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Aqualisa Unity Q Smart Showers

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Bathroom technology is getting smarter and the humble shower is frequently one of the smartest parts of it. Especially if you make the right choice and opt for an Aqualisa Unity Q smart shower. Aqualisa have designed the Unity Q smart shower to work on almost any type of plumbing system, catering for low or high pressure with two different processors for optimum output. Plus you get the option of a standard shower, a drencher head, a bath filler or even a combination of them so no matter your bathroom needs Unity Q will have you covered.

  1. high-pressure-combi-aqualisa-unity-q-smart-showers

    Aqualisa Unity Q Smart Showers – For High Pressure / Combi Boiler Systems

    9 choices
    From £479.00
  2. gravity-fedpumped-aqualisa-unity-q-smart-showers

    Aqualisa Unity Q Smart Showers – For Gravity Fed / Pumped Systems

    9 choices
    From £599.00
  3. aqualisa-unity-q-smart-controllers

    Aqualisa Unity Q Smart Controllers

    2 choices
    From £100.00
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