Triton Showers by Power Rating

Getting the right flow rate is important when looking to purchase a new shower and here we have a breakdown of the different options available in the Triton electric shower range. The flow rate will depend on a number of factors such as your electrical circuit and wiring, the kilowatt of the shower itself and your water pressure. Generally the higher the kilowatt the better performance you'll see from the shower but it is crucial that an electrician confirms which suits the requirements of your home.

  1. Triton 7.5kW Showers

    Triton 7.5kW Showers

    From £89.81
    with 2 choices
  2. Triton 8.5kW Showers

    Triton 8.5kW Showers

    From £89.81
    with 12 choices
  3. Triton 9.5kW Showers

    Triton 9.5kW Showers

    From £89.81
    with 12 choices
  4. Triton 10.5kW Showers

    Triton 10.5kW Showers

    From £102.97
    with 4 choices