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Saniflo UP Macerator Pump- 6001

44 reviews

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It may seem difficult to install brand new toilets or bathroom suites into your home. Not only may it cost a whole load of money to do so, but there may not be a local drainage pipe to fix your toilet too. While this used to be a problem, it is now easier than ever to install a toilet where you want to with a macerator. With the Saniflo UP you can install your toilet in the cupboard under the stairs, in your new converted loft or even the basement, the possibilities are endless!

Instead of attempting to fix a whole new plumbing system to your bathroom, Saniflo Up can make all your problems go away, with a cleaner, and certainly a whole lot quicker solution. The Saniflo Up can pump the waste water away from your toilet and away to a drainage pipe metres away. The process is fast, simple and makes minimal noise. When you first flush the toilet, the waste is broken down due to the powerful macerator and within only four seconds it is whizzed down and into the drainage pipe. As soon as this process is over, the device goes into a sleep mode, leaving it and the toilet clean and waste free.

Features and benefits:

  • Can be used with the Saniflo Alarm(which is optional)
  • Centrally located access tank
  • Suitable for just one WC installation
  • Standard Warranty of 2 Years, an extended warranty period of 5 years is available

Technical Information:

  • Pump (Vertically): 5 metres
  • Pump (Horizontally):100 metres
  • Discharge & Pipework: 22/28/32mm
  • Motor Power: 400 Watts
  • Flow Rates: 80 litres/min


  • Depth: 166mm
  • Width: 339mm
  • Height: 312mm
Saniflo Mind the Gap!

Mind The Gap!

Depending on the design of your toilet, older style macerator designs with the WC connection in the centre (like this Saniflo model) may push the cistern away from the wall far enough to leave a gap.

This can easily be resolved by the addition of a wooden batten between the wall and the cistern as shown.

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Saniflo Hygiene

Saniflo Do Not Accept Returns

If your Saniflo macerator is faulty then you will need to call out an approved Saniflo engineer. Saniflo will not accept returned product for hygiene reasons and require any fault to be verified on site by the engineer. Engineers aim to be with you in 48 hours although longer delays are possible

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5 Saniflo Problems and How To Fix Them

You may not need to replace an old Saniflo unit. Below are five common problems associated with Saniflo brand macerators and some quick tips on how you can fix them.



The Saniflo Is Giving Off a Terrible Smell !

Bad smells can be due to a build-up of limescale and human waste in the 2-3 inches of water that’s always left in the Saniflo. Other Macerator brands have self-cleaning technology, but Saniflo’s need to be descaled regularly. If you’ve never descaled your macerator then you may have to do this a few times to clear the smell.


Electric Shock Risk

The Saniflo Keeps Tripping The Electrics

If your Saniflo is tripping the electrics, it usually means that water is getting into it and leads to the circuit shutting off to avoid any other damages, or there’s a loose wire. Always make sure the electrics are off before you inspect the pump. If there’s an issue with the motor seal, then call a certified Saniflo engineer to repair it. If the motor is worn or faulty, this unfortunately means that you’ll have to purchase a new macerator.



Saniflo Leaks During Operation

One reason for your Saniflo leaking from the vent could be that there is a big build up of waste inside which will have to be manually removed.

It’s also possible that the motor is nearing the end of its life and can’t work as hard as it used to. This would mean the whole macerator should be replaced.

The rubber waste outlet could have shrunk because of too much toilet cleaner. If water is spraying out the vent, you will need to replace the rubber waste outlet.


Saniflo Starting on its Own

The Saniflo Starts On its Own!

There could be a few reasons as to why your pump keeps starting on its own throughout the day and night: (Excluding the possibility of a ghost!)

The microswitch is misfiring because it keeps thinking the tank is full – you will have to manually remove the waste between the switch and the tank floor and then reset the pump. If the rubber membrane is damaged, waste can then get into the switch and cause a problem. In this case, you will have to purchase a new rubber membrane and switch.



Saniflo Vibrates & Buzzes Loudly

If when flushing the toilet you hear a horrible vibrating noise, there’s probably something that has been lodged in the macerator blade. Turn off the Saniflo and remove the lid. If you see an obstruction straight away, remove it. If the foreign object is in the blade you can remove it using small pliers.


5 Year Guarantee

Saniflo UP Macerator Pump- 6001 Video

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Type Macerator
Application Toilet Only
Available Inlets 1
Clog Resistance Low
Easy Maintenance No
Noise Level 46 db
Maximum Vertical Discharge 5 M
Maximum Horizontal Discharge 100 M
Max Water Temperature (Continuous) 35 C
Max Water Temperature (Intermittent) 35 C

Saniflo UP Macerator Pump- 6001

£309.60 (Inc. VAT)

31 Available
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44 Product Reviews

  • Shabbir
    5/ 5

    I have a few flats on rent in one building however I had a room which was classed as wasted space. I could have turned it in to a studio flat but could not have a toilet fitted in the flat due to pipe work. I was advised to by a builder to fit Macerator. After a long thought & discussion I rang Plumbworld purchased a macerator and the builder fitted it. I was amazed a small pump,which pumped all the waste through the pipe which is 25 meters long. Excellent product small in dimension looks good and no obstructions as fits behind the toilet. Advice anyone to fit it if they have issues fitting a n . I would rate it + 5 stars. I am now receiving an in come of £375 a month by investing £230 for the pump and the builder £1200.00 to carry out the alterations.

  • Stuskiboy
    5/ 5

    Great little unit. Replaced my old Saniflo that after 15 years of turd swallowing could finally take no more and so after enduring a torrid twelve months of Sally (the saniflo) anguished cries I had to do the decent thing put the poor thing out of its misery and replaced with this dainty little thing. All I can say is WOW! What a revaluation! Steve the guff gobbler is as eager as a bouncer pup on a long walk and can not wait to chomp on my unholy bowel remnants. I only hope he can remain as stoic in his duties after 15 years of industrial use and match good old sally (bog rest her soul in Sani heaven) as Steve has a lot to live up to!

  • Mr Leslie Weatherley
    5/ 5

    I can not give enough praise to Plumb World, the old Macerator went down just 2 days ago the 19th Dec, i gave up hope of getting a replacement before Christmas, but good to their word the new one arrived just 2 days later the 21st Dec, we do have another toilet connected to the mains but with two women in the house and people visiting over the holiday it was good to get other one back in action, plus Plumb World were by far the cheapest and also no dilivery charge Thank you.

  • Stephen Mockford
    5/ 5

    I'm no plumber, give me a piece of wood and I'm happy, but fixing this was so simple. Bought as a replacement for a 20yr old Saniflo that gave up the ghost. All the fixings were the same, no fiddly extensions or reducing pipes just plumb the existing pipes and away you go, simple. Plumbworld were better than their word as delivery was quicker than stated, price was the best. So from now on Plumbworld are firmly in my favourites.

  • D A Roberts
    5/ 5

    I was replacing an existing Saniflow unit which was installed in 1992 and was concerned the replacement would be a different size. I neednt have, it was easy to swap over the the units and the new one was a perfect fit. I am now looking forward to another 20+ years of trouble free use. Thanks Plumbworld for supplying quickly at a very reasonable price.

  • R Collins
    5/ 5

    Very little change to the original unit it replaced that lasted 10 years in daily operation. Why change something that operates successfully. Incidentally the replaced unit was later inexpensively repaired, so I now hold a spare.

  • Conrad Martin
    5/ 5

    This was purchased to replace an older model which needed replacement after 15 years, still good build quality & easy operation, it was fitted by my son, a qualified plumber, but was came with clear & concise instructions.

  • Will
    5/ 5

    Refurbishment bathroom project - The saniwall is a convenient basis to work from, the wall hung lavatory tidies up the bathroom. The Saniflo makes the inprobable possible, works well and quiet when the casing is complete.

  • A Parker
    5/ 5

    Bought this to replace an old unit.The new unit slotted in nicely without any plumbing changes and works perfectly.I am particularly impressed by how quiet it is.Delivery and price were as good as it gets.First rate

  • Robert Loveland
    5/ 5

    Ordered this macerator to replace previous model and was extremely happy to find it is exactly the same measurements.Delivered the next day as promised and could have had a choice of dates. Very happy buyer.

  • Mark georgeson
    5/ 5

    Bought this as a replacement Great product easy to fit with clear instructions Great service from plumbworld, delivered quickly and a great price Will be buying from this company again

  • Mike Towell
    5/ 5

    This was the cheapest product we could find, although it had to fit in a tight space, it was easy to manage. I called to order the product and the service was very polite and helpful

  • Ged Doran
    5/ 5

    The Saniflo WC pump should the called the anywhere WC pump, all you need to do is follow the installation instructions and you can install another loo in your home vertuall anywhere.

  • Tony
    5/ 5

    Excellent replacement for an old saniflo. Bought from plumworld great service easy to order easy to buy and delivered on time in perfect condition thanks guys.

  • Joe
    5/ 5

    Received the Saniflo as expected, on time and in perfect condition. Best price too. Was a replacement for an old 10+ years one, had no issues installing.

  • David Montgomery
    5/ 5

    I bought this macerator as a replacement for one that was on its way out. Installation was straightforward, I didn't need to alter any of the connections.

  • Anthony.
    5/ 5

    This item is from the leading manufacturer of this type of shredder. Works well and easy to install. Price is not ridiculous and will last for years.

  • Derek Drain
    5/ 5

    This unit was purchased as a direct replacement for one that had stopped working. I shall use the correct descaler in the new unit as recommended

  • brenda hill
    5/ 5

    replaces the one I had, had it 6 weeks ago and very pleased with it being a lot quieter than the one I had. Really good price

  • Alun Morgan
    5/ 5

    Can't fault the service very quick delivery and a really good price excellent company to deal with definitely recommend them.

  • mrs j Teece
    5/ 5

    A very well made product. The company were a joy to deal with,& the product arrived in perfect condition & exactly on time.

  • Richard MORRIS
    5/ 5

    Purchased at plumbworld online great item easily fitted works great advice from plumbworld brilliant great price thanks

  • Giles
    5/ 5

    Much cheaper than directly from Saniflo directly. Fast delivery and easy to install. Will use again.

  • Ken Fahey
    5/ 5

    bought as spare as we are to relocate our existing & still working unit bought & installed in 1988

  • Robert Dunley
    5/ 5

    Easy to order , and with a good price .Quick delivery and absolutely a dream to fit . Well done!

  • mike waite
    5/ 5

    quick delivery - easy to install - item does what it says on the box ......................

  • Richard j thomas
    5/ 5

    Excellant model for replacement of 10yr old unit Simple conversion and best internet price

  • Dave Phillips
    5/ 5

    Excellent service, delivered as promised. No problems with the unit, as of yet.

  • Daniel Pickess
    5/ 5

    Excellent product, excellent prompt service and best price we could find.

  • B sinal
    5/ 5

    Great item very easy to fit runs very quiet.l would recommend plumbworld.

  • Steve Deakin
    5/ 5

    Delivered quickly and well packed just the right part that was required

    5/ 5

    Great item, great delivery speed, great price great company many thanks

  • W.R.Hughes
    5/ 5

    Hi good quality product at a very good price well recommended thankyou

  • david
    5/ 5

    excellent product at a sensible price delivered on time great service

  • W.R.Hughes
    5/ 5

    good quality at a very good price well recommended thankyou

  • Wayne
    5/ 5

    Excellent product simple to install and excellent service

  • Danny husband
    5/ 5

    Excellent service and speedy delivery even in lockdown

  • RM
    5/ 5

    Excellent service. Quick delivery and great quality

  • John Wood
    5/ 5

    Price excellent for an original product.

  • Kervin Dixon
    5/ 5

    Very quite fits easily behind toilet

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