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Mira Sport Electric Showers

The Mira Sport range of electric showers is one of the best-selling range of electric showers in the UK today. You don’t get to hold that title without doing something that everyone love, so what is it about Mira Sport Electric Showers that make them so popular? First and foremost, it’s their reliability and efficiency. Mira Showers are experts in quality design and manufacturing showers that will be with you for years. Their ease of use is another plus point, as the entire family can use the shower with a minimal learning curve. Other great benefits are; economical and environmentally friendly through water-saving technology, invigorating experiences thanks to powerful flows, and fantastic contemporary designs that look stunning in your bathroom space. With a range of modern styles available there should be something to suit your tastes. Before long you could be enjoying your best shower yet!
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  2. Mira Sport Electric Shower 9.0kW White & Chrome

  3. Mira Sport Electric Shower 7.5kW White & Chrome

  4. Mira Sport Electric Shower 9.8kW White & Chrome

  5. Mira Sport Electric Shower 10.8kW White & Chrome

  6. Mira Sport Max Electric Shower 9.0kW White & Chrome

  7. Mira Sport Multi-Fit Electric Shower 9.0kW White & Chrome

  8. Mira Sport Multi-Fit Electric Shower 9.8kW White & Chrome

  9. Mira Sport Max Electric Shower 10.8kW White & Chrome

    Best Seller!

    Mira Sport Max Electric Shower 10.8kW White & Chrome

  10. Mira Sport Thermostatic Electric Shower 9.0kW White & Chrome

  11. Mira Sport Thermostatic Electric Shower 9.8kW White & Chrome

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Mira Sport Max Electric Shower 10.8kW White & Chrome

Mira Sport with air boost

I purchased this as a replacement-upgrade to a Mira shower I had for about 5 years. The new one is one of the best around, and the price offered by plumbworld is hard to beat! Once installed, my new shower has been a big hit with the family and it is a joy to use in terms of the temperature control dial and various pre-set buttons. Ther air boost option works a treat and is truly theraputic, if a bit on the noisey side. Service from plumbworld was marvellous, with the shower arriving speedily (with a couple of days of ordering), and no additional postage penalty for NI (so many other online suppliers discriminate against potential customers across the Irish Sea :-( ). On the whole, I would heartily recommend this item, and the guys at plumbworld.


Mira Sport Max Electric Shower 10.8kW White & Chrome

Very pleased.

We decided after much deliberation to get an electric shower installed rather than go through the costly process of having a combi boiler fitted to then have a power shower. Our main concern was that an electric shower would give off a dribble of water rather than a decent jet, so we went for the most powerful we could find which had good reviews. We havent been disappointed- it is powerful enough to have a warming and satisfying shower. It is obviously not as intense as a power shower would be but we are happier than we thought we would be with it, so would recommend it.


Mira Sport Max Electric Shower 10.8kW White & Chrome

Excellent Product. Very easy install . A little pricey but overall worth it. I have a great shower morning and night. It was difficult to find a 45 amp push button fuse for my Wylex fuse box tho. A 40 did work and is probably is safer. Mira advise a 45amp but Wylex no longer make 45's. So don't worry about using a 40 . Just don't wack up the temp on the high in winter otherwise it'll trip out. Not a good idea to run down to the fuse box dripping wet and start playing around with electrics ! Whoosh ! Overall very pleased

Mercedes Fleming

Mira Sport Max Electric Shower 10.8kW White & Chrome

Very happy indeed!

We bought the Mira Sport Max to replace an older Mira Sport oval version. Fitting was so easy and was a straight swap for the old shower. Build quality is impressive as expected from Mira. We have gone from 7.5kw to 10.8kw and the difference is night and day, its as close as youll get to a power shower from an electric unit. Overall very happy with the shower and service. It was delivered Pretty much next day and fitted within a few hours. Highly recommend to anyone thinking of upgrading.


Mira Sport Max Electric Shower 10.8kW White & Chrome

Mira Sport Max Electric Shower 10.8kW White & Chrome

The Mira shower is first class, I concentrated on the reviews about this shower never gave the riser bar a thought, in my case the shower is over the bath the end that falls, not the tap end, so not getting the best from it, Mira have been "FIRST CLASS" in trying to help, looks like I may have to purchase a logic rail from them to resolve the issue, Plumbworld where "FIRST CLASS" to, easy transaction delivered on time and very helpful, so one big "THANK YOU TO ALL"

Arthur Graham Webster

Mira Sport Max Electric Shower 10.8kW White & Chrome

visual and use

Nice Looking shower easy to understand installation, instructions. With the extra boost its much more than an Electric shower, as we all used to know Remember to have a qualified Electrician to wire this in as it does need a larger than normal cable and fuse rating. Yes I would recommend this shower and plumbworld were the most competitive on cost as always do your home work. Thanks and happy showering.

Ray Cox

Mira Sport Max Electric Shower 10.8kW White & Chrome

A great purchase

I bought this shower to replace a similar model, pre 1998. Although the shower case is a different size, all fittings were in the same place. I only had to make 1 new drill hole in the tiles to install. It looks good and gives a great shower, especially with the blast. The only negative was when the new shower bar was fitted, it left 2 holes from the previous bar, which I had to fill with grout.

Stuart Ashall



Mira shower features explained


Airboost cleverly increases the force of the water delivered by mixing air with the droplets. It provides a more powerful shower without having to use more water. It’s ideal for those on a water meter who wish to have a more satisfying shower but without the surprisingly bills to go with it!


Over time limescale will form on the inside an electric shower and wear it out. No one can stop it growing and hard water areas will cause this to happen faster. Mira however have worked out how to slow it down by up to 50% which is why a Mira sport shower will live longer than others.


Depending on the time of the year the temperature of your mains pressure will vary, and quite drastically at times! Opti-flo technology compensates for this, allowing the user to keep the shower settings high while still being able to adjust the temperature control, giving you up to 50% more flow in warmer summer months.


Sensi-Flo is a brilliantly smart safety feature which protects the shower user from scalded should a change in water pressure occur. This could be caused by a kinked shower hose or maybe a scaled up shower head.

Difference between manual & thermostatic

Thermostatic showers are a must for a safe showering experience for the whole family. They measure the temperature of the incoming water, adjusting it to ensure that the water delivered from the shower head stays at the same level no matter what, even when someone flushes a toilet upstairs! A manual shower is exactly that, you would need to adjust the temperature yourself if changes occurred. Within the Mira Sport shower range you'll find both manual and thermostatic showers.

Kilowatt (kW) options available

Generally with kilowatt (kW) ratings, the higher the number the more powerful the shower will be, but it’s important to check what electrical cable you have running to the bathroom as you may need to upgrade this for a 10.8kW shower. Always check with a qualified electrician if you’re unsure!

The Mira Sport shower range isn’t just stylish but it’s hugely versatile too with a wide range of kilowatt (kW) options available. The range starts at 7.5kW and goes through 9kW, 9.8kW and 10.8kW. Ensuring that no matter the power of shower that you need there’s a model available.