Mira Mode Digital Showers

Experience utter comfort and relaxation with Mira Mode Digital Showers. They’ve been precision engineered and feature advanced technology to deliver a shower that’s second to none. For total minimalism you can look at the standard valve with adjustable single shower head or alternatively, for something a bit more extravagant, there is the all singing and all dancing dual shower head model with a gorgeously large drencher head. Use the Mira Mode app to control your showering system and set up your ideal shower before you’ve even stepped foot in the bathroom.

  1. mira-mode-full-shower-systems

    Mira Mode Full Shower Systems

    From £319.02
    with 10 choices
  2. mira-mode-digital-valves-controllers

    Mira Mode Digital Valves & Controllers

    From £285.58
    with 10 choices