Low Cost Macerators

Bathrooms On A Budget.

Macerators are great for creating bathrooms or utility rooms in your home. They allow the disposal of waste water where your standard plumbing system can’t reach which means that old basement can finally have a productive use! The only thing better than these kinds of capabilities are the price. Our Low Cost Macerators are just as efficient, just as quiet and just as compact as other macerators on the market but are sold for a much more affordable price.

  1. flo-force-elite-macerator-pump-250w-with-2-inlets

    Flo- Force Elite Macerator Pump - 250W with 2 inlets

  2. flo-force-max-macerator-pump

    Flo-Force Max Macerator Pump - 400W with 4 inlets

  3. flo-force-extra-macerator-pump

    Flo-Force Extra Macerator Pump - 600W with 3 Inlets

  4. flo-force-ultra-macerator-pump

    Flo-Force Ultra Macerator Pump with High Grade Motor Casing - 600W with 3 Inlets

  5. Stuart Turner Wasteflo WC1 Macerator - 46626

    Stuart Turner Wasteflo WC1 Macerator - 46626

  6. Grundfos Sololift2 D-2 Macerator

    Grundfos Sololift2 D-2 Macerator