Shower).

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Features and Benefits:

  • Thermostatic control for safe and comfortable water temperature
  • Maximum temperature safety feature
  • Audible alerts
  • High contrast visuals
  • Matte finished panel
  • Easy to operate controls – easy grip buttons and handles
  • 3 different spray modes
  • Clearscale Pro technology – limits limescale for a longer lifespan
  • Adjustable maximum temperature setting between 41 and 48 degrees
  • Phased shutdown flushes hot water from the tank, making it safe for the next user
  • WRAS, BEAB, KIWA UK, and RNIB approved
  • 2 year warranty


This award winning Mira Advance Electric Shower offers a wealth of features that make it one of the most advanced electric shower units in the market. Perfect for offering that energy efficient and luxurious shower that you want. It is especially aimed at the elderly, disabled, visually impaired and vulnerable user for a shower that is safe and easy to use.

The unit is attractive and will fit perfectly into any modern or traditional bathroom. While the features are perfect for the disabled, elderly or visually impaired, this is a stylish and beautiful shower unit that will always provide the right design feel in any bathroom or en suite, for all the family.

Customer benefits

Never again will you step into a cold shower or one that has not yet reached the desired temperature. The Mira Advance uses audible beeps to indicate that it is ready for use. It also beeps when dials are adjusted, so that you know you are adjusting the temperature, making it perfect for users with very limited vision. These dials are also designed to be easily seen for the visually impaired, with high contrast visuals and large buttons that are easy to press. It has even been given the seal of approval for use by the elderly and vulnerable by the Skin Health Alliance.

The matte finish of this shower unit looks great, and the benefit of the matte finish is that it is anti-glare, making it easier for the visually impaired user to view and operate. The shower includes a patented friction grip showerhead that makes it really easy to move the showerhead into the right position. This can even be done with one hand. The shower head also benefits from an anti-limescale technology that means it will outlast other showerhead types and gives great performance, shower after shower.

Mira use their Opi-flo Pro system to adjust the shower pressure as feed water pressure fluctuates, giving an even and consistent shower at all times. Meanwhile the thermostatic control ensures that the shower offers a consistent temperature too, with no fluctuations that can be dangerous and uncomfortable.

The Mira Advance is proud to have been given approval and awards by a number of bodies and organisations including WRAS, KIWA UK, BEAB Care, BEAB and the RNIB Gold Award. This makes it one of the best choices for care homes, hospitals and for anyone needing a shower that offers that little more help.

Technical specifications

  • Cold mains feed
  • Supply Voltage : 230v + 10%
  • Supply Rating : 40 amp
  • Terminal block connections : Maximum 16mm2
  • Water entry points : Right (Rising, falling or rear with an elbow)
  • Cable entry points : Right (Rising, falling or rear)
  • Inlet connections : Brass inlet connector. ½” BSP Male and 15mm compression fitting
  • Outlet connections : ½” BSP Male
  • Minimum maintained pressure : 0.5 bar (1.0 bar BEAB Care)
  • Maximum maintained pressure : 5.0 bar
  • Maximum static pressure : 10.0 bar



Made in the UK

For 100 years, Mira have been designing, manufacturing, and assembling their products right here in the UK. State-of-the-art manufacturing processes and advanced equipment is used at both the Cheltenham and Hull manufacturing plants. This ensures the highest level of quality no matter the product being made. And for complete peace of mind, Mira test every single product and spare part before it leaves their factories, guaranteeing that they exceed the industry recommendations.


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Mira Trustpilot Score

2 Year Guarantee

Mira Advance Thermostatic Electric Shower - 8.7kW 1.1785.001 Video


Technical Drawings



Mira Advance Thermostatic Electric Shower - 8.7kW 1.1785.001 Specifications
Components Complete Showers
Shower Type Electric
Outlets Single Outlet
Style Contemporary
Colour White
Head Type Handset
Supply Type HP / Combi
Low Pressure Suitable No
Combi Boiler Suitable Yes
High Pressure Suitable Yes
Mobile App Connectivity No
Amazon Alexa Connectivity No
Google Home Connectivity No
Power 8.7 kW
Spray Patterns 3
Water Feed Rear Wall Fed
Temperature Control Thermostatic
BEAB Care Yes
RNIB Approved Yes
Range Advance

Mira Advance Thermostatic Electric Shower - 8.7kW 1.1785.001


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Key Features:

  • Mira Clearscale™ technology cuts limescale by 50% for a better performing, longer lasting shower
  • Clear audible beeps indicate the unit is turning on/off or when has reached the desired temperature
  • High contrast visuals on critical touchpoints to make navigation easy
  • 2-year guarantee
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What are electric showers and why do you need one?

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59 Product Reviews

  • Mira Shower fan
    5/ 5

    My existing Mira Advance shower stopped working in the morning, no hot water and it was at least 9 years old as it was here when I moved in. Ordered it from Plumbworld in the morning after to speaking to someone at Mira to get the newer replacement model. Even with next day delivery it was still cheaper than Screwfix and Toolstation. Next day DPD delivery (thank you for NOT using Evri), email gave me a 1 hour delivery window. I arranged for someone to arrive 30 minutes after delivery slot. DPD delivered within slot time, old one out, new shower in. Everything lined up, even the screw holes to hold it on the wall and best of all the water inlet just screw back in. The shower was back up and running with hot water. The shower is easy to use. Press to start, it beeps and when it gets to the set temperature it beeps to tell you you can get in now. So say you have it at #8 it beeps when it up to temperature. Can't fault any part of the process. Great service, great price, great DPD delivery and a great shower.

  • Roy Melling
    5/ 5

    Our Mira Advance shower finaly gave up last week after 15years of faultless service (RIP).What make to buy next was never in question,it had to be a MIRA.We searched the web and found that MIRA still made the same "Advance Thermostatic 8.7kw Model" that we had and Plumbworld had the best price beating the nearest best price (Screwfix) by nearly "£30.00",now thats a LOT of money to save on one item and that included VAT and FREE delivery as well.I needed to check out some further information which the sales team sorted straight away and were very polite as well.I recieved regular email updates from plumbworld and also from the Courier service along with a great tracking service. The new Shower was delivered bang on time by a very smart and polite driver.Well done Plumbworld for providing a GREAT service,your at the top of our list for our future plumbing needs. Thankyou+++10/10

  • Richard
    5/ 5

    Was looking to replace an antiquated shower. Looked on the Plumbworld website and they had the perfect replacement! No messing with extra wiring or plumbing. This shower just fitted perfectly! Looks good and also the best price on the internet! Why shop around after reading this? If I he website can’t help then you can contact them for extra information and reassurance.

  • Roger Beck
    5/ 5

    We had been without a shower for a week, and in a house with 4 women/girls, that was a catastrophy. We found the exact replacement we needed, it wasn't the cheapest, a famous online retailer was £10.00 less, but couldn't delivered for nearly a week. Having the shower delivered the next day, exactly on the time range promised was well worth the extra. Thank you..

  • Pam Spicer
    5/ 5

    Bought to replace a previous Mira shower that we have had for 20+ years. This shower fitted exactly into the space without the need to re-drill any holes or replace any tiles. The rail & shower head were updated to a high standard. We are really pleased with the quality & performance of this product & trust that it will last as long as its predecessor

  • Art, Service Veteran
    5/ 5

    Replaced aging Advance Mk1 made in 2004 for a direct/sourced replacement. Installation matched original fixings and operation controls easier than old model consequently satisfies fully 'Form, Fit and Function' in every way. Many thanks for rapid response and delivery from order, good company to deal with.

  • Brian
    5/ 5

    Bought to replace a very old Mira Advance shower. Connected straight up to the original pipework (unit is plumbed outside of the shower cabinet so pipes are rigid in the wall) just half a hole out on the mounting locations. Easily fixed and unit works fine. Hope it last's as long the previous shower.

  • Mr Ronald Brown
    5/ 5

    Could not fault the service I got from Plumbworld ordered on the Sunday at 1.00 pm and received next day a 11.30 am. Fitted straight out of the box and working by the afternoon. Very good price paid for this shower Thankyou for your very prompt service. Satisfied customer.

  • Mahen B Surnam
    5/ 5

    I was particularly impressed by the prompt delivery as I had already booked a plumber to do the job. I have been using the shower now and it does an amazing job! I just do not want to come out of the shower anymore! Thank you so much Plumbworld!

  • Abdul Majid Ukaye
    5/ 5

    This shower is of great quality and comes with easy to follow instructions. Electrician had no issues on installation. Very user friendly and well built. Plumbworld has swift and efficient delivery i have brought other items .

  • Louise Maltby
    5/ 5

    I have been let down by Affinity water and I had to get a shower as soon as possible Finding the product and ordering was simple a d cheaper than expected. Then when I had a question the customer service was outstanding Thank you

  • Yvonne Noon
    5/ 5

    We ordered the shower and it was delivered within a couple of days on a day that suited us. It is yet to be plumbed in by our plumber friend but look forward to it being so in the New Year. Would use Plumbworld again definitely.

  • Neil Gillard
    5/ 5

    Our previous Mira shower packed up after about 9 year's heavy duty service, and this one was our chosen replacement. Several improvements over the previous model, and, as I would expect for the price, another quality unit.

  • Peter Fulham
    5/ 5

    Bought this to upgrade my old Mira unit and glad I chose another, which was reasonably easy to fit straight in place of the old one. Nice big shower head which can be adjusted to your needs. Fast delivery, very satisfied

  • Mary
    5/ 5

    I am very happy with my shower, it does every thing a shower should do, and looks as good as it works, what is there not to like about such a great piece of usefull equipment. THANK YOU PLUMBWORLD AND MIRA.

  • Antony melling
    5/ 5

    Quality shower unit , bought to replace 10 year old Mira advance unit which had started to drip , fitted into original mounting holes without any further drilling of tiles , looks and performs great

  • Virginia Pearson-Roebuck
    5/ 5

    The Mira Advance Thermostatic is an excellent mains fed electric shower. It reaches your chosen temperature within seconds & has amazing power on all 3 settings. I would thoroughly recommend it!

  • Len Storrow
    5/ 5

    This is the third Mira electric shower that I have had and from early signs it is going to be just as good as the other two. They are reliable and allow you to get the water temperature right

  • Mr Anthony Mills
    5/ 5

    The shower is first class and it was delivered right on time, it was fitted and runs perfect. If I ever need another I will use Plumbworld there service is first class and very efficient.

  • Rod Armstrong
    5/ 5

    Originally, I bought this from Screwfix but was delivered with a crushed box. Quite poor. Bought from Plumbworld, perfectly delivered and protected - and £36 cheaper. Not yet installed.

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