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Triton Amore Electric Showers

If you’re looking for something ultra-modern that’ll easily cover the footprint of your previous electric shower then one of these Triton Showers is definitely up your alley. They look stunning and come in a range of different finishes to suit your bathroom. They aren’t just a pretty face though as underneath that glorious exterior is high-tech electrics providing one of the best showering experiences around. They also benefit from a digital display and touch controls, a luxurious five spray shower head and of course the riser rail and shower hose. The Amore is compatible with cold water plumbing systems and comes in two different kilowatt options for added flexibility.

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  2. Triton Amore Electric Shower 8.5KW Gloss Black - ASPAMO8GSBLK

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  3. Triton Amore Electric Shower 9.5KW Gloss Black - ASPAMO9GSBLK

    Was £218.48


    6 Available
  4. Triton Amore Electric Shower 8.5KW Brushed Steel - ASPAMO8BRSTL

    Was £248.72


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  5. Triton Amore Electric Shower 9.5KW Gloss White - ASPAMO9GSWHT

    Was £247.18


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  6. triton-amore-electric-shower-95kw-brushed-steel-aspamo9brstl

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    Triton Amore Electric Shower 9.5KW Brushed Steel - ASPAMO9BRSTL

    Was £235.94


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